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Reincarnation was Censored from The Bible by the Roman Empire


Earlier this year the Chinese government banned the concept of reincarnation, in a political move directed at Tibetan religious identity. Of course, this political need to ban natural and inevitable truths, is illusory….
It would be as insane as if they banned winter snow and ice….All based on political machinations at the exclusion of all else.


Many modern church attendees are unaware that their religion does not preach reincarnation because of the wily machinations of a Roman Emperor, rather than because this concept or doctrine is invalid...

Indeed, in ancient times, including Europe, such a notion was taken for granted as true and natural.

Reincarnation is an esoteric truism, as inevitable as the changing of the seasons...It relates to the law of Cause and Effect and allows a soul to burn of the karma of misquaified energies, by re-entering the third density world, to make amends. Indeed, this would explain the massive disparities between individual lives expressed......why one man is born a blind and impoverished cripple, and in stark contrast, another is born a wealthy and successful scholar......only on the basis of reincarnation can Prime Creator's perfect justice be seen at work, in the lives of the many types of people incarnated.


In Europe, the “christian” church banned reincarnation back in 553 AD, at the ecumenical council of Nicea. This was at the prompting of the nefarious Roman Emperor Justinius, who ordered the Pope to ban reincarnation and censor reference to it in the Bible, which existed before the ban…
The Pope did not want to co-operate, knowing that reincarnation is a divine principle and enables the proper function of the law of Cause and Effect…


How else would karma be burned off, if human souls had no right to re-enter this dark material world and experience lives of great variance…?

Of course, karma is not a doctrine, as religionists think, but an esoteric truism.

So another political stunt that, this time, the Chinese government have demonstrated.

Of course, like Justinius, this is all politics and oppression and nothing good will come from it, for the Tibetans.

I wonder if there are many modern church christians who realise that they don’t follow the truism of reincarnation, simply because of the political will of an evil Roman Emperor and his wife..??

Maybe the churches will admit this folly before the world, one day....


In Light, Drekx Omega

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Great post! Love the picture! Thanks Drekx :D
Always a pleasure, Sw33Awakening....




Hey KH, I just knew I recognise that German guy when they made him Pope.....Darth Sidious the Sith Lord....LOL  He really is the spitting image, isn't he...?? 




Maybe they picked him as Pope to give us all a message..?? LOL  Truly bizarre...Benedict also looks like an extra from that Sean Connery/Christian Slater movie; "Name of the Rose."  LOL

A murder mystery plot, with two Franciscan monks visiting a Benedictine abbey, in the mountains of northern Italy..A good movie, if you enjoy such detective themes...



I loved that movie when it came out.. it's aged well :)
I thak Drexl Omega , beacuase he's really tryin and giving everything in his heart to ashtar ! I may sound like a suckup or teachers pet ,but i know ascention is allready hzppening and we need people that are open minded and willing to give their time to beginners like me! thank you!! and all my fellow starseeds!
Im sorry Im not english its hard but Im trying my best from South Africa .....Im Afrikaans!

You are most welcome jakes...I enjoy the service and am pleased that you find my work helpful to your own learning curve and path...


Hi Indigo,

Always nice to see your contributions....


Yes can seen the beginnings of the modern reductionist matrix in those times of Roman dominance. 

Modern western culture, now with it's "scientific" objectivism, would even prefer us to believe we are all souless, with as much worth as the constituent chemicals that make up our physical forms....

So their control matrix has two poles...

1...the object reductionist (nothing is real unless proved in a 3D lab)

2...the church religionist (only the church and Bible have the answers)


And both take power away from individual incarnated Souls...

Yes, through indoctrination and bullying, people are conditioned to give up their own power...all freewill choices to do so..


Remember how the Catholic church could once threaten dissent with the "holy" Inquisition, too...??

Limited consciousness makes the masses of people vulnerable to this type of pressure, but things are of course changing spite of the PTB trying to maintain credibility....

Look how the new Rome, we call the European Union, sinks into the mire....?? all credibility lost.

I also remember hearing once that during baptisms and Christenings when they did the sign of the cross on the head it was over the third eye for the soul purpose of closing and sealing it.. Not sure how much truth is in this but it sounds quite plausible to me.



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