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The Power of Disengagement
Playing Mind Games

Rather than being heart based, some have learned to play mind games or go on power trips in the service of their ego.


For better or worse, many people have been raised to believe that communicating in an honest and open way will not get them what they want. They have learned, instead, to play mind games or go on power trips in the service of their ego’s agenda. People stuck in this outmoded and inefficient style of communication can be trying at best and downright destructive at worst. We may get caught up in thinking we have to play the same games in order to defend ourselves, but that will only lead us deeper into confusion and conflict. The best way to handle people like this is to be clear and honest with them.

As with all relationships and situations in our lives, we must look within for both the source of our difficulties and the solution. Reacting to the situation by getting upset will only entrench us more deeply in the undesirable relationship. Only by disengaging, becoming still, and going within can we begin to see what has hooked us into the mess in the first place. We will most likely find unprocessed emotions that we can finally fully feel and release into the stillness we find in meditation. The more we are able to do this, the less we will be bothered by the other person’s dramas and the more we will be free to respond in a new way. In the light of our new awareness, the situation will untangle itself and we will slowly break free.

Whenever people come into our lives, they have come for a reason, to show us something about ourselves that we have not been able to see. When unhealthy people try to hook us into their patterns with mind games and power trips, we can remind ourselves that we have something to learn here and that a part of us is calling out for healing. This takes the focus off the troubling individual and puts it back on us, giving us the opportunity to change the situation from the inside out.


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Thanks Meg :)

Thanks SHelly ~ I really Enjoyed your post about the Narcisistic relationships ~ GOD KNOWS ~ I had my share of those PainFULL RelationShips....Ouch Ouch !!
It is good to bring greater Awareness to each other how best to handle those difficult ones ~ Love and Blessings to Us ALL ~ May We all feel Loved Empowered and In Full Peace !!!
That is My Wish For ALL SENTIENT BEings ~ To End the Suffering for ALL !!!
~ Namaste ~
Yes it is a great reMinder Thanks Katt ~ as it is sooo easy to forget this Truth .....and then slip into a mild comma with the Ones who have NOT Waken Up yet ..... :)
GREAT ~ GREAT ~ POINT ~ Thanks Katt !!!
This is why I feel it is so great to have some back and forth discussion about certain topic as we can help each other to reMemeber what ALL of US know just forgot and This ONE IS
a Major Problem For ALL Many of US I think !!! :)))
:P) ....LOL....I agree and LOVE THIS what You shared :
"In fact if I'm not careful, me addressing their negativity can turn into judgment and a false sense of awareness in me by giving me the illusion of elevation by putting them down in some way based on their actions. Trapping me in my own ego. Instead of what I really want which is the compassionate desire to raise awareness and growth in both self and other. First I feel I find I must bring myself to a place of positive acceptance before I can help myself, or another, move forward into a more positive place."
Sooooooooooooooooo TRUE !!! Thanks For this share as THis was an AHA moment for me just NOW ~ I use to and still sometimes ~ still slip into this coma dose...ha ha....well NOT funny at the time when it happens ! :(
This is an On Going work withIn all of us and that is Why I feel it is so nice to allways Have Compassion for self and Others ~ there is always room for imporvement in some areas for all of us BUT in some ways We are ALL Prrrrfect too ~ the usual 3D paradox.
Thanks Katt ~ truly enJoyed your input and share ~ Love and Namaste !



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