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Preparing For Contact In 2012 Are You Truly Ready? By CmdrAleon

Greetings Ground Crew,

As a representative of the Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command I have been guided to share information regarding Direct Contact with the people of Earth.

I am not channeling this information nor do I need to my information is encoded in the DNA and the Telepathic Alignment between the Ships of the Command and this Planetary System.


You have each come here as volunteers in humble service to a greater good from that which is the Christ Forces beyond this Earth.

The first thing we ask are you aware of this ? If not yet aware its time to realize this from within your being.

Contact can and will only happen when each person remembers why they came here and what your spiritual purpose was or is now.

The planning for a reconnection with Humanity has been in the works for millions upon millions of Earth years.

For our off Planet forces of Christ Light they to have a wanting to reconnect.

If nothing happens as many times as been predicted in the past on your world many become  disillusioned and go back to mainstream society.

This time we will give you some spiritual advice to help you prepare for contact with your Ashtar family of many worlds.

First thing to do is open your heart in fully self realized unconditional loving being within the Human form.

This will allow your body to then lift into a higher frequency or vibration.

Remember those of the Command operate in a Christ state of being which the human body does not unless its fully ready and open to the heart levels  or the cosmic center of your body.

The Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command always works from a spiritual frequency that if you resonate with in your body then you can make that contact.

If you go to the gym,meditate etc its a matter of focus.

Still many wait for the Ships to come and land at your backdoor,when in truth they are waiting for humanity to awaken and uplift the vibrational levels to become in alignment so Contact can truly be made.

You will know you are not ready by your reactions when nothing happens that was told would happen.

2012 has seen a dramatic increase of what on Earth are called UFO Sightings .

Not all of these sightings represent the Command.

Discernment is a key part of your being here now.

Can you discern who is the positive Ets that you wish to connect with?

Also remember those above are not Gods coming to save you but to share the love and common ground that all of you have with those Men and Women from many spiritual worlds of light.

Will there be contact in 2012?

Everyone spend a few hours a night in an open area without light pollution where the stars can be seen.

When you find that place stay outside and spend at least a few hours and stay focused spiritually.

Go with your inner guidance not what your mind thinks.Inner Guidance is key.

So will 2012 be a year when contact is finally made with you?

Yes Is there a time and date ?Look at the Mayan Galactic Calendar and you will see the Alignment which was set 1,000's of years before this time.

This Galactic Calendar has been extremely accurate .So spend less time with Channelling and more time realizing you have the answers encoded within the very DNA that God created you within.


Learn to use your Telepathic abilities which each of you have some its asleep others its awakened and this allows you to communicate with our Space Brothers and Sisters .Its the most direct path to communications.


So to recap 1.) Be centered and in a state of alignment from a Christed State of Consciousness

                   2.) Stop waiting for the Ships to land and realize you are here for a spiritual mission which you volunteered for.

                   3.) Let go of your belief systems or anything in your mind that might stop you from your true self.

                   4.) Spend time looking always within and also connecting with what is above you .

So will there be Contact in 2012 ? You can make this happen if you come in a consistant flow from the cosmic spiritual center of your being.


So there will be contact and if you look above the skies a few hours you will see this happening visually now.

Direct face to face contact all depends on your reaction will it be unconditionally loving or conditional with those who are your Cosmic family.


I leave you with alot to contemplate within your very being.


Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Command  



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so if you arent channeling then you do not have the excuse that you misinterpreted a message.  Which means when nothing happens this year you become another of the plethora of failed prophets around here.

Because up there in that "message" of yours you promise contact this year.  tsk tsk you should know better than to write a checque your.... cant cash

Greetings Mark,

Thank you for your expanded view spiritually here.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Greetings Stewart,

Here is what I am sharing about Val Thor from Venus and this is direct from the late Dr Frank E Stranges who I did a number of interviews a few years ago on radio.

When he met Val Thor it was always in the person not through channelings etc.

Those who say Val Thor is communicating through other ways he is not.

Val Thor does have direct contact with his late wife but not through channeling.

So i just wanted to state some more information on Val Thor here in that context.

If anyone has real contact with Val Thor now and in the future it will be by a direct meeting if he decides that to be.

That's how it was with the late Dr Stranges and Val Thor.


Thanks for sharing your information on the Sacred Text site .

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Aleon, I'm going to ask you a direct question (though I doubt I will get a direct answer).  Are you a government disinfo agent?  Is that the purpose for your site, to root out the true contacts and discredit them?  

You have focused on Cmdr Val Thor, the one our government has interacted with and knows he is for real, and in very subtle ways you are tearing down belief in him, yet you act like you are a true contact of the Ashtar Command, a command our government has not had dealings with.  What gives, Aleon?  What is it that you intend to create by all this?

One more question. Aleon, you say that Val has direct contact "with his late wife" (and assume you mean with the late doctor's wife who is alive, not that Val is in contact with a dead person).  So how do you know?  Are you in communication with her?  So how is that going given that you have ignored her written request to take down her copyrighted material from your site, which she has NOT given you permission to post.

Greetings Claudia,

Agreed 100%

Channels would rather people focus on them then going within for the truth that God has given us to be activated in Divine Timing.

Thanks for your clear insights on this.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Greetings Ground Crew,

I am moving this post to a Blog and will moderate posting's before they are approved.

So we will still have this message here just in the Blog area now.

Blessings InThe Light of The Most Radiant One Always




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