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Greetings.  I am a Pleiadian Walk In living on Earth, who works with the Ashtar Command, Interplanetary Council and the Angelic kingdom.  In my previous article {Channelling, Ascension and Earth Changes} published in the E-Zine magazine, I mentioned the situation regarding the many channelled messages circulating around Earth regarding a project engendered by the Ashtar Command which involved the possibility of physically uplifting people off Earth during times of great upheaval and then returning them to Earth after ‘adjusting’ their energy so that they were spiritually ascended and able to help with the re-design of planetary structures and society. 

I would like to expand on that further, and include some information on what the Ashtar Command has been involved with for the last couple of decades with regard to Earth and humanity.

As I work on Earth as a communicator for the Ashtar Command and Interplanetary Council, I have found that at times I have been called upon to correct this information (as many of the channels were also requested to do).  As I covered in my last article, “Project Uplift” was abandoned at the time by the Ashtar Command (in the late 1980’s).  The decision was based on rigorous discussion and holographic test scenarios which proved that such an intervention would potentially be harmful to many of those the Command was attempting to help.  It would involve separating people from friends and family (who were not ready and had not chosen such a destiny) and taking people away from their lessons on Earth – which could only be accomplished while there.  The Ashtar Command must obey (as do all civilizations belonging to the Association of Worlds) a strict code of non-interference when observing or interacting with another civilization.  Therefore there is a fine line between what would constitute interfering with the natural evolutionary path of a particular civilization – and working in harmony with their free will and spiritual growth.  When the Interplanetary Council makes a decision such as this, it affects ALL personnel involved with that planet or civilization.  The final decision must be by consensus, but, as the majority decided to abandon Project Uplift, the motion was carried – as they say on Earth.

Since the Uplift information was channelled all over the planet, and then re-circulated over the years (AGAINST the instruction of the Ashtar Command itself), it has been observed that there was a disturbing tendency for some souls on Earth to hope for upliftment by the Ashtar Command so much, that they were losing focus on their immediate lives and the accomplishments they had chosen on Earth.  This was not healthy, and led to the unfortunate incidence of some channels giving information about dates and times that Uplift would happen.  And then, when it didn’t come to pass (as it wouldn’t, for the reasons I have stated), these people got upset and very angry – not to mention disillusioned!.  Although I myself understand completely why some people would feel that way, I was asked to correct the misinformation and communicate accurately on behalf of the Ashtar Command and especially the Pleiadian people.

What I wish to make very clear is that NO-ONE from the Ashtar Command has issued those messages about Uplift and times / dates for picking people up since 1989.  That information is coming either from other beings who wish to interfere and pretend to be from the Ashtar Command – or from the channel themselves.  As I have constantly said – there are many beings out there who oppose what the Ashtar Command stands for, and they are more than willing to step in and mess things up by telling lies and spreading untruth.  Obviously this then creates distrust and even hatred toward the Ashtar Command, and that is the purpose of such misinformation.  This is why discernment is such a necessary part of anyone’s process.

What the Ashtar Command now focuses on (rather than Uplift) has been dubbed “Project Awaken Earth” in colloquial English  – but that is really only one phase of the project.  This project is exactly as it states – an opportunity to help souls on Earth awaken to their Divine heritage and spiritual capabilities.  This is because it is understood that this part must be accomplished before any physical interaction can occur (via density shift).  But Project Awaken is not being undertaken so that people on Earth can meet all within the Ashtar Command face-to-face (although it is accepted that will eventually happen).  To many of these cultures, physicality is secondary to the energy and spirit.  Such a project is undertaken because it is a way to help humanity move beyond limitation and fear – just as another enlightened group once helped some of us, and just as Earth humanity will one day be called upon to do also.

Project Uplift raised a myriad of environmental, behavioural, societal and spiritual issues that came up.  But this aspect has been very useful and valuable, because there is much that has been learned from it (but never at the expense of Earth inhabitants).  Regardless of what some on Earth choose to believe, life on board the ships within the Ashtar Command and similar groups is NOT like living on Earth!.  It is different on almost every level.  You would literally be suddenly catapulted into a truly alien environment.  Even if you are a Starseed, you will have become acclimatized to Earth and the density and structures there.  It is now familiar to you and is part of your life that you have chosen (although awakened Starseeds would definitely find it easier, and would adjust faster).  On the ships there is a strict order and harmony that must be maintained at all times amongst the personnel and their families.  Such a vast organization and community cannot function efficiently without that harmony and order.  For instance; you can’t hide anything from anyone – emotionally or otherwise, and you can’t have an emotional breakdown of any kind.  There are healers on the ships and there is healing technology which can help when someone goes out of phase (as we call it), but the ‘patient’ must be at a stage in their growth where they can assimilate the energy and quickly balance themselves.  If that doesn’t happen, then they are required to leave the ship for a time until they regain balance.

And when encountering the many other cultures that live and work on the ships, there would be extensive cultural differences that could be a problem for those who were unaware or not accustomed.  Unfortunately, among many people on Earth there is the idea that all ET beings are dangerous, or want to eat them or something.  This is because of what the media has projected.  There is also their inherent fear of the unknown.  This is a major barrier to interaction with other planetary civilizations at this time.  Unfortunately, Earth humans are not raised with the understanding that they have universal family, or that intelligent life exists in different densities – some of whom have been around longer and have evolved differently.  I am just outlining here some of the obstacles to deeper and more physical interaction with universal family.

There are a lot of radically different and new things and concepts that a person would have to be adjusted to.  Therefore it would have to be a GRADUAL process, and not one that people where simply just thrown into at the deep end, so to speak.  To some degree, that is where people like me come in.  There are some people that have chosen to act as ‘bridges’ between our interplanetary family, and our Earth human family.  It’s a little like having emissaries and interpreters when you go to a strange country or encounter a strange culture.  These are people that help educate so that there are fewer misunderstandings, and greater balance and harmony between all parties.  The souls that have chosen to do this are few.  Some incarnated as Starseeds, and some came as Walk Ins, as I did.  A part of my role is to educate those who are open to it, regarding life on the ships, on other planets, and the cultures that would be encountered.  I am able to do this more efficiently because I do not suffer from the spiritual amnesia that is encountered when incarnating on Earth, and because I am still in conscious contact and fully interacting with the Ashtar Command.  Another aspect to this type of work is to help change (uplift) the overall vibrations of the planet and assist people to raise their own vibration, so that better communication and relations can occur.  Although I have already encountered many wonderful awakening, and awakened, souls so far - we are always looking for new recruits for any of this work!.

The Ashtar Command’s overall feeling is that we all need to now concentrate on getting the vibrations lifted on the planet, and, where possible, helping others to become aware and teaching them to raise their vibrations.  A lot of this is to do with showing others what is possible – but we must always be mindful that we cannot shove our truth down anyone’s throat.  I know this happens because some people have attempted to do this to me (and some of them should have known better).  We have to be the example, and share what we know with them only if they ask.  And once they see, sense and feel what we are representing they DO ask.  Even if it is just to understand more about what makes us tick.  Sometimes people will bring up a subject which can reflect your area of expertise, but you still must be careful about what – and how – you tell them.  That is where your wisdom and life experience comes in. Usually these will be people who have started to ask some pretty serious questions about their existence and the meaning of life.  On some level their soul will already be awakening.  However such a process cannot be forced.  We can, however, accelerate their growth somewhat.  In many cases, just having contact with us will have that effect.

Starseeds and fully awakened souls have an advantage with Project Awaken, since they are often ‘older’ souls whom have incarnated many times.  They carry more information in their soul memories which is linked to their previous experiences of more spiritually advanced civilizations.  Of course some Starseeds are still sleeping - and some may choose to sleep permanently.  That is something that we all just have to accept as their right.  I have been told there are 56,000 Starseed souls incarnate on Earth at this time (and more are coming).  It’s not a lot when you consider the population of Earth, but it creates radical changes when you consider that the conscious effort of only 10% of the population is required to shift realities and densities to a higher vibration.  As well as Starseeds, there are Earth-based enlightened souls, “Indigos” and many other types of beings who contribute their knowledge and vibration.   Because we are all physically present on Earth right now, we have the greatest impact on anything in this reality because we are directly keyed into it.  This is an opportunity that those on the Ashtar Command ships do not get.  No matter how long they work around Earth, they will never be part of this place in the way that we have agreed to be.  They cannot understand exactly what it feels like, and the challenges we encounter – although they can empathize and give support.  That is important.  It means that the buck stops with US.  We are the means to creating the future as we want it to be on Earth.

I have a personal website where I am sharing:  I have some more services, general communications and teachings on:



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Thanks for clearing that up for me.  I'm sure all the people I help and have helped on Earth will be interested to know this.  Now I know that I should have asked for higher pay from the CIA as I have to deal with idiots like you and false channellings about me too often these days.  Should have asked for a black uniform too, so I can look the part!

Have you heard the expression "pot calling the kettle black"?

It's a quote from Michael Ellegion off of (as I left the link before) referring to this article as a false channel and disinformation

Dear Lygo3,

I'm sorry my article was not what you wanted to hear.  Let's get a couple of things straight though:


#1:  I have not said that meetings between the AC group and Earth humans will NOT happen.  I have fully explained why the uplift cannot happen in the WAY THAT IT WAS PREVIOUSLY PLANNED.  The reasons for this have also been explained.

#2:  Since I wrote the article, and it is NOT channelled, and is MY words, that means what you and the supposed channel of Michael  are saying is an accusation that I am working for the dark forces.  There is nothing false about me, and I do not have to defend my work to you or anyone, nor will you or anyone stop me from working on this planet.  However, you and the group need to know that this kind of thing is Libel and petty egotism, since it is an attempt to destroy my credibility and reputation -and without even knowing me or ever having met me.  Also, Archangel Michael would never pass judgement on someone like that, and would not resort to confirming the small-minded jealousies of people who think themselves superior to others.  Lygo3 you can think what you like as it has no bearing on me.  I hope that someday you learn to discern right from wrong.  As for me, I will continue to let others know me as I am and make up their own minds.  Let's just chalk this up to a misunderstanding.

For anyone else reading this:  let this be a lesson never to compromise who you are, or your truth because of the narrow-mindedness of others.

WELL first off, no one is attacking YOU personally. You say Archangel Michael would never pass judgment, well look at how you are attacking me & the names you are calling me without knowing me....hhmmm? Anyways, Michael Ellegion is a very well know channeler & contactee & I happen to agree with what information he gives. He explains how this article (not knowing who wrote this article by the way) is a perfect example of disinformation. He is not saying you are part of the "dark" forces, his spirit & the information he gets through channeling just doesn't agree with yours, simple as that. Take it up with him if it angers you so, not me. You do not need to attack someone just because they may disagree with your opinions or information, it's going to happen & it happens to all of us. I posted that point of view to share with others, sorry if that angers you.
He just feels that the information you receive about world evacuation directly contradicts his.
I appologise for the misunderstanding Lygo3, and for my reaction to your words.  It gets very frustrating for me to be constantly disbelieved and labelled by people who do not know me and what I do, but that is as you say - something that just happens.  Especially on this world.  I wish you a good journey.
I understand & thank you...and I wish you a good journey as well.

Hey Johnny,

Many blessings to you.  How's it hanging? 

Thank you for this.  It's good to always look on the lighter side, otherwise things get too Sirius. Things could be worse.  I mean, we could all get invaded by a bunch of short dudes with really long tongues who want to breed with human women....

Great article Captain A - as always, resonates with my heart and my head.  Thanks for sharing. Barron

I'm glad to meed you. Now, I'm very upset and confused, 'cause I don't remember who am I and my mission, and how I get here, in Croatia. I'd like to help the people but I don't know what I have to do. Anyway, I wish all of you all the best, and I hope that I'll remember from which wave I came here. I'm so sorry 'cause people here don't like beings who are open minded and rare from them. Also, I'm ill and I don't have money, and I got to care 'bout the rest of my family now. Can anybody tell my who am I and from which planet I came? Anyway, it isn't matter, 'cause teachers will send me knowledge that I have to know. I send you all Universal Love in the whole Universe! Love and peace and flower power! I like Arcturians too, and I hope that they'll help me to be a good teacher or healer! I'm astrologer too, and these is something 'bout my birth card: Eq. asc. Cancer  
Castor 19' Ca
Chiron con Ju u Ribama
Castor con Ve Can 
Regulus con Ur Leo 
Vega (Lyra) con Venera - Vega (α Lyrae) REGULUS, SIRIUS, CAPULUS (male, sexual and aggressive), RIGEL (To bring knowledge to others), MIRZAM (To have one's say). ALPHECCA (Fruitfulness), ACRUX (Focused on the physical world). THUBAN (to protect or make a treasure). ARCTURUS (a different approach).
Ceres, Cupido, Juno, Lilith, Pallas, Vesta, Eros, Sigm, Syzygy moon, Astraea, Hebe, Hygeia, Psyche, Proserphina, Urania, Circe, Isis, Pandora, Niobe, Eurydike, Diana, Sappho, Terpsichore, Minerva, Hera, Kassandra, Nemesis, Siwa, Persephone, Arachne, Atisiphone, Cupido, Hidalgo, Aesculapia, Demeter, Siva, Atlantis, Amor, Icarus, Toro, Apollo, Chiron, Bacchus, Panacea, Hopi, Phaethon, Orpheus.

Warlike nature, I like Celts and Aryans and knights templars. But the best things in Universe is peace and love. Regards



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