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i don't know about y'all, but i am always on the look out for someone or something i can do that will make a difference.  today, i came across a facebook page called "Devin's Dream" and thought i would share the story with you.

devin is a teenaged boy who has osteosarcoma.  it is aggressive, debilitating and terminal.  devin has chosen to use his facebook page to share his bucket list with others.  he and his family are unable to achieve everything on his list, so caring lightworkers from around the world have been doing what they can to help him check every single item off that list.  in fact, one of the things on his bucket list is to collect 10,000 "likes."  that would be something simple and easy for each one of us to do for him.  and just think, if this spreads through our international community, he could garner "likes" from all over the world.  and if anyone has any e.t. connections, wouldn't that be amazing?

i have posted the link to the news article below.  if you choose to do something to support this young man, i would love to hear back from you about what you did and how it was received.

in lak'ech my brothers and sisters.




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  • Lovely. 

  • No, 10 000 likes won't cure his cancer.

    what 10 000 likes can do is alter his perception of who he is.

    And that can set in motion the mechanisms in his immune system via his innate that can reverse his cancer.

    cancer. like all illness is a behaviour. 

    Not a disease. (my experience of life, my opinion. and i stand by it).

    It is an unconscious communication that all is not well in your world.

    The nature of the illness just tells you which part of your world to look in.

    make the appropriate life and energetic changes.

    And the condition no longer has a reason to be.

    Spontaneous remission happens enough to suggest it isn't an accident.

    You cannot remove yourself from society and say that what i think and do makes no difference.

    there may be countless billion beings in the universe.

    But it is one universe. (yes, I know about the multiverse...)

    And each of us are an energetically hard wired piece of the whole.

    That means every thought and emotion you have create a ripple that impacts on everyone and everything.

    There is no middle ground.

    Everything you do, be it consciously or otherwise matters.

    Everything you do is either working to raise the overall vibrational frequency of the universe.

    Or lower it.

    And since the Earth is the only planet in the universe that is taking part in the free choice test of energy divinity project at this time, who's intent s to raise the frequency of the universe, your thoughts matter.

    A lot.

    You may not believe 10 000 likes on a face book page can change or save a life.

    My experience of life has taught me that this is how cellular healing, and miracles work.

    This is the power of the collective consciousness.

    • How eloquently put peter.  Your words resonate with me.  Thank you for sharing. 

    • By the way, he currently has 19 344 likes on his page.

      humanity is truly at their compassionate best when united by tragedy.

  • sometimes its the little things that give people the strength to get up in the morning, to hurt like hell and still get out of bed.  it gives them one more day to awaken to their own  power.  for someone to say or do just the right thing to make them believe when they hurt so badly, that "tomorrow is another day."  another day to understand.  another day for those around them to understand.  and yes, if i have to do it one person at a time, then i will.  because they can then go on to help someone else . . .  pay it forward.  and then i have made my world a little kinder.

    but i do think you can open a dialogue without attacking.  and by calling people names and their ideas bullshit, you don't leave room for dialogue.  i never said i was perfect.  i just try to take responsibility for my actions (especially my mistakes) and then go back and assess what i learned from them.  my defensive response was a reaction to your what i perceived as rudeness on your part.  that is why i came back and apologized and extended a sincere hand of friendship.

  • Strength and power is in the Love, arrogance and weakness is in the fear...Where are you? There are only two things in this world: LOVE AND FEAR...Everything else derives from it...Peace and Love to you always...

    • amparo, you are so on it!  i have tried to teach my children that, but what i have found is that you apparently have to move ego aside and see the most basic components. . . and then to admit that everything you do is motivated, at its most basic level, by one or the other of those (or combination of both).  that is a very difficult thing for people to understand and accept.  thank you for putting it so succinctly.

  • I don't think when you are facing a terminal dis-ease, you are thinking of free loading of anything at all...perhaps all one would be asking would be for support and Love....and I am sure the family is helping with the moving of fingers...Don't you think? They are there for him doing whatever they can for him...What is wrong with that? Nothing at all...I don't think it is easy going through that experience..And I am willing and ready to send plenty of Love his way...that is what these times are all about...being true to ourselves and to others...Peace and Love to you...

  • ...Hmm...Not Really Dreamdeluder....Im Quite Flexible-Minded...:)....I See Your Point On Dis Ease Being On Soul Level...But Still...No Harm In Caring.....:).........

  • you are wrong my friend.  but i do apologize for that previous remark.  but you must admit, you have away of making others feel attacked.  i should not have responded in defensive mode.  see. . . you're already teaching me.  thanks.

This reply was deleted.

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