• Whether we like it or not we cannot change anybody, they have to be willing to do it themselves...It is futile in trying to do so....

  • Q sent me #WWG1WGA

  • your phrase was 'next big conspiracy.' my typo.

  • you did use the phase; 'latest conspiracy theory,' when referring to q-anon earlier. but if you now seek openmindedness, that will have my approval and you will discover's all is happening, mass arrests [dark] and deliverence of awake to the light....we all have our roles in this drama 'play

  • heh heh. amusingly false assumptions you make. but i will say that my lower profile and popularity on acc [albeit the contary offline,] is deliberate. i chose this, to prevent the former furore, at the height of that period, with other acc members fighting for my attention. fighting for my messages and against my detractors. so i have not posted new blogs, vids or forums since 2016. all deliberate. note no new links or nemes. all text lowercase. no shouting uppercase, posted for 2-years.....;-]


    Panic in DC! Crabs in a Bucket! #NewQ #QAnon #GreatAwakening #NeonRevolt
    Trump has known… Trump, the building magnate, has always known: Trump will never forget, and neither will we! Q’s link leads directly to this video:…
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Antarctica, Lost Continents and Hollow Earth! Inner Earth And The Alien ConnectionThe hollow Earth concept was originally proposed in the 17th century by Edmond Halley, discoverer of the eponymous short-orbit comet that swings past Earth every 75…
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"how many people did you falsely kill you bastards"
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For the past months, government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been relying on Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) testing results to track the spread of the…
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"Sandra, according to the X-22 Report it is true. The Central Bank's schemes can only last for a particular period of time. They used to start wars to cover their tracks, but since Potus has pretty much stopped all the wars, their model is exposed.…"
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 INTRODUCTION AND DISCLAIMERHello and may God bless all my readers of the Commander Val Thor writings.I am beginning a new book on the more personal experiences, out of body experiences and vivid dream experiments I've had with a very real person…
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