Earlier this year the Chinese government banned the concept of reincarnation, in a political move directed at Tibetan religious identity. Of course, this political need to ban natural and inevitable truths, is illusory….
It would be as insane as if they banned winter snow and ice….All based on political machinations at the exclusion of all else.


Many modern church attendees are unaware that their religion does not preach reincarnation because of the wily machinations of a Roman Emperor, rather than because this concept or doctrine is invalid...

Indeed, in ancient times, including Europe, such a notion was taken for granted as true and natural.

Reincarnation is an esoteric truism, as inevitable as the changing of the seasons...It relates to the law of Cause and Effect and allows a soul to burn of the karma of misquaified energies, by re-entering the third density world, to make amends. Indeed, this would explain the massive disparities between individual lives expressed......why one man is born a blind and impoverished cripple, and in stark contrast, another is born a wealthy and successful scholar......only on the basis of reincarnation can Prime Creator's perfect justice be seen at work, in the lives of the many types of people incarnated.


In Europe, the “christian” church banned reincarnation back in 553 AD, at the ecumenical council of Nicea. This was at the prompting of the nefarious Roman Emperor Justinius, who ordered the Pope to ban reincarnation and censor reference to it in the Bible, which existed before the ban…
The Pope did not want to co-operate, knowing that reincarnation is a divine principle and enables the proper function of the law of Cause and Effect…


How else would karma be burned off, if human souls had no right to re-enter this dark material world and experience lives of great variance…?

Of course, karma is not a doctrine, as religionists think, but an esoteric truism.

So another political stunt that, this time, the Chinese government have demonstrated.

Of course, like Justinius, this is all politics and oppression and nothing good will come from it, for the Tibetans.

I wonder if there are many modern church christians who realise that they don’t follow the truism of reincarnation, simply because of the political will of an evil Roman Emperor and his wife..??

Maybe the churches will admit this folly before the world, one day....


Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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  • Just as people reincarnate, so too, do empires, or nations:

    "The great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns." Original Roman Empire.

    "He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion." The Empire of Constantine.

    "The beast with two horns like the Lamb, but speaks like the dragon." Holy Roman Empire.

    "I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." The European Union.

    Moreover, the iron of Rome is part of the statute, or image of the beast, seen by King Nebuchadnezzar in a dream, deciphered by Daniel...

    In the bible it describes the people of the ten toes, of the beast statue, as being clay, mixed with iron....So a poor mix..The iron is the rod of iron of Roman law. The elites of the beast power, suppressing and not mixing well with the clay (people.)
    It's a code, but makes clear sense to me....

    The statue has a head of gold (Babylon,) silver arms and chest (Persia,) bronze torso (Greece,) and iron legs (Rome.)

    Daniel's deciphered dream of king Nebuchadnezzar....

    I'm not religious, but do enjoy solving puzzles....

    Note that the silver of the arms, are the Persians and Medes...two arms.
    The iron of the legs are the two parts of the divided Roman empire, into west and east....two legs...

    Note that the four listed beasts are both similar, yet distinct. Why would they be described differently..?? They must be iterations, reincarnations of Rome during different epochs..

    Why would the biblical scholars be making points about the first 10 Caesars, only...
    These beasts are very different, yet similar. And the fourth is ridden by the whore, unlike the beasts before it...
  • Recently I had an OOBE myself, which was not strictly near death, but similar, as I had an aetheric body projection....In that state, I never took the astral tunnel and remained on Earth, albeit on the higher aethers of the Earth plane...Invisibly (to physical eyes) observing dense matter...with a wide open ajna centre..

    It is wonderful and liberating and one's mind seems to be soooo clear and precise, one's senses very acute and there are more senses, too...psychic powers are off the charts..
    • That’s amazing Dad..💖
      • Yes, the body frozen in time and the aetheric projection that resulted...An astral projection is similar, but the body must be sleep paralyzed, with an awake mind, simultaneously, then the will must exert separation, from the dense body...
        My aetheric projection did not even need to be willed, it just happened..I just thought I needed to go to the probe and was straight there...
  • Sometimes we must KNOW truth, as simply telling others does not always work...NDE is real and the logic of return is undeniable....
    There is also a longer return process, in which a personality is changed, for new life experiences...a reincarnation.
  • There are reasons to beleive that reincarnation was never taught in the bible though! One is that the reincarnation teaching is ubsent in all the Abrahamic religions, not Christianity alone. The other is that Catholics and other Christians teaches things that are not in the bible anyway! Popes became murderes and sought earthly powers, contrary to the teachings of Jesus. Catholics practises idolatry, worships Mary, believe that they can 'pray for a dead person to be transferred from purgatory to paradise', practices infant baptism etc.

    Christians don't need to change the bible to teach what is not there or not to teach what is there! They (at least many) donnot teach that 'women should keep quiet in the church' yet the bible clearly says so! They could have simply removed it from the bible. But it is hard to do that without being busted!
    • All religions get distorted, over time. I do believe that reincarnation was simply taken for granted, in ancient times...They did not even feel the need to discuss it's veracity, prior to the ban. One could remark that in the bible, no reference is made to the seasons. It is simply not necessary to mention in the book of revelation, for example, that in northern climates, they have snow in the winter...So it is not discussed. Of course, the reality of snow is still there, yet need not be raised in biblical texts...It is simply a fact taken for granted, even by people living in warm middle east nations...
      Same with reincarnation....a natural fact.

      Thinking purely with logic. Why, o', why, are people living such different lives...?? And if only ONCE....what would be the point of it...?? Obviously, each has a chance to try again...It's just that way, it's sane that way, it's logical that way...It's compassionate, that way...

      I know parts of my last life in Germany...I lived in a town (Neumark) that has become Polish territory, since WW2....West Prussia. I fought in the war...I sometimes feel some anxiety, when I smell the burning odor of woodsmoke. Not always...But I'm simply remembering the trauma of a previous life...The Eastern front...The burning houses and farms in Russia. I was Siegfried Kotz...

      Now it is not easy to prove this to you....One thing is certain for those demanding evidence. If a person only lives once, as a demented cripple.....What is the point of it...?? Another lives in grand surroundings, being born into wealth....Another is poor but brilliant. Another a musical genius at 5-years. Another, a deformed cretin, another stupid but rich, etc, etc.....Surely, this is going somewhere...??

      EXPERIENCES OF LIFE and LIVES......It's a school..
      • Though the bible, at least as it is now, does not teach reincarnation, it does not deny it either! It just doesn't emphasize it. Take this chapter, for instance:

        Matthew 16:13-20
        New International Version
        Peter Declares That Jesus Is the Messiah
        13 When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man is?”

        14 They replied, “Some say John the Baptist; others say Elijah; and still others, Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”

        They believed that someone can come back to life. Jesus could have said 'no, no one can come back...', but he didn't. Furthermore, he goes ahead and said John the Baptist was Elijah. Infact Jesus himself is incarnate from another world. So the bible doesn't teach against reincarnation. It only does not emphasize it!
        • Also it was believed that Emperor Nero would reincarnate in the end times. From revelation chapter 17, we note that Christians shared the view when he describes Nero as '...who was, is now not and will come..'

          That is at least for those willing to accept that 'the beast' alluded to Nero.
          se of the bible's 'antichrist' .

          In fact one way of making sense of the bible's 'antichrist' prophecies is to say that the anti-christ reincarnates 3 times on earth. One as Antiochus Ephiphane, next as Nero, and then the final one in the end!
          • Well Emperor Nero did incarnate at the end times of the age of Aries...
            He does not need to be here for the end of Pisces, as Hitler took the job...
            The beasts are empires, rather than individuals....Albeit, 666 number of a man...It's a code for a Latin, NRON QSR... Using his Greek name, converted to Hebrew..Nero Caesar. In those days every name had a numerical gematrian value...It was all the craze...
            In a sense, Nero represented the Roman Empire. And even though his 666 number is thought to be relevant for the current iteration of that empire, namely the EU, it is really the energy of the antichrist, being referred to...Nero symbolized that energy, in the minds of the 1st century Christians, who obviously hated him..

            Note that the EU was created as a brainchild of the Nazis, in 1942...Hitler was the personification of antichrist, just as Nero was..But two differing ages.

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