Really weird lucid dream...

So i'm driving out of the driveway and i'm going slightly fast, and for some reason this guy in a golf cart on the right side of my car starts talking shit to me, so I get out and he's calling me a faggot, prick, etc... and i'm like okay then let's go and I begin to do a sort of alpha male thing guys do when they're about to fight like puffing out the chest, flexing arms, etc... and he seemed to notice and they backed up their large golfcart but no, I jumped on it as they tried to escape and moved over and punched one of the passengers, and I looked at him, and I was going in for a second punch then I relaxed my tension as I looked at his face and I said "Nahh, i'm not gonna punch you...." very calmly and i'd been slowly coming to the realization as i'd been looking at his face "..... because i'm dreaming..." and I let on a soft smile like I just beat someone at chess and I immidiately felt heavy heavy brain activity going on, and my surrounding quickly changed, I was surrounded by faces, It was like in an empty space like I was in a sphere and the inside of this sphere had faces coming out of it, like as if it were a DMT trip, and I don't wanna say I was terrified but I didn't wanna look at whatever it was, Just these heads, dozens of them just looking out at me as I floated and rotated in this space, and I closed my eyes trying to retain my lucidness and I thought I saw a joker, and what I think were knives surrounding him but then I couldn't tell because everything turned to the static of a TV with no cable or AV cords plugged in. Just black and white specks everywhere, and I wokeup after that. I was like uhhh... what the FUCK was that. It isn't like I manifested that, the last time I lucid dreamed I was in a constant struggle with being lucid and not being lucid and I couldn't manifest the things i'd been trying to manifest for whatever reason & I just ended up waking up with not much accomplished. What's the problem??? Lol. I attached a picture of something similar to what I saw I was floating though and they were heads and everything was like completely white.


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"true Joanna, when the nature sounds are louder than our thoughts, the rhythm is balanced so is our breathing as well.

To be underwater have a different effect on us; the human ear evolved to hear sound in the air (distracting, sharp, loud) and is…"
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"“I remember waking up one night and the room being awash with the most beautiful colours. I knew it was the aliens but I wasn’t afraid. I knew they didn’t wish me any harm.”
Quoted from this article:…"
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"Well, the ocean tunes us to our breath...swimming, diving, the rythmic sound of waves on a beach. I often meditate with recordings of just the sound of waves in the background, or the sound of wind in the trees...which also naturally tunes us into…"
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Take off bumper stickers, yard signs-they'll be searching phones and chat rooms etc. and keeping files like the…
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