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  • Ain't that the truth...

  • Hi all, Hi luke, I'm saying this, if someone gives a confession with a gun to their head, is it a true confession.

    I know there is a terminology for when that happens.

    I'm also saying, it was not his will, that missiles be launched.

    So, if any nod or signature was given, he was forced against his will to do so.

    Is this so hard to accept, that things like this could happen, after JFK and all the other shenanigans.

    I'm not into politics or in support of any corporations posing as governments for the people.

    I have ways of knowing things, just the same as any souled being.

    I shall continue to hope for the highest good of all, irrespective of appearances.

    peace love light

    • Stick, I appreciate that very, very much, I never really know how my words come accross, so it's a privilage for me to know that it reaches like minded souls, I am very grateful to you and if I may say, to read your own words which are always filled with never endng devine truth, powerfull spiritual insights and infinite wisdom, I wish I could write half as clear, as intelegently and as eloquently as you do, so thank you my friend... as the flowering of conciousness arises in all, flourishing amidst the mass confusion of still many slumbering souls, it's often the whispering, heartfelt acknowledgements that make all the difference, and so it is I who is also humbled, my brother. The battle for truth, light and devine understanding.. moves ever onwards!


    • Well, in my humble opinion, the terminology or idiom is "To put a gun to the head", meaning to blackmail or threaten a person to force them to do something, or to provoke a confession. It's interesting you mention JFK, two speeches got him killed. These days, if you run for President and win the "selection", upon your first day in the White House, you are taken into a room by faceless men, shown the Zapruter footage (from a different angle) and asked if you have any further questions. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump underwent the same treatment, but he would take it as par for the course. Trump is probibly too megalomaniacal to let it bother him, his monumental ego, delusions of grandeur and obsession with power eclipses any threat to his well being, he also probibly believes he is protected by the secret service, but don't forget he is nothing more than a here today, gone tommorow "gofer". Truely the hidden hand are behind the Syrian attacks, again it's the "Hegelian Dialectic" or "Problem, Reaction, Sollution" in motion. A classic example of this is "911". Supposed terrorist hijackers crash into the World Trade Center, supposedly with Osama Bin Liner at the helm. The towers fall, thousands die, the world reacts, war breaks out. In this case, we see the first phaze, the "Problem", a supposed chemical attack by Assad on his own people, phaze 2, the "emotional reaction" of the general public, and phaze 3, the bombing of Syrian airbases in "retaliation", based on the excuse that there was a chemical attack by Assad on his own people but without any evidence to support it (Manufactured Terrorist Threat), thus offering the sollution to the problem that they covertly created. Demonising Assad to justify bombing and ground troops agains't him, it's the same old story, but make no mistake, these crazy people are not kidding around when it comes to nuclear war! All that is happening is a shuffle of the same cards in the hands of the Elites.One fatal move before they go in for the kill, just like a spider waits in the center of the web, then brutally attacks it's prey, spinning it into a cocoon, the centralization of power. Definately, Trump is being manipulated by his own authorities, but he is a full blown narcissistic psychopath anyway, the favored personality type of the illummati, they hand pick psychopaths to run in office, so in their twisted minds, Trump was the ideal candidate, the perfect lunatic who is not in his right mind to play war games with other mentally inbalanced dictators. Anyway, we all have ways of knowing things, VioletRay, but remember, what is true for you may vastly differ to that of your neighbour, just as this comment may not resonate with you. Stating you have "ways of knowing things" without any factual proof or evidence to back those claims is never going to make any waves, it never makes an impact, especially with truth seekers, much like certain other members who claim to be in contact with certain off world entities but without a shred of evidence to support it, people who make those kinds of claims generally alienate themselves, especially from those of us who seek truth based on logical observation and critical thinking, rooted in facts, not based on science fiction. There are facts, based on evidence, in other words "clear proof", then there is misinformation, lies, falsehoods, rumors, hearsay and gossip, but thanks for your opinion nonetheless. If it's true for you, then fine but unless you can provide undeniable proof of a claim, it only fades away because it dosen't carry any weight, it dissapears if it's not grounded in reality, it's just whatever is in a persons own head. There are countless people in new age communities claiming the validitiy of this, that and the other, "Nesara" is a perfect example, or that a mass UFO landing is "imminent" etc, but there is no proof in the pudding, only their "way of knowing things" which may be factual to them but can be bullsh!t to others. True, some of us understand things about infinite conciousness and the multidimensional nature of the human spirit, we feel it in our hearts because we understand vibration, frequency and that there is a whole lot more going on then we were taught in school, we study the fractal nature of a flower and we can prove it, but making a claim based purely on a guess is only valid for the one who is doing the guessing. You can never convince an atheist of the existence of God and vice versa, My perspective could contain certain understandings, but my neighbour may have other ideas, then again her son may have all the answers based on his way of knowing things, his girlfriend may tend to differ, and so on. Anyway, who cares,  thank you nevertheless, I appreciate your input, make what you will of my own perspective for it matters not to I, I respect your opinions, even though I may not resonate with all of them, but no love lost, we're still family, we still love one another. In conclusion, nobody really knows anything, if people can grasp that, it makes them pretty damn smart! Terence McKenna nailed it when he brilliantly observed:

      "The great evil, in my humble opinion, which haunts our enterprise, and I say this realizing I'm setting the fox among the chickens... The great evil that has been allowed to flourish in the absence of mathematical understanding is relativism. And what is relativism? It's the idea that there is no distinction between sh!t and Shinola, that all ideas are somehow operating on equal footing. So one person is a Chaos Theorist, another is a follower of the revelations of this or that New Age guru, someone else is channelling information from the Pleiades, and we have been taught that political correctness demands that we treat all these things with equal weight. Because we have no mathematical ability, no logical ability, we don't know how to ask the questions that expose some positions as preposterous, trivial, insulting to the intelligence, and unworthy of repetition. We all are very comfortable bashing science and flailing away at that, but that isn't our enemy. Science is capable of undertaking its own reformation and critique, and has been engaged in that fairly vigorously for some time. The enemy that will really subvert the enterprise of building a world based on clarity is the belief that we cannot point out the pernicious forms of idiocy that flourish in our own community."

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      • Wow!!!... You're weaving pure Alchemical Gold with your words, brother Luke. I'm humbled by your ability to express yourself so eloquently. It's a true gift. 


  • Right on, Michael, if it wasn't for yourself and Stick and a select few other brilliant minds in this site, I would be outta here ages ago. David Icke refers to all politicans and presidents as "here today, gone tommorow Gofers", all masks on the same face, which only has one agenda, total control of the planet! To my understanding, Trump is not much different than any who came before him despite his loud mouth boasts of draining the swamp and all of that nonsense. I think after this latest bombing of Syria, a large percentage of Trump supporters are waking up to the sobering reality of who they thought they "elected" into a false position of illusary power, or at least they are floundering, because if this dosen't sober them up, then a bigger, more devestating attack authorized by the Trump administration certainly will and if that dosen't snap them out of it, then I hold little to no hope that they will awaken in their current lifetime at all. Sixty cruise missiles launched against Syria by the owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, a man who seems to have no clue that the real Universe actually exists and we still see his hypnotized fanbase none the wiser. Of course, all of the worlds battles fought since WW2 have been nothing but foreplay to the illumati, all of the ground wars, the Vietnam "rock n roll" war, the Costa Rican cival war, Afghanistan, the Lebanon, Irak, Northern Ireland, you name it, any skirmish that ever happened on the planet since WW2 is like childsplay to these psychopaths because as you know, their agenda is to start a third world war and if anything, Trumps attack against Syria brought us all one step closer to witnessing that dark possibility. As much as I sincerley hope it will never happen, I certainly wouldn't rule it out and it's going to take one hell of a mass awakening to stamp out that refractory fire. Given the fact Trump is a mentally unbalanced person with an extremely fragile ego, it's no wonder that he authorized a full scale attack without even consulting congress, he just went ahead and did it with the same careless attitude he has when he tells his brain dead sycophants on Celebritty Apprentice the immortal words "You-re Fired!" and boom, they're gone, out the door, Trump dosen't care. Apparently that attack was "illegal" or it went agains't Government law, whatever the f@ck that's supposed to actually mean, as bizzar and ridiculous as that sounds. What a joke, considering who his real bosses are. It was always only going to be a matter of time before Trumps impulse to strike out came to the forefront and onto the world stage, he's a ruthless buisnessman who always needs to "win" and because he's a narcissistic meglomaniac with a fractured ego, he will stand on anyone to get his way, a man who is void of any real feelings. Personally, like you said, I also think he is being told what to do, or certainly there is a heavy influence somewhere nearby "advising him". I'm not surprised by the Syrian attack under the Trump administration so early into his position in office, this is exactly what we knew would happen all along as we tried telling the Trump devotees time and time again the mentally unbalanced, "itchy trigger finger" nature of Donald Trump, but they refused and continue to refuse to listen and who continue to label us as the ones who are insane, but trying to get through to some people is like trying to get blood out of a stone. ACC Trump devotees are tough nuts to crack, "nuts" being the operative word. I knew there would be a rude awakening, but this is just the start of it.

    What the ACC Trump aficionados don't understand is the "Hegelian Dialectic" which has been around since the 4th Century and it's use today in controlling modern society,,or "Problem, Reaction, Sollution", all orchestrated by the hidden hand. They create the problem, wait for the "emotional" reaction from the people and then provide the sollution to the problem that the hidden hand has created. Always, the reaction is emotional which is what they (the control shitstem) depends on to provide the sollution. The reaction from the people never comes from their critical thought because they haven't tapped into it yet, they're still stuck in illusions, running on senseless borrowed ideas and making excuses to justify the unjustifiable, courtesy of the alien mindset inplanted in the middle of their brains via the Wetiko Virus. If their reaction "did" arise from critical thought, then the control system would be faced with a problem and effectively they would be "blocked" from implementing their agenda. Up until this point, peoples reaction has always been a non thought out "knee jerk" impulse which just goes to show how many people don't use their common sense and although their critical thought is always available to them, their minds are otherwise "engaged" and their inner guidence system dosent get a look in because they are too busy being distracted by their emotional reaction. In short, their conciousness is demanding their attention but their brains are on holiday, therefore they get emotionally involved on the surface but fail to see what is really going on because they don't look any deeper. Trump disiples can't figure it out until it's too late, until it explodes in their face. We propose higher, deeper, multidimensional truth and we explain to them the transparent nature of the hidden hand but it's brushed aside because they're not ready to open their minds. ACC Trump devotees need to realize, Elites create enemies in order to re-order society in their own tyranical image, by committing acts of terrorism against their own buildings and beauracracies, then choosing the scapegoat. The only difference in the 21st Century, is that these "enemies" are more believable because they have been manufactured and empowered by the Elite for the sole purpose of bringing order out of chaos. I highly doubt that the ACC Trump fanatics amonge us are in any position to use their critical thought as it seem's they're too busy being stuck on stupid, so be it on their own heads and not on ours, because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

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    • Beautifully laid out, Luke...

  • Hi all, Trump was not responsible for those bombings, also, nobody was killed, though the bombings did occur.

    So yes, it was a type of false flag event to attempt to remove support for Trump.

    peace love light

    • I beg to disaggree, Trump authorized those airstrikes, therefore that makes him responsible, does it not? Ultimately, the root of it stems from the Archon Infection, the Wetiko Virus, or "mind parasite" which is deeply embedded in the psyche of the hidden hand, which is responsible, some of us know that (apart from a few who don't look any deeper because their brain cells are off duty and whose critical thought has gone on holiday) but Trump is an illuminati puppet and part of their agenda, therefore he shares that responsibility. Some may argue that "we" (humanity) are all somehow responsible on deeper levels, that is the collective debris gathered at the surface, in terms of humanities collective thoughts and "fears" manifesting in world events, as everything comes out in the wash and all negitive thoughts and fears come up to be healed. It's always darkest before the dawn, and as conciousness blossoms, the darker aspects of the human psyche also rise to the surface, but in terms of who authorized it in the public arena, then that points directly to Trump. Also, where is the evidence to suggest that nobody was killed in those airstrikes? How do you know that, VioletRay? If you can't provide complete and absolute solid proof beyond reasonable doubt that nobody was killed, then you are merely speculating. Sure, it's often difficult to know what is real and what is not, until the truth comes out. Donald Trump is a narcissistic megalomaniac with a fragile ego, and his finger is not on the pulse of the Earths people, but on the red nuclear button! Crazy, isn't it?8116125257?profile=original

  • your forgetting h's absolute involvement in the arab spring disaster that blew up the middle east and sent refugees all over the place

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