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Reiki cured HIV!

I didn't say it. It was disclosed here

I'm wondering why the media knows nothing about this amazing miracle cure.

Edit: Actually, the claim in the linked thread was that art cured HIV. Figured it better to adjust the title in case a few believed it without actually taking the time to read the discussion on the linked thread (it happens more than you realize :/).


Either way, if things as such really are healing medical issues and not merely tricks of the mind, it should be more well known. Don't you think?


People, you have a DUTY to observe and report such things with as much evidence as you can obtain! Or you can just keep the information to yourselves and leave the rest of the world in the dark and die because they didn't realize there were alternative methods of healing that actually worked.

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What is funny is that it wasn't reiki that was attributed to curing HIV.

Most people disagree with me, and I am fine with it. All you are on this site is provocative through my lens ;]

Thank you OP from the other thread for contributing to this discussion. Unlike you, I won't delete your contribution because I don't censor people.

This site gives the option for you to do so. It even goes to the lengths of allowing you to approve comments first.

I know.

Get rid of negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. We have to overcome the illuminate's influence on this world Dreamsicle. The world is in dire need to be, a better place. So we must all, work together and pitch in to make it so, and overcome the programming of the dark ones, cabal. The bad guys.

Remember the light. It will cleanse you of, bad vibrations.

Hello Dreamicle

Wonderful, Reiki healing me of  'CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME' which i had for over 10 years after a nasty flu i never really recovered from.  It was caused an underlying virus, orthodox medicine revealed nothing and my tests showed normal.  Eventually I came upon Reiki , it really was a prayer answered. I am so grateful to have my life back again.  Reiki can cure all!!!!!  even cancer given a chance a number of sessions. I   am now a reiki master, but my teacher and master  is incredible with her third eye open she can pick emotional traumas which may be causing the illness, she works with her spirit guides. So guided message always come through. I am so overwhelmed with this amazing healing.  I advise everyone to follow this energy healing.  Thankyou for your message.

With lol  Nikki

lol means laugh out loud... I figure you meant it to be lots of love but it's widely used for laugh out loud. Just figured I'd give you a heads up because I've heard horror stories of someone sending out text messages during grieving times where they send lol because they thought it meant lots of love but what they really ended up doing was sending a text where it looked like they were laughing about it which in turn shocked and appalled the family members that received the text.

On your topic, I suggest you look into the scandals of glaxosmith and merck and then notice how those cases weren't widely covered by the news. Those events were very monumental in implication.

Also, the mainstream media (I remember BBC in particular) has covered conventional medicine curing aids, but the story didn't stick.

   You wonder why the media knows nothing about this miracle cure, Dreamsicle?  And you really believe that the media would report on it if they felt it was valid?  Are you really that naive?  Take a look at how many ads on all your major media outlets are for pharmaceutical drugs and which support Big Pharma and the health care industry.  The last thing they would want would be a "cure" for anything that bypasses their profit stream.  Please get real and stop parroting these old formulaic cabal talking points. 

Donald, how about you keep taking a look at all those big pharma ads (as if that's all you ever pay attention too since that's what you primarily harp about, everything in your little world is bad bad bad! You never have anything good to say about what IS) and I'll keep looking at my natural remedy ads. Well, they're not really mine. But family members get magazines and such from "the little guys" and numerous other things. What you don't seem to understand is that I'm surrounded by new agers and hippies, among other things like people from the complete opposite side of the spectrum. The picture you have in your head of everyone that doesn't share the same views as you is biased and skewed and mostly completely wrong. But you're so stubborn you won't ever let yourself realize it.

Also, yes Donald. The media would report on it. Because it would probably start out small. Probably on social media (you can't sneeze in public without someone capturing it with their phone and posting it to the net somewhere). And eventually gain popularity (or even just jump straight to MSM because of it's profoundness). You fail to realize that reporters and journalists are people too. People with families. People who more than likely have someone near and dear to them sick with disease or cancer that would benefit from something like this.

Do you think chemo is fun? Don't you think people would rather sit on a table or chair and have someone wave their hands all around them instead of exposing themselves to radiation with disastrous side effects?

You're the one that needs to get real. You're deep seated in believing everyone that thinks different than you is naïve, small minded and brainwashed by MSM. You're so busy barking that people are blind and can't see... but you're the one that needs to get your vision checked. You're the one that seems stuck in some sort of old, played out conspiracy movie.

Do you ever have anything positive to say? Is there anything you're grateful for? I don't expect you to reply to that... just giving you some insight on how you come across.

Have you ever heard of bloodroot/black salve?  That can help to cure cancers, internally and externally (on skin)?  Have you heard of keeping your body alkaline (that will help ward off cancer and most other diseases) as Feather Winger has mentioned?  Etc.  Perhaps, but probably not on the MSM.  Reporters (for MSM) are given their "marching orders" and certain subjects and investigations are off limits for them.  If they pursue such, they're fired.  You posted this topic with your own admittance that the OP keeps deleting your comments.  Why do you think that is?  Who is the one being perceived as negative?    



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