How do our feelings for the future affect our future?Is it wise to promote how bad we think it is now or might be later, or has been in the past?... and what influences will this have on our future?What is it that we really would like to see in the future?... and what are the reasons we want this future?Are we holding a vision for a brighter future or a darker future?Is the power of consciousness and focused thoughts much greater than we know right now?How are we personally using our powerhouse of consciousness?Is our consciousness a direct descendant from the original Creator?Are we carrying the "torch" of consciousness for the Creator?Are we the original Creator in disguise as individual humans?Is the essence of consciousness our key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe?Are we spending a lot of time focusing on difficulties or aggravations?Do we take resposibility for our thoughts and words?Do we take time to clear out the cloudy thoughts in our minds so that we can think clearly?How much do we care about our impact on others and the world around us?Whose agendas are we promoting with our thoughts, words, and actions?Do we accept a lesser version of ourselves as our only possible self?How much do we know about what are we truly capable of?Are there many more higher abilities we have and are not yet aware of?Are our limited understandings of ourselves holding us back from greatness?Are we willing to let go of the difficulties of the past so we can have a more prosperous future?Are we working together as a team or as adversaries?

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  • I want answers!!!!

    • Ahhhh.... Yes, very good. That's the spirit! This is how we will find these answers together.... If we are rich in our questioning, along with a clear desire to find the answers.... we will surely be richly endowed with answers. Then our task will be to use our answers to help ourselves and others who have yet to find these answers.

  •  We are capable of creation and also destruction(two faces of the same coin). We are HERE because of LOVE and for LOVE. If we don't help each other; What are we?

    • Indeed...

      Refreshing to hear your input Lacuna.

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