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Now this is the people who the leftists are coworking with:

military tribunals for the dark continue slow progress preparations. jan 2019 is current plan...get some popcorn and/or bubbly....heh, heh....;-0 they live in dread of gitmo custody...plan inches on.

but the RV comes prior to Jan. 2019?

i hope this is true agarther but i think the arrests need to happen first before the rv or anything nesara/gesara related events can happen 

I have there other infos Andro

I don't agree with you on that Andromedan

think 2018 amendments to the manual for courts-martial u.s.' dated 1st march this subjects politicians, corporate heads, traitors in abc agencies, to military law....;hussein, hrc, bc, jc, jb, ll, bo, no, jp, cs, np, jm, etc, too....the plan is a military operation, not a prophecy for devotees to cling to.......

dates are mentioned when manifest as [human] law, and the plan has both macrocosmic [heaven] and microcosmic [earth] qualities, aims and destination....we close the pincer upon evil, thus......plans are not written in stone, this instance, until legally binding....the fate of both light and dark draws closer in human consciousness.........

andro, you increasingly speak poppycock. the u.m.c.j. ammendment of march 2018 stipulates the courts-martial option from 1st any subsequent date, thereafter, for tribunals....many prosecutions pending.....maybe several months duration....

hope your right my friend the cabal needs to go not gonna get to attached to january 2019 though i did that with 11-11-18 and the timeline changed 

starting 1st jan 2019, politicians/corps, will be subject to courts-martial option, as per section 12, article 33 of u.c.m.j. starts military justice process for dark swamp...



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