Valiant Thor

scribed 2-22-11


VT: Humans have an enormous untapped birthright. The loss of consciousness due to DNA restriction to two strands has trapped you in a body with little access to its original magnificence.


Now, humans are being reconnected to their frequency blueprints in preparation for conscious ascension into creative mastery.


More and more, you will find yourself aware of many layers connecting events. This perception leads you to activate a multi-level sensing mechanism imprinted energetically in your higher frequency blueprints.


It is not necessary to consciously seek your higher aspects, but to know that this energy is seeking you, and seeking its expression through you.


Your life will become a partnership with multiple dimensions of self. Knowing will occur through recognition, and effort will be more about openness than reasoning linearly to formulate plans for one’s growth.


Your questions, child, are the sparks of inner growth. Your higher frequencial energies will magnetize whatever is needed to develop each one of you into full awareness. Comparative evaluation of how well you are doing, will become a thing of the past, a misperceptual throwback to the limited viewpoints of density and slow frequency.


The Earth is rising up in love, and in as much as all humans living on Earth are extensions of the Earth, you are rising up in love as well.


This will be experienced as clarity of mind and sincere connection to others through the heart’s magnetic effects.


So all you need to do is, open yourself to the flow of moment to moment. Let your perceptual field enlarge through giving yourself the freedom to not protect yourself, from what is not in the moment.


Consider that you have been using a narrow range of all your senses, and calling that being human.


Humanity has gifts within the energy bodies each inhabit. As you allow yourself to see more transparently, you will discover many doors within yourself; many avenues will be apparent where only one was clear before.


Trust what is in your mind. Your mind is an interface where aspects of your multi-dimensional self are present. You have used your mind to control, and this used recycled thoughts and ideas, analyzing your place in the framework you saw. Yet, your mind is a very sensitive receiver of soul impressions and when you look into your mind as you would look into the cosmic depths of space you will begin to discern a very different manner of being mindful.


You will come to embrace the knowing within and recognize how your mind is attuned to any information your questions request.  Rather than seeking answers, you will seek bigger questions.


Soon, the results of this recent energy infusement will be apparent. At the moment, you are witnessing great waves of freedom in consciousness being expressed in the repressed zones of your globe; zones where repression is so great, it compromises survival. This will no longer be tolerated by the people of your world, and though there will be some struggles during the dismantling, know that dismantling is underway.


The desire for freedom is an unstoppable energy when expanded by light energy, which is now being capacitated by the human forms. Your cells are awakening and just like in your own body, the human cells around the globe are awakening. And what does awakening feel like? A rush of powerful clarity about what your soul aligns with.


Whenever you feel this clarity, take careful note for you are sensing your future speaking the language of soul accomplishment. What you sense in such clarity is yours already, though you will collaborate to create the actual manifestation and record the process between before and after as experience. Can you summarize the highlights, Starflower?


SF: A point of no return has been reached. The freedom to express what is contained in one’s soul is flooding through human minds. When coupled with the heart’s love wisdom, which is a basic energetic of each human being, one can read the soul’s intentions. This appears as profound clarity with full emotional agreement. We are now witnessing a transformation that will only continue to enlarge.


We have waited so long, waiting became a way of thinking. This way of thinking was limited by the conditions we observed around us. The source of that limitation is being removed, and our vision will expand now, as far as we let it.


VT: Very good, child. I can tell you are excited and happy to see the ceiling be lifted.


SF: I can barely imagine how wonderful this is going to be for everyone who divests themselves of the need to control others, and comes to see that freedom in body is the tip of the iceberg. What you are talking about is human’s freedom to create the conditions within which they define themselves. The freedom to feel you can be self-determined.


VT: 2011 is a conjunction of many overlays; this will be a year of great surprises to the consensus consciousness. And yet, one thing will not be a surprise, and this is that love is self-existent. When you deeply embrace the truth love unfolds, even in the limited view, you see that love shines when it fills your heart and then, you shine. And, in the limitless view, love creates freely, which is why eventually all returns to love, the source of all energies.


You, and all dear readers, will unite the limited and the limitless within your hearts. This is how you fulfill your role of being light ambassadors, for you are living bridges formed in consciousness to join together separation and wholeness.


More and more, what you read will appear as what you already know, and each time you encounter known truths, you synthesize into deeper living connections. The body’s role as a container is such a small part of its architecture.


The soul seeks to express itself now through physical transport, that is by using the physical vehicle as a means of multiple modes of energetic passage. So, in your wholeness you will become the process of knowing, as well as the knowledge of information you gain.


SF: I can see how we have been focused on knowing and amassing control over our environment through what we know, and what we create because of this coming to possess certain knowings.


VT: Yes, all the limited ways of knowing have built modern civilization. Frequencially, you are entering the unlimited Now, and you will find everything intimately connected to everything, the closer you come to moving through your own singularity. This is a point of zero where light reverses and your consciousness reverses its conception of self.


You are wondering, Starflower, if one can go back and forth through singularity.


The answer is yes, but once you have recognized how all is truly one presence, you cannot, without your soul’s very deliberate choice, forget the truth you have seen.


SF: I understand, and it is surely true that once you begin to question beliefs you have held, you see the creation around you reveal the answers, and there is no pretending you do not know, you are the flow of creation.


VT: I’d like to close this message by saying that mystery is reshaping itself to you. Rather than climbing a life of struggle to hold a happy balance, you will be the orchestrator of many streams of living awareness. Your physical body has just begun to teach you its secrets. The earth has long waited for humans to apply the keys of love held within your cellular structure. Your unlimited nature will be opened to you as you integrate the information being constantly downloaded through the atmosphere, with your physical body’s self-knowing.


At times you will feel waves of anxiety or fear, but know that these are being pushed aside by the light, and fear was the dam holding back the light. Fear rises to consciousness as it is disintegrating. Allow it to flow and go past the former stories you thought were you. Then your truth can shine through..


SF: Thank you, Val. It does seem as if so many things you are presenting were at some level, known, but not connected in to a living sense of the knowing.


VT: Knowing is not separate from being, dear Starflower. You only perceived it to be so, and built thought structures to support that belief. Knowing is Being and the value of unlimited nature is the truth creators apply without wondering if it is possible.


SF: You just keep exploding old paradigms, Val.


VT: (smiling) You humans are not a paradigm, nor a collection of beliefs. You are a living expression of creator thought, and because you are thought as well as matter, you have access to universal worlds of being, as well as the capacity to create worlds of being. I see you smiling now, Starflower, and I agree: it is amazing.


We in eternal realms so delight in your amazement as we have long planned for this to unfold on Earth.


SF: Thank you is meant, but hardly seems adequate.


VT: You are thanking yourself, Starflower, from our perspective. Try to remember that.


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  • I have been waiting for me for a long time.....glad your here. Looking forward to meeting you.
    • Joy to all of us!
  • Lyndy..

    Can you describe who and or what Val is? .. I thank myself for asking you that :)

    • Hi Luke,

      Val is a Universal Light Being. "He" (I use he for my convenience) works closely with the Ashtar Command, is aligned with Sanat Kumara and has incarnated aspects across this local universe. He has visited Earth many times to move the plan for peace forward, and has a very large family of Light of which I am a member. Many souls with ties to Venus resonate with Val's messages.

      Thanks for asking!


      • Thanks Lyndy... ok.. Val is fairly new for me.. He sounds pretty cool.. and I have deep connections to Venus.. maybe that why.. I would one day love to greet so many star beings.. I know we will all be home soon..I cry often, its because I want all of this Ascension to wrap up and complete.. but its ongoing... and thats wonderfull aswell...

        much Pure Love to you forever... and ever !

        Luke :)

        • hey Luke...i have read in other forums and groups, few years ago, than Valiant Thor was living in Earth in the past... i dont know for how many years he was here... if u do research, u will find more info on him for sure... i had read about him in Michael Salla's yahoo group "Prepare4Contact"... but it was long time ago, and i dont remember much... this is a pic of him that was posted also.... 


  • In this message, Val discusses how feelings have been limited and held captive by the level of thought we use to hold  feelings apart from us. Soul creates in landscapes of feeling, and the door to your unlimited nature is opened through embracing feeling as the context of creative thought. You create what you feel most.

    To your holy Earth Love,

    Lyndy Starflower


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