Alex Collier aka Ralph Amigron-he may be a disinfo agent for the cabal-he should have had an accident by now-unless he's a true saint-

Alex Collier (Alien Contactee) - The Man Behind The Mystery - Letters From Andromeda - Defending Sacred Ground

Alex Collier, March 2012
Alex Collier, March 2012

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Disinformation / Misinformation

Recently it had been posted on Wikipedia that:

"Alex Collier aka Ralph Amigron claimed that he was fed up of being ridiculed and was going to Andromeda when his remains were found in a hot spring on 25th December 2010"

This is false (unless he has been cloned).

In the early nineties Alex Collier had released a book entitled "Turn Off Your TV" which was a real eye-opener but this book seems to have been wiped off the face of planet Earth - After watching the video clip to the right you will understand why.

Ralph Amigron is officially documented as being previously employed by the IRS and has served time in a federal prison - what they don't tell you is that prior to his prison sentence Amigron had already been leaking information as "Alexander Collier" (see second video below). Prior to this Ralph Amigron may have been an FBI agent who investigated the human mutilation phenomena and, despite initially believing it to be the work of a serial killer, his investigations had led him to a deep underground alien base. He suffered a mental breakdown as a result, started revealing inside information and was convicted of impersonating an accountant in an attempt to shut him up after he had also discovered that the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express and that there is no law that says any American citizen has to pay income tax.

Who Is Alex Collier Really?

Alex Collier is a pseudonym of US citizen Ralph Amigron, an ex-IRS agent who claims that he has been in contact with an alien race from the Andromeda galaxy ever since he was eight years old. Ralph has also used the name Ralph Amagran. He claims that the use of false names was, at the time, in order to protect his identity.

Research shows that Ralph Amigron served time in a federal prison after being convicted of impersonating an accountant. There are also accusations of drug-rape/sexual assault although he has not been charged with these offenses. Suggestions have been made that this may have been an attempt by the government to tarnish his reputation and credibility and one source also claims:

"He was an undercover FBI agent, a sort of real-life Fox Mulder investigating human mutilations that at first he thought was a serial killer, then led to a reptilian base. The truth of this was too much to comprehend and he had a nervous breakdown. He was mind-wiped. given a new personality and placed in a job with the IRS. His do-gooder personality points were still intact and he went against IRS Code of Procedures which landed him in a Federal Prison. In lock-up, the Cabal determined he could be used as a disinfo agent; they reprogrammed him to believe that he had been contacted by “benevolent” grays and reptilians, to tell the public that all ET's were kind and wanted to help humanity, the same sort of lie Steven Greer, also a lizard boy, spouted off. Well, he was dealing with grays and lizards, but they were feeding him bullsh*t.

The thing is, Alex Collier is a vessel for an Andromedan soul. The Andromedan Council picked him up after his release from prison. They opened up his memories of who he really was, his previous life as an Andromedan, and what his mission entailed on Earth. He was reluctant, and still is, knowing the price he would have to pay, and has paid. The Cabal has attempted to clone him but the Council has terminated all clones that were sent out. The Cabal has messed with him emotionally and financially."

Coincidentally I remember vaguely how an investigator back in the nineties was supposed to have gained insight into the cattle and mutilation phenomena but no further information was ever publicly released. There is also a video interview below (July 2012) where Collier explains how he ended up serving time in prison. However, this video has become extremely rare and has now been removed from most websites. In addition, I have pointed out several times in certain videos that Collier looked and sounded different, could these have been his clones? And if so, was it the real Amigron or one of his clones that was allegedly found in a hot spring on Christmas Day, 2010?

Rather interestingly, there are two official death records for a US citizen named Ralph George Amigron, one in 1997 and one in 2010. Both were named Ralph George Amigron (which is actually a very rare name). In an interview with Paola Harris, Collier was asked "So, are you from Andromeda? Is that what they are telling you?"to which he replied "That's right. My soul. They used to have an outpost here."

According to the source above, every time one of Collier's clones was terminated the Andromedan Council would send out another one. This explains how Collier seems to keep coming back, even after already dying twice according to official death records!

Jon Robinson

Jon Robinson was Alex Collier's co-writer of the Letters From Andromeda newsletter. Jon Robinson allegedly provided testimony to Michael E. Salla PhD claiming that after the newsletter had gone global, Collier was indeed confronted by three "men in black suits" who proceeded to show Collier things about his life that he thought only he knew about before making severe threats.

Robinson lived near to Collier and claims to have actually seen alien spacecraft above or near to Collier's house during his contacts. Robinson also claims that he, himself, started having experiences whilst in the company of Alex. He claims to have let Alex describe what the experience of having the Andromedans monitor him would be like and, according to Robinson, Collier described exactly what had happened - according to Robinson, he had seen a small white orb checking out his book collection. When the 'orb' noticed he had seen it, it moved over to the lamp and acted as though it was the light bulb and suddenly fizzed out, even though the lamp wasn't even switched on. Robinson claims to have tested Collier numerous times by getting Collier to describe what experiences would be like before telling him about them.

Jon Robinson also claims to have had photographs taken with Alex whereby the Andromedan's monitoring devices were visible though he states that he doesn't know whether the photographs were kept or not. However, Robinson does believe that Collier is in possession of solid evidence to back up his claims but has been ordered to keep this evidence to himself, due to the dangers that could arise from presenting such evidence to the public.

Alex? Ralph? Jasper?

In addition to Rick Keefe's famous 1994 interview with Alex Collier, Keefe caught up with Collier again 14 years later for another interview (third video from the bottom). At the beginning, before the serious discussion begins, you get to see Keefe and Collier going through some drunken banter. Watch carefully! You will notice that Keefe says "So, Jasper. Tell us what happened to your cousin Alex" to which Collier replies "The aliens took him" before going on the explain that he doesn't mean aliens as in foreigners but aliens as in off-worlders that look like blue tuna (but without the tuna).

Let's fill in the missing details:

Keefe says he can't believe he's here with the real Alex Collier. Collier responds by joking saying he's not the real Alex Collier, you could call him Alex's cousin if you want but his name is Jasper - he's a clone. Keefe then proceeds to ask him what happened to his cousin, Alex to which Collier replies "the aliens took him" possibly referring to the official death records or the remains that were alleged to have been found (this information has now been removed from Wikipedia).

Why Should I Listen To Alex Collier?

It's up to you whether you believe him or not but Collier has previously come out with vast amounts of accurate knowledge which went on to be discovered or unveiled or corroborated at later dates. This includes Stephen Hawking's theory about black holes, Hawking has revised his theory and now believes that black holes continue to emit radiation until eventually they open up to release all the information within - Collier claimed this theory was accurate in the early nineties. Collier also claimed, as did many others, that something drastic would happen approximately August 2001 which would open people's eyes to reality. Movie Director Aaron Russo had also been told directly that there were plans for a false-flag operation to occur in September 2001. Russo released this information before the 9/11 attacks had even happened, as did Collier. Collier had also claimed that eventually the Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy would collide in billions of years time. This information has recently been made public by NASA.

The second video below is extremely interesting, Collier shows you where all the alien bases are all over the world. Also notice his accent, he's definitely not American although he is a US citizen. You will notice how he has developed a very strong American accent over the years by watching the videos. This is a very interesting situation because you may also notice that he has already developed an American accent in his 1994 video which was released just after Collier was released from prison. This means that Collier had indeed been revealing secret information before he was locked up and that the 1994 video was not actually hist first. He almost sounds Russian - could Collier be KGB? It would make sense considering that Colonel Philip J Corso claimed that the KGB were attempting to infiltrate the CIA during the days of UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology. Also notice in the second video how he refers to the United States as though he is not actually there. If anyone has any information whatsoever to the origin of this video clip (clearly taken from a documentary) I would like to urge you to post in the comments section. Collier, are you out there?

We already know that the US government have made extreme efforts to wipe out the background credentials of certain whistle-blowers, sometimes they are successful, sometimes they are not. Bob Lazar has actually been proven to be a lot more credible than many people, and Stanton Friedman, seem to believe yet not only has it been proven since that Lazar genuinely is who he says he is and was genuinely in the places he claimed he was but even the judge in his court case revealed that he had worked for the department of Naval Intelligence. How is it that the judge had access to that information yet the government's response to public enquiries were complete denial? The government had wiped out his credentials but there was still documented evidence left behind, they were unsuccessful. Lazar is genuine and so is Element 115 (Ununpentium).


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  • PET ROCK: your article claims Bob Lazar (supposed M.S. graduate of MIT) is credible, and yet there is not one paper published at MIT under his name (which MIT requires in their masters programs).  Also note that Bob Lazar graduated in the lower half of his high school class, and you can't get into MIT with that standing.  HENCE YOUR ARTICLE HAS NO CREDIBILITY.

    Maybe I'm wearing a tin-hat, but this is the second part of my reply (above) that was somehow cut out from this reply above that is addressed to Pet Rock. This is Phil Schneider talking about dangerous aliens (prior to his murder in 1996) that cross-matches the claims of Collier.  If there is anything that proves Pet Rock is correct about Alex Collier being a fraud, it's that Collier is still alive (and Schneider is dead).

    Click for 15 minute video of Schneider talking about the dangers of aliens and the New World Order.

    PET ROCK: please note that the FBI and CIA can create any kind of background on anyone they want, with any name they want. Obama has a degree and transcript sealed at Columbia University, and there isn't anyone who attended those classes listed on Obama's transcript who claims that they ever seen him in class.
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
    • I believe that the security forces can create any type of background-or bury one-Obama-could be anything because collier is still alive, supposedly-let's say the players command naval intel/cia to send out collier or whomever and start telling everyone what Bill Cooper(who was killed by Arizona State Troopers either by being sent after him or more likely nervous and trigger happy with unseen enemies' influence, Cooper was also rammed by a limo in the 80's and he lost a leg) brought to light in the 80's so as to draw out the patriots and keep tabs on us, or the patriots who would resist in militias etc. and then monitor them-tricky nasty game-just saying this because I have had only good vibes from ashtar command who I believe monitor this site

      • those troopers were probably nervous and unseen enemies of coopers may have helped make the situation worse-as far as lazar -he could be anybody but they are leading us by the nose by exaggerating these stories that go around about alien wars-which I have witnessed to an extent-and the new money system, nibiru whatever , all smokescreen to keep the real truths hidden-I know you know this -I belive now that the reason why alex jones(unless he works for them too) is still alive is because the cabal have the west firmly in their grip politically and financially and they are going to make their nwo move very soon-the border with mexico wide open and the beginnings of the megaopolis' in the us-canada will follow suit-

        the flood from asia/india/africa will raise the value of the real estate

        -I met bud hopkins after my experience and he was working with john mack-turns out both were working for the gov collecting files on abductees

  • PET ROCK: in 1994, Alex Collier (or whatever his alias is) accurately warned about U.S. tyrannical government actions taking place long before the term tin-hat was used in the main stream media.  Collier warned of FEMA concentration camps being built (LONG BEFORE JESSE VENTURA TALKED ABOUT IT), he warned about attempts to take our firearms (LONG BEFORE ALEX JONES TALKED ABOUT IT), and he warned about the importance for elevated consciousness prior to a very important event prior to September 2001 (KNOWN AS 9/11).


    Click and go to 6:30 for proof of this.
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
This reply was deleted.

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