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Reminder and Reflection of the moment from the Dolphin Collective

November 24, 2014

Everything and everyone on Earth constitutes a part of this planetary and solar shift and contributes its part by enlightening and even by Ascension. With Ascension we mean that a soul once again connects with its higher purpose, with its higher Self and with its essence. When a soul distances itself more and more from the illusion and ascends by gaining insights, by absorbing the light and by effectively becoming and grounding this light, a very uplifting enlightenment
will take shape affecting all those around you and even affecting the Earth Herself : all this just by grounding your being.

As Dolphins, we ground our energies and our light through passing sonar waves to the Earth and to all Her children of the Light. Water is an excellent conductor, it is a very strong transmitter as well as a cleaner. In essence and structure, water is so pure that everything that comes into contact with it becomes a reborn and refined entity. There is a hidden force behind water able to free and to birth an enormous amount of life and energy. Water doesn’t only transmute everyone but also converts into life, it cleanses and activates, it grounds and merges you back with the Earthly energies.

Cleanse your skin with pure water as often as possible, beloveds, for it will do way more than just cleansing. Your body and all your cells need absorption of the structure and the essence of water, they need the energy of water and this by intake of water as well as by direct contact, by a connection with water. Our physical cells are fed and cleansed with water and it keeps us in contact with the elements of Gaia, with Her essence and with Her loving energy. Water is the creation and the beginning of all life on this Earth, it has given you life and keeps on doing this all throughout your entire incarnation. We dearly love
water as it feels so pure.

Lovely ones, your bodies need lots of water in these times to enable your physical vessels to transform and to transmute into a lighter form. In the coming times you will need lots of water, much rest and ample grounding so as to feel as comfortable as possible during these actual shifts and transformations. You will continually be given lots of light as it is an intrinsic part of your being and the nourishment for your cells, for your DNA and for your lightbody. Your hearts will go on shifting more and more and everything will pass through the heart not just for manifestation but also for final release.


Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont <3

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