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Psychic Remote Viewing: Genuine or Imagined?

Psychic Remote Viewing: Genuine or Imagined? | in5d.comBy Rob Swifty

Ever met a person who claims to have visions? These visions include spiritual matters, light beings, angelic beings, the moment of creation, and other sights. Chances are, he or she is telling the truth. Yes, remote viewing is possible. It is a psychic-like ability that can be learned by practically everybody. This means that even if one is not a psychic or does not do any psychic reading, he or she can still perform remote viewing.

Is this better than just psychic readings or phone psychic reading?

Remote viewing is considered to be a better thing than psychic reading because the remote viewer is taken well beyond just belief or the interpretation of one’s experiences. Life changing and healing experiences are expected by one who learns remote viewing.

It is also said that after a remote viewing session, which can take hours, allows one to have profound and interesting dreams as the experience is wondrous. Transformation of the soul is also expected.

There are also instances when one can remote view a person’s death. And when this happens, the person moves beyond just physical death but towards a peaceful transition that people have as their bodies are disconnected to their souls. It is through remote viewing that people understand that death is something that should not be feared.

If one desires to do remote viewing, the “beginner’s mind” should be kept. This means putting aside any past experiences, biases, and beliefs. It is necessary for one to be open to what can be learned and experienced from the session.

Here are some information about remote viewing.

1. Learning how to remote view is like learning how to play music. This is a psychic ability that has to be mastered using one’s abilities and constant practice.

2. Remote viewing can make one learn to trust and enhance his own intuition. Additionally, it also lets the person distinguish data from one’s own stuff.

3. Remote viewing is somewhat connected to the third eye or the aperture. By learning how to remote view, the aperture is modulated allowing the person to stay grounded and not be overwhelmed by what is perceived by the intuitive senses.

4. Remote viewing should be balanced among one’s emotions and feelings, spirituality, critical thinking, humor, needs, body, and relationships. All these must be given equal attention and care.

5. Such remote viewing experience cannot be perfected overnight. In fact, there are a lot of students who try to do it but only get very minimal contact on the first few sessions. This has caused them to doubt themselves. However, one just has to understand that it is something that can be done with constant practice. And eventually, the experience and the skill improve.

6. In remote viewing, one’s own mind is “lost” but the body keeps better contact with his senses. The person is able to smell, taste, and feel whoever it is that he is trying to remote view.

This is another psychic experience. This has to be learned but should also be done in moderation and balance with the other aspects of his life.


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My difficulty is to discern between thoughts/chatter/and their associated visualized chatter in the mind and an actual vision. 



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