Many are wondering at this time how an entire world so full of violence and corruption can possibly be transformed into a world full of Christ Consciousness in just a matter of days, minutes, or even years. Since the human mind likes to conceptualize information through background information that it can understand, most people are thinking that it will take a long, long time for the world to really change. There are many at this time believing that the world will change to the better. There are many thinking that this change will begin by people taking on a nicer attitude- many are calling this the "feminine" attitude. ( I am personally bothered by that terminology, because what is actually happening is the ONENESS quality of the male and female -the mother father god being returned).

So, there are many ideas floating around that are being created by minds that can only understand that which is attached to an old background knowledge of something that they can understand. It is convenient to use the term feminine, because there are attributes associated such as love, kindness, gentleness, etc. That really doesn't represent the change that is taking place. There will be as much power, strength, intelligence, unstoppable victory as there is sweetness, kindness, etc. The true meaning and power of Love is Love is the energy that spins beyond the speed of light bringing Source into At One Ment with all dimensions of Reality. There is nothing greater than this Love that is transforming our Universe.

There is nothing more loving than the activity of our Starry Cosmic Families transmuting the Darkness of the Fallen Angelics into vapor that can return to Source. That love is the Third World War that was fought in the Heavens for us last year. That was the war of love, and there was nothing sweet and kind about it. There is also a very STRICTNESS about this loving transformation. The Ra Confederation will not allow any individual to ascend until they are perfectly transformed. Many think of Ra as the God of the Sun. The Ra Confederation is actually the Soul Matrix of Creation governing the light of our creation. They are the group of Consciousness Entities governing all of the activity of the Guardian Races.

They will make sure there is enough light energy from the Cosmic Matrix creating the Blue Flame that will blend our consciousness back into the energetic fields of consciousness of our Divine Template. When there is enough light to transform our consciousness back into the Law of One, the Ra Confederation will allow us to pass into Tara. The term HARVEST means the actual graduation of those Souls who have aligned into the light to transmute all past miasms. Those individuals will disappear from the third dimension and will reappear on TARA.

It will not be possible to comprehend what is about to happen if any old background knowledge is used to process the understanding. Everything that is now understood in this world comes from a three dimensional understanding. That means we only believe what we can see, touch and feel. We have been trained to believe through the scientific world management team, that if it can't be seen it isn't real.
That old science, that old background knowledge must be removed before we can even begin to comprehend what is about to happen to this Earth. We are moving completely out of third dimensional perception. And we are moving into a fifth dimensional perception that will allow us to see and know things that we have never imagined before.

Where do we go to get the understanding of what is really happening? We go to our higher selves and our guides from the Emerald Covenant Guardian Races to take us into Inner Earth and guide us into the new reality that is already here. How do we get there? We make a blue flame in our mid brain and connect it to the blue flame in our tail bone, we stream the energy of those two flames back into one flame in the mid brain. Feel that blue flame as your Soul, your higher Self, your Mind of God, your Guide. Next, raise that blue flame to the top of your head. See the flame turn into a disk shape, and see your Guide sitting on the blue disk. Now, we begin communication with our Guide. We say, we are ready to be guided by our Emerald Covenant Guardian Family to see our New World, which is the Inner Earth. Make this reality happen every night before you go to sleep. Your guides will meet you in your dreams, they will take you to Inner Earth. They will show you where you will be living next year.

This is how we get the FIFTH DIMENSIONAL answer to our question. FIFTH DIMENSIONAL means MULTIDIMENSIONAL - it does not mean we are only at five and must go to ten or twelve. The Fifth includes the 12th and the 15th. The Fifth is the place where the invisible light and the visible light spectrums become manifest equally. The present reality only consists of things that are seen- that is the third dimension. The fifth dimension consists of things we can't see in the third dimension. It consists of all reality fields. Presently, we think the only things important are the things we seen in this hertzian frequency of visible tangible THINGS. When we rise into the infra red frequency, we can see what our digital cameras can see. When we rise beyond visible light into the invisible light spectrum, we begin to see the quantum realities that have been created by the rotation of particle spin that our merkaba fields are presently in.

When the merkaba spin rate goes back to its normal rate, and the seals are removed from the base tones and overtones of our DNA strands, we will see that there is as much reality in the invisible as there is in the visible. That invisible white light becomes blue light as we connect our consciousness into the light bands that connect to Source Light. When our higher self travels through the invisible light spectrum into the x-ray, gamma ray and pink white light, it returns transformed into a self that can see the entire spectrum of reality. We can practice this experiment by simply focusing on a candle light. Think of the base of the candle as the place where your three dimensional self is standing in the hertzian light field. Right above you is the infra red- you can see the red flame in the candle light. Just a spark above the infra red is a little bit of visible yellow light, and then an area of white light, and then a pinkish, golden area, and right under and below that golden area is a pale grey stream that seems like it is taking an x ray of an invisible form. When you focus on the hertzian light long enough, you will experience the white light turn blue.

This means your higher self has connected into Source Consciousness light field. This also means that the visible spectrum of reality in the room you are in will become black in invisibility. That is the anti-matter of Source Consciousness that allows you to create an entire new reality in that spiritual essence of light reality. That energetic light field is where our NEW reality of TARA will appear once we completely enter that state of FOCUS continuously through the three day particle transmutation that will take place December 21-24. Those who do this will see TARA replace the darkness of the ante-matter particles, because the shift in particle rotation will allow that frequency field to appear.

If we want a Third Dimensional answer to our question we can turn on the News Channel and they will tell us that there will be Earthquakes, disasters, world wars, terrorism. It will be very difficult to take this back ground knowledge and then calculate a new world made of 12D Khristiac Frequencies. These Frequencies will become available because the Blue Sphere of Consciousness from TARA will completely transmute the angular rotation of particle spin of the Earth to return into Oneness with TARA. We also realign into Gaia and Andromeda and Aquafaria through Oneness of a higher frequency.

There will be a type of pole shift. But it will be of no danger because it will be performed by our Emerald Covenant Guardian Races. Why are they called the Emerald Covenant Guardians? Because Earth is the Emerald of the Universe. She is the Entity that is going to unlock the doors of this Fallen Milky Way Galaxy to return home to M31- Andromeda Consciousness.

Many of us who are here now work with the Emerald Covenant Guardians to guard the Star Gates of this Planet. This is our mission now and always has been our mission. We must run our Frequencies- our Codes in our DNA through the 12 Star Gates of Earth in order to set her free. She has had her star gates captured by the fallen angelics. The only way the fallen races can invade Earth and take control of her star gates is through the Guardians who are supposed to continuously guard these Star Gates.

The Blue Flame of our Divine Blue Print could not return to Earth through Sun Alcyone until there were six star gates completely opened and the other six activated and ready to open on December 21. When the sixth avatar is born, who is a 12th Level Avatar, our star gates will be secured and ready to open once again.

This couldn't happen until there was a 12th Level Avatar who came through the Amenti Fields our the Divine Blue Prints of all of our Souls in order to reactivate us into our Divine Consciousness. This will happen in May. In December all 12 Star gates will open. This will open our Consciousness into Oneness with all of our Soul Families on all 12 Stars that a part of Earth's body of Consciousness. This 12th Level Divinity comes from the place where the Fourth Sphere and the Fifth Sphere meet. The place where Cosmic Consciousness flows into Khristiac Consciousness. The Crystal Dust energy of the Aurora Fields, the Crystal Light from the Spark of Source and the Crystal Gel of Transformation connect and form into a Ultra Violet Blue

Frequency that allows a brand new IDEA to be born. When the Khristiac, Cosmic and Source Frequencies merge, a new Creation is Born.

The reason our Earth is being transformed into a new higher reality is because Source wants to. We don't really need to know more than that. It can be done because Source wants to. Source wants to continuously create all wonderful new ideas through our Mind of God in our Mid Brain. Source wants to watch over us continuously and give us the most glorious realities. Our Founders Races and Guardian Families have been working on making this reality come true for 840,000 years.

They have worked continuously to remove obstacles, transmute, transform, realign and make whole the original design of the perfect angelic human that they had originally designed through the template of Source Consciousness.

We have been cut off from this divine reality of Source Consciousness flowing through our Mid Brain. There were crystal seals placed in Earth's grids that blocked the Christic Grids from the Source Flow. We have been blocked from the Source Reality Fields from every angle. Those seals are being removed this year. 
The Zetas created a rip in the Merkaba that connects Earth to her Star Gates.

The Guardians could not change the rip, so they are moving us in a time field to a place where there is no rip in the Merkaba, there are no Seals in Earth's Grids and the Nibiru Death Star will not be able to touch us.

It is this shift in time of 2500 years forward that will place our bodies and our consciousness into a new reality that cannot be perceived by anything understood in 3D reality.
You can go see this new reality with your Guides from the Emerald Cities in Inner Earth. They will take you there at night if you as them through your blue flame.

When we ride our crystal light star vehicle down to the etheric core (heart) of Mother Earth we pass through the pre matter of a crystal liquid light substance of the 12th dimension that is like a mercury liquid that takes on a snow flake like dust essence as we travel deeper into the cosmic core of Mother Earth in the 13th dimension. That crystal liquid light plus cosmic snow dust takes on a heliotalic silver pastel dusty texture at the fourteenth dimension that saturates the skin to begin the transformation of the body from the organic 666 carbon based matter into the lighter, less dense organic pre matter substance of the silicate matrix.

We ride our crystal light star vehicle into the fifteenth dimension to the point where the cosmic matrix meets Source. That is the area we call zero point. When we connect our consciousness into Cosmic frequencies and beyond, there is a point of separation of No Time, where a new reality can be born.

That point where we rise up into the spectrum of the Infinite, All knowing Source field where everything that can exist, and where all will exist can be born into the Cosmic Consciousness as a new idea. This is the place we go to ascend to a new form a new reality. This place is a frequency in Consciousness.
When we raise consciousness into the fields of dimensional crystal liquid light, crystal dust of pre matter and the crystal gel of transformation, we find oneness with the veil into Source, we become placed inside of a hologram within Source Consciousness.
We can see the mental image of our light body standing within a cloud of pre matter dust, surrounded with liquid light waiting to be reborn as a brand new idea.

The new idea comes from our consciousness. We can melt away all of the parts of our consciousness that we want to transform into a New reality. When we rise up through the Universal and Cosmic Consciousness fields, we rise into brand new consciousness of Source. 

Now, we see our light body transform into the new idea, the perfect template carrying all of the ideas of Source Consciousness. We can become anyone we want to be. We can manifest anything we want in this Source field.
We focus on that image within a hologram in the Source field until it is the only reality in our mind. Once that idea has had time to gestate and be born in the frequency specific part of the brain- the mid brain, that idea can be felt as a frequency.
A frequency is like a shimmering breath that has a sound like music. That shimmering tone must grown into an entire symphony as it travels through the Music of the Spheres. The spheres are the crystal spheres of crystal liquid light, crystal dust and crystal gel.

The moment the hologram is breathed out from the Source field into the first ring of the Cosmic Sphere, the idea begins to take on a form, a color a sound. The idea flashes into an ultra violet flame containing a gelaisic, dusty field, the No color of crystal light merges with the essence of the ultra light and takes on an ultra violet blue hue that contains the breath of the Symphony of Love.

Each time a new idea is born from the breath of Source an entire mathematical organization appears as the tones of home, the multidimensional reality fields that exist simultaneously as visible and invisible light that can appear as infra red or hertzian fields of visual realities. We are used to only seeing hertzian fields of reality at this time because we can only hear hertzian frequencies of music.

Our music technology has kept us in the lowest fields of hertzian for a very long time. We are still at the very lowest level of frequency transmission from all forms of media.

We experience these realities as a hologram within the consciousness of Source. If we were not living within the consciousness of Source, which contains access to all realities, we wouldn't exist.
That reality of our Omni consciousness that exists within our own holographic reality field can be heard and felt as the Music of the Spheres - the frequencies singing within the DNA strands of our cells. Each of the 12 microtubule strands between each DNA double helix contains a part of this wonderful symphony that each of us is made of.

We were cut off from this wonderful symphony when densified crystal seals were placed within our templates to block the sounds from merging together.

We have only been hearing individual notes that are separated into scales and chords and melodies. Now we must allow all of those 12 strands of each of our 12 DNA to blend together through the breath of frequencies into a new symphony.
We will soon learn that we are not mortals living individual lives. We are really all musical strands containing multiple layers of frequency signatures, light sound structures, melodic ideas that are singing happily as one hologram within the consciousness of Source.

The base currents that make up those frequencies were slowed down to a base pulse rhythm that couldn't hold the accretion level of the Source pulse. The rhythm of the Cosmic and the rhythm of Source is a field of sound that moves so incredibly fast beyond the speed of light that it is everywhere and nowhere at once. It is at the very core of our bodies. It is the nano particle of every molecule.

The entire hologram of Source is within every cell of our bodies. We must learn to hear that frequency that holds the entire symphony that lies within every cell of our bodies.

This is how we will transform into a new idea. Our entire Time matrix will flow back into this glorious symphony very soon. Now, we are within the hologram of Source Consciousness. We are inside of this light field. We don't have to ride our crystal light star vehicles anywhere because all is in the Consciousness of Source and we live within our personal hologram within the Source field of Consciousness, which has already manifested everything knowable and unknowable.

Now we have these three spheres of crystalline inorganic pre-matter light fields. We can hold the crystal spheres of crystal light, crystal dust and crystal gel in our hands, in our hearts , in our heads. We can use these spheres of subatomic manifest able fields to create magical realities of crystal star dust that allows us to live eternally within the Source field. We can hold any idea in our minds and create that idea in the
Source field consciousness of the highest frequency and exhale that idea in the three spheres of crystal liquid light, dust and gel.

The three spheres of transformation allow the idea to become tangible in the invisible fields through the sound of the breath and then to become tangible in the visible fields as the idea manifests into our hologram.

Learning to work with the three cosmic spheres to manifest has been an ongoing learning process for me since my team of Elohim Angels appeared before me and began my training.

These were just all a bunch of words to me until I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together and held these three spheres in my hands as I breathed the breath of Source that turned into codes and melodies. I learned to use the same formula to breathe IMMORTALITY CD's that actually would stream the individual symphony of an individual's hologram that lived within the Source Field and then was transformed into this perfect reality through the Cosmic Light Fields.

It took many years of following the guidance of this angelic team, and the understanding grew in direct proportion to the stellar activations taking place on Earth bringing in the new blue print of our divine beings. 

I know that very soon, the breaths that I have been breathing into these three spheres of transformational consciousness will begin to appear as a new quantum reality that is tangible in my new 5D hologram. This hasn't become tangible in hertzian form yet because it will require the blue flame from the fifth dimension to flow through Sun Alcyone and then transform through the Source Field into a new reality that allows us to see the visible and invisible realities appear as visible at this time.

Even though we may be ready to do this individually, the frequencies of the entire mass consciousness must also rise and the frequencies of our entire Time Matrix must shift before we all see this reality clearly. That will be very soon.


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