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REUTERS: No Collusion Or Wrong Doing Ever Took Place Between The Trump Campaign And The Russians.

Reuters Admits: “No Evidence of Collusion” Between Trump and Russia

Report completely demolishes left's Russia conspiracy narrative

A Reuters report detailing how Trump campaign advisers were in contact with Russia during the last 7 months of the campaign admits that there was no evidence of collusion between the two parties to influence the election, dismantling the left’s entire Russian narrative.

Although presented as another major scoop designed to damage Trump, the article, which is based on intelligence sources, completely vindicates him.

“Michael Flynn and other advisers to Donald Trump’s campaign were in contact with Russian officials and others with Kremlin ties in at least 18 calls and emails during the last seven months of the 2016 presidential race, current and former U.S. officials familiar with the exchanges told Reuters.”

However, the true substance of the story is buried down in paragraph six.

“The people who described the contacts to Reuters said they had seen no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion between the campaign and Russia in the communications reviewed so far,” states the report.

No collusion between Trump and Russia. Let that sink in.

The article also highlights how the back channel communications were made with Russia in an attempt to “bypass the U.S. national security bureaucracy, which both sides considered hostile to improved relations.”

In other words, Trump wanted peace with the world’s other nuclear superpower while forging ahead with a joint plan to destroy ISIS.

How terrible of him.

Despite no evidence whatsoever having been presented of Trump or anyone on his campaign colluding with Russia to influence the election, the deep state and the Democratic establishment is intensifying its effort to portray Trump as illegitimate.

As we document in the video below, this is likely to lead to widespread civil unrest in major cities later this summer, with the DNC already funding a giant “Summer Resistance program” that will set off a chain of violent demonstrations across the country.

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good for president trump......they keep slinging muck at him and he still keeps delivering on americana......

ok......I'ii respond here just to put your "wonderful" discussion on top of AC's interesting topics board. I'll have some pity on you and your blind eyes . Are you playing a victim to mainstream media and its drama provided for consumers like you , and I am not talking left and right wing of the same "bird" but I am ta;lking about stupid posts as this to arose dumb minds going deeper down the rabbit h*** believing this s***. Reuters ? reliable source ? ......and Omega takes the bait is the best part of it...................'s george soros' little helper....that indefatigable critic from the nether regions, mike the merciless[well, towards trump.] keep taking your meds,;-0

I like green leaf but no meds , big you can blame that for my left wing insinuations from you .  , of which I am an fan. but you wouldn't know that . soros ? really ? Banan , you boy !............

~Indeed, Michael, from one angle the Trump devotees unwillingness to open their eyes beggars belief, so it's hard to maintain pity as their blindness is self inflicted. They seem content to be living examples of the ignorance is bliss lot... proudly clinging to their Make America Great Again mantras, all the while ignoring the walls of the entire shitstem are crumbling around them. In the meantime, Trump happily embraces his role as Illuminati pawn/half baked moron, doing daily backflips that prove he's little more than a court jester. Yet still... hope remains ;-) The psychic wounds that are being continuously acted out by Trumplethinskin's Pavlovian sheeple on this site provide windows to shed Light on the actual machinations of the whole political charade... & it's deeper implications. 

Trump's Third Rail---

Forgetting that the American Psyche has More than One Subpersonality

by Jonathan Zap

...When people would ask Jung how Hitler (whom Jung met) “hypnotized” the German psyche, Jung responded, “Hitler didn’t hypnotize the German psyche, he was the German psyche.” This is what is so embarrassing about Trump, he is a large part of the American psyche—belligerently anti-intellectual, anti-fact, pseudo-macho, claiming to be a victim while a member of privileged groups, scapegoating, ego-inflated, tuned into high school sex and power games—who’s hot, who’s not—who’s got the highest ratings—winning as an end in itself, unable to own his own shadow, desperately in need of “narcissistic supply” to bolster an inflated and fragile ego identity, a never-apologizing, take-no-prisioners, all-confident, in-your-face b******* artist bluster, a classically American super-salesman style of inferior masculinity confused with actual strength, competence and leadership that could deliver on classic American can-do optimism.
Donald Trump is the personification of angry-white-guy AM talk show rants, Cool Ranch Doritos, Big-Gulp-sized Mountain Dew, pharmaceutical ads that promise salvation to a feel-good soundtrack with the ignored fact-litany of fatal side effects playing in the background. It is the American psyche, or at least a substantial enough minority to have an electoral college win, that decided to swallow the big orange sugary poison pill it was sure would cure real ills while delivering only on the ignored side-effects.
It is psyche that is the real third-rail of politics, the underground, high-voltage labyrinth that sends such rude beasts slouching toward electoral college wins and consequences that can range from sugar-coma hangover and Cool-Ranch-Dorito breath to fatal side effects. But the American psyche is not just all killer-clown shadows, there are other layers–such as puritanical, fact-rigorous superegos attached to the rule of law, and the protocols of the deep state.
With the appointment of former FBI director Mueller as special counsel, the acting-out American high school bully American sub-personality is about to get called to the principal’s office, and confrontation with the reality that the American psyche is complex and that he is not the only sub-personality capable of dominance.

HEY MICHAEL: the article I provided was by Paul Joseph Watson, who carefully researches the mainstream media to find out who is fake and who isn't. This appears to be a rare case of the mainstream media being forced to tell the truth. Speaking of rabbit holes, are you still living near Chicago, or were you smart enough to leave that area like so many others have left? "Progressive" Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has done a great job there since he took away the guns from law abiding citizens.

Chicago area sees greatest population loss of any major U.S. city, region in 2015

After years of financial woes, Lindsey Yates and her husband had to at last address the nagging question: Should they stay or should they go?

The young couple's continued residency in Chicago was threatened by new obstacles every few months. First came the rising property taxes, then the stress of finding a decent school for their 2-year-old son in a neighborhood they could afford.

Three weeks ago, Yates and her family hit the road, leaving the South Loop and successful careers in the rearview mirror as they headed toward their new house in a Denver suburb.

"The thing that boggles my mind: How is it that a dentist and a business professional and their one young son" can't make it work financially? Yates asked from the road, at a pit stop in Nebraska, where her in-laws are living. "If we can't make it work, who can?" she asked.

thanks for your concerns about my well being in Chicago , which has many problems like Detroit or LA or even butfuck  Arizona and Texas. I like Arkansas for example , been there for many yrs , I like California where I lived for many summers and winters. What is your point my friend ? you are not attacking me for living in big city , are you ? which is an attempt to steer away my response from idiot Trump and his devotees ?

Malcolm , you are familiar with this Ministry version and anthem for rednecks...................

I dare you to post your property , your garden , your flowers in the house . I dare you to challenge me to food you grow, flowers you look at every morning you wake up to . ......don't you knock my place in Chicago , please.

peach tree




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