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great awakening=planetary activation=quickening
i vouch for this truth
salutations patriots....wwg1wga

this is beyond awesome love it :)

there will come a time when absolute certainty guides all minds, wordwide, that q-anon is genuine, benign, heroic, good [of god] and of the light. then the great burden of knowledge will become commonplace and arguments upon the matter, ended.....history will study these special transformative times....wwg1wga

Too funny, ‘there will come a time…' sounds an awful lot like Sheldan’s 20 years plus empty mantra, “soon.” Come on, Drekx, are you serious with this? Or just hell bent to destroy any shards of remaining credibility you once had on this site. So, let me get this straight, you actually believe that at some point (once we’ve been rebooted/reprogrammed in our Light-chambers?) that ‘absolute certainty will guide all minds, wordwide, that q-anon is genuine, benign, heroic, good [of god] and of the light.’??? Wow! You’re caught in a darker cul-de-sac of the Rabbit [email protected] than I imagined. For anyone on ACC actually giving this low grade, Teabublican bullshite any of their time, here's the truth…

NO!!! Q-Anon is not real! Not heroic, of the light, benign… or anything positive or uplifting, for that matter. Q-Anon is a joke! Nothing more than clickbate for psychologically wounded fear-porn / Fox Inc. junkies, who desperately want to feel ‘special’, like they’re part of a secret club that know’s the real truth about the current timeline & their spray tanned hero, ‘The Donald’. Would be funny, if their psychological profiles weren’t in sync with most Trump sycophants… yikes!!! ;-)

the choice to know will be yours. sooner or later [linear time illusion.]

How cryptic of you, Omego... spoken like a true card carrying Q zealot. Way to tow the line for your Tebublican masters. Not sure what happened to you, but hopefully you'll find your way out of the fear-porn riddled corridor of the Rabbit [email protected] you're stuck in...


      The truth about Q...

       Pawns for the Annunaki/Illuminati agenda... Period! Nuff said.

Whether we like it or not we cannot change anybody, they have to be willing to do it themselves...It is futile in trying to do so....

I must agree, stick, that the whole Q thing is just another distraction from the real deep state, while Trump furthers their agenda of war, domination, control and funneling all the money to the 1%. Must say that the left is just as lost with their Russia hysteria and blaming everything on Trump; thus missing the real source of the problems. The sudden love for the FBI and CIA is a good example. It´s a really clear how both sides are being tricked and manipulated.. Much better to find one´s center and observe this from a larger perspective..

The media on both left and right is fake and much of the alternative media as well.. in the sense that they  ignore the real issues and promote the policies of the deep state.   The left and right media make a big drama on social issues,  like who should use which toilet or they argue if climate change is real, while ignoring the fact that the air, water and soil is toxic and we had better clean up this mess if we want to continue to live on this planet. They make a big drama about the refugees from El salvadore, but never mention that the US policy of overthrowing their elected governments and installing US trained dictators was the deeper cause of all this.  

  Also the media de-humanize people by calling the right Nazis or the left commie snowflakes.....constantly stirring up drama and creating division.  I see Q doing this, too.....playing this partisan right/left game....pointing to the Clintons as the big evil while ignoring the real deep state actors and their agenda.  Keeping the people docile and doing nothing while waiting for Trump to fix the world.. 

Of course it is not only the media doing is us repeating all the drama and confusion that gives it momentum.  We really have control of this, just stop buying into the nonsense and keep the focus..

you should research more and pontificate less.........try it some time fw



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