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reminder - jack posobiec = navy intel dark hat [does not fool us]

can english patriots, like myself, simultaneously be american patriots. i would say yes. example thomas paine and other founding fathers...englishmen....close bond continues to this day. it's natural with family. wwg1wga

I´m a Swede , and find it incredible important to support Trump and Q in draining the swamp.

This is sooo much bigger than about Sweden or the UK , this is about the whole planet and even much more than that.

The dark were cast down here to get a chance to rehab under a condition of quaratine .... not so successful , but much much learning from us who took the lighted journey and also for our space siblings.

yes indeed friend. this whole thing is bigger than any one person, or nation....even this planet...very true.

Q sent me #WWG1WGA



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