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      ~ Right on the money, Feather... beautifully laid out.


Once upon a time there was this organization called Q, who decided to call themselves quanon. They were basically just a bunch of leprechauns, really, but nobody cared. What they did was, they put everything under the sun and the moon under the classifaction of just one letter - q, and thought something smart would come out of it. Needless to say, nothing came out of their futile effort to make q sound convincingly real to anyone who´d google the q conspiracy. In the end it turned out they had no idea at all what q actually meant, because in the beginning they had forgotten to decide what precisely q should stand for...

white ops cover story = 'richard b. russell' crashing a q400 aircraft onto ketron island, wash state, recently...................

richard b. russell was a decommissioned [1994] sturgeon class sub [ssn-687] that had been in hiding on ketron, following an unauthorised missile launch against potus and af1....f15 special weapons package has ....neutralised sub and secret facility on island, billionaire gary lungrun ownes ketron....dark hats...crew dressed as 'fishermen,' not sailors......naughty boys....;-]

aircraft dives, loops and skilled remote piloting attracts eyes, cameras and media coverage.......smoke n' mirrors to fool the unaware.....'save the best for last.' motto of u.s.s. richard b. russell. ;-0

Well the truth is beginning to reach out to the public , and when they will understand what kind of monsters that has been in power before Trump - it will be revolution , unless God decides to initiate the three days of darkness before - it´s after all the endtimes of this world as we know it...

Look at Killarys diningroom:

john brennan just had his security clearance more black [clown] ops....more revoking to come for clapper, hayden, rice, yates, etc....good job potus.......

Great news Drekx , the swamp is sucking out the creeps....

And for you who still sits on the fence waiting , maybe this video can help you to jump down on the right side.

Don´t let the pawns poison your mind - you choose after all......- it´s a free will universe



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Ludvig Roth liked Agarther's discussion INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "A Special Day in History" 11/11/2018
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