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Preparing For Contact In 2012 Are You Truly Ready? By CmdrAleon

Greetings Ground Crew,

As a representative of the Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command I have been guided to share information regarding Direct Contact with the people of Earth.

I am not channeling this information nor do I need to my information is encoded in the DNA and the Telepathic Alignment between the Ships of the Command and this Planetary System.


You have each come here as volunteers in humble service to a greater good from that which is the Christ Forces beyond this Earth.

The first thing we ask are you aware of this ? If not yet aware its time to realize this from within your being.

Contact can and will only happen when each person remembers why they came here and what your spiritual purpose was or is now.

The planning for a reconnection with Humanity has been in the works for millions upon millions of Earth years.

For our off Planet forces of Christ Light they to have a wanting to reconnect.

If nothing happens as many times as been predicted in the past on your world many become  disillusioned and go back to mainstream society.

This time we will give you some spiritual advice to help you prepare for contact with your Ashtar family of many worlds.

First thing to do is open your heart in fully self realized unconditional loving being within the Human form.

This will allow your body to then lift into a higher frequency or vibration.

Remember those of the Command operate in a Christ state of being which the human body does not unless its fully ready and open to the heart levels  or the cosmic center of your body.

The Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command always works from a spiritual frequency that if you resonate with in your body then you can make that contact.

If you go to the gym,meditate etc its a matter of focus.

Still many wait for the Ships to come and land at your backdoor,when in truth they are waiting for humanity to awaken and uplift the vibrational levels to become in alignment so Contact can truly be made.

You will know you are not ready by your reactions when nothing happens that was told would happen.

2012 has seen a dramatic increase of what on Earth are called UFO Sightings .

Not all of these sightings represent the Command.

Discernment is a key part of your being here now.

Can you discern who is the positive Ets that you wish to connect with?

Also remember those above are not Gods coming to save you but to share the love and common ground that all of you have with those Men and Women from many spiritual worlds of light.

Will there be contact in 2012?

Everyone spend a few hours a night in an open area without light pollution where the stars can be seen.

When you find that place stay outside and spend at least a few hours and stay focused spiritually.

Go with your inner guidance not what your mind thinks.Inner Guidance is key.

So will 2012 be a year when contact is finally made with you?

Yes Is there a time and date ?Look at the Mayan Galactic Calendar and you will see the Alignment which was set 1,000's of years before this time.

This Galactic Calendar has been extremely accurate .So spend less time with Channelling and more time realizing you have the answers encoded within the very DNA that God created you within.


Learn to use your Telepathic abilities which each of you have some its asleep others its awakened and this allows you to communicate with our Space Brothers and Sisters .Its the most direct path to communications.


So to recap 1.) Be centered and in a state of alignment from a Christed State of Consciousness

                   2.) Stop waiting for the Ships to land and realize you are here for a spiritual mission which you volunteered for.

                   3.) Let go of your belief systems or anything in your mind that might stop you from your true self.

                   4.) Spend time looking always within and also connecting with what is above you .

So will there be Contact in 2012 ? You can make this happen if you come in a consistant flow from the cosmic spiritual center of your being.


So there will be contact and if you look above the skies a few hours you will see this happening visually now.

Direct face to face contact all depends on your reaction will it be unconditionally loving or conditional with those who are your Cosmic family.


I leave you with alot to contemplate within your very being.


Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Command  



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didn't we just go through this a day ago?

Nah, this article says no disclosure until every single human remembers their past and the reason why they are here.

So they have conveniently said, they are never coming.  Excellent way out, all they have to do everytime the people say "when will you land" is say "not 100% of you are ready"  pretty lame huh.

Greetings One,

They is who ?

I am not a channel for the GLF.

Nor do I channel.

What I share here is how to prepare yourself for eventual contact.

Many channels have good intentions but many times nothing happens.

Focus on your self spiritually and if you follow the message that is shared here you will be prepared for cosmic spiritual contact.

Contact is planned for this year but it was never predicted to be August of 2012.

That prediction was from channellings.

The Mayan Galactic Calendar which is not channelled is the key information on this.

Contact will happen as we get closer to the end of this cycle which puts us into December 2012 according to the Mayan Galactic Calendar not me or the Command itself.

So as a suggesting look within and also study the Galactic Calendar regarding December 2012.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,



If these are truly your words, then YOU will be able to conveniently always just say, whenever someone ask when the landings will be, that not 100% of the humans are ready.  Essentially it is a cheap way to get out of being held accountable for your "guidance".

I never said this was a channeling because I read what is posted, and it clearly states its not a channel.

So is it planned for this year, or when humanity is 100% ready? because serisouly look around at the world, its not ready.

When there has been no landings by winter solstice, then what are you going to say about the promises you just made that it will happen this year.

"Contact will happen as we get closer to the end of this cycle which puts us into December 2012 according to the Mayan Galactic Calendar not me or the Command itself.

Your words, and you say they WILL, which is a promise or a confirmation or a prediction or however you wish to describe it.

Greetings One,

I am getting the feeling you like to have arguments not understanding .

If you take time to study the Ancient Myan Galactic Calendar which I di not create the encoded information from it.

You will find that it is 100% accurate.

We are talking about uplifting the Vibration and Consciousness of Humanity.

Let me ask you a question?

Are you with the Ashtar Command?

Are You Lightworker?

Are You A Starseed?

Are You an Indigo?

Lastly Its not about waiting for something to happen from above .

Its about being the spiritual person you are to be here on Earth and be a beacon of Light always.

Its about total cosmic transformation.

If my information does not agree with your belief system etc thats fine.

Again i am not going to take credit for the Mayan Spiritual Elders.

I would suggest you take time to study the Mayan Calendar then you can understand what will hapen and when it happens.

Again Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Command

First , I am not following anyone or anything . I am doing My Thing . 

Second , Change is Inevitable . The total amount of Truth , lol , if there is such a thing , is never a constant :P . We must continue to grow and evolve . Please look Forward . Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow . If people are blind and still sleeping , pinch them , do not "HONK HONK" them . I have been showing everyone who visit's my place atleast the Spaceship( UFO ) Videos that I got lol . Me personally awaiting Kalki :D

Peace 4eVeR

Have you considered the possiblity that someone has taken over and posing as the real galactic informants, but are not really them... Someone who has the opposite motives of the divine plan. Giving you a potent mix of truth and lies, in order to bring about the very feelings you are feeling now.

Of having lost faith, of anger, of disappointment....

Which in turn means that not only are you giving away your own power to external entities, no matter who they are. But you are also not following your internal self as a compass, which if you did, you could never be so distraught over what happened, what is happening and what will happen.

Some points to mull over ;)

Greetings Light of Wisdom,

Very well said.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Command

Lovely put :)

Greetings Riam ,

The key is not to be a follower of anything including the GLF which I have never focused on being within the Ashtar Command or Ashtar Galactic Command.

Its about not waiting for Ships to land .

Its about realizing you are a spiritual being of light here in service to others .

To many people are and for years thing the Gods from Space are coming to save you from here.

Thats the illusion.

Its about us all of us making this Planet a better place to live and by doing so transforming Human Consciousness at the same time.

Since I never have been connected to the GLF whatever they have predicted or will predict I do not connect with.

Its about getting connected to the Cosmic Christed Levels .

Your faith is not to be given to Channelers but to God .

Who created the Multi Verse of all life endlessly.

To many people put faith in Channelers instead of doing there inner spiritual work and operating empowered by the Christed levels of Light.

I truly believe people need to stop following Channelings and follow there Heart instead.

Your inner self or higherself can always guide you cosmically and spiritually in the right direction.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Command       


For myself and others it is about discovering the truth about our true nature which is God, then transitioning up and out of the old false sense of consciousness (dying before we die) and living out from GodSelf.


Along life's evolutionary journey, there is no doubt in my mind that beings do live and exist on other planets and that contact has been made and will continue to do so. It could well be part of Gaai and its peoples future technology to connect and share with our space brothers and sistars.


That is for those who re-incarnate that is because there comes a time when we no longer incarnate.


High Priestess Marie I AM



Love it, thank you CmdrAleon :D



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