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Pope Francis Rejects "MESSIAH", Suggests It Is Incompatible with Christian Values

Do you believe this guy?  He's an atheist!!!

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I feel sorry for you Mike-the mysteries of the crucifixion, being baptized into the Christian faith that helps to pay personal debt through selfless service and enduring karmic situations-pre planned before birth but I bet you know better-you have all the spiritual and political answers 

ooohhhh, you feel sorry for me , don't !.......I can do without it but I sense very religious overtone in your response so you must be religious . Never understood religious folk , worshiping fictional characters and believing in  their fairytale stories. In order to understand what I wrote you must open your mind and extend your horizons which I am sure is very difficult for someone who blindly believes in Messiah ...........but I don't feel sorry for you , theres still hope , even for you.

I feel sorry for both of you guys-experiencing God, Divine love , through a Goddess is the very best;

Religion is nonsense, Pet.. it's all mental conditioning, it's an illusary "program" designed to keep you enslaved and under control. Organised religion is a massive psyop, a huge lie and an Archontic tool, used to devide and rule. You need to wake up and see the bigger picture. Obviously the Goddess has tickled your balls. What I see in the picture you posted is a painting "created" by another human being, of a woman holding a lotus flower. They "created" that image from their own conciousness, from their imagination. It's just a painting of a woman, essentially that's all it is. Hanging onto religion prevents you from seeing who you truly are. There is nothing devine about religion at all, you don't need a Goddess to turn you on to the devine truth but whatever floats your boat. It's probibly a total waste of time even bothering to tell you these things, because by the looks of it, you're still plugged into the matrix and you're not ready to be unplugged. One day you will realize the absurdity of all religion, and that includes looking for devine love dipicted in a painting of a woman wearing bangles and beads, created by someone who is also in the process of "comming into their own". Have a listen to John Lydon speaking the truth about the christian religion, which like all religions, is a pile of cattle s***, a psychological operation orchestrated by psychopaths riddled with the wetiko virus that's obviously seeped into your system!


~One thing you can always count on when trying to engage ‘born again / evangelical’ types in substantive dialogue about ‘God' is that they’re ultimately ruled by fear. Which of course, is by design… as being ‘God fearing’ is an Archontic badge they’ve been conditioned to wear with pride. If you’re able to break through their self righteous, holier than thou, ‘I fell sorry for you’ veneer (including all of the incessant regurgitation of heavily manipulated scripture that always come with it), you’re left with what are some of the most hopelessly lost, & dangerous, Babylonian prison guards walking the earth. Dangerous because in simplest terms: They know not what they do. They’ve bought in, hook, line & sinker to what is the most corrupt form of mental bondage on the planet: Religion. A multilayered prison cell that is sustained by preying on peoples egoic shadows, while fueling their deepest insecurities & fears, & finally, demanding they tow the line by recruiting people into their limited way of thinking & seeing. It’s an insidious, self perpetuating Archontic nightmare that has worked wonders at keeping the sheeple in line since the ancient world. The religious conceit dripping off of the empty words of the half baked moron (a dimwitted, ‘Jesus loving’ fear-porn drone) in Pet’s youtube vid speak for themselves, so I won’t waste energy critiquing them.

As for the Pope? The Vatican is the center point of the Reptillian/Annunaki hive on the Gaian Matrix… so ultimately, I could give two fu#ks about anything 'they' say… but for the sake of this post, let’s look at some of what the Pope stated: "We mustn't forget that any form of idealization of a human being always brings a subliminal brand of aggression with it as well. If I am idealized I feel under attack,”… “I don't see myself as anything special...I'm a sinner, I'm fallible,”… “Populism is evil and ends badly, as has been shown by the past century,”… He noted that populism has always required a "messiah" figure to succeed, suggesting it is incompatible with Christian values. -Well… forget the source for a moment, & the ole Pope actually ain’t too far off on this one. One need only examine the massive neurolinguistic programming experiment that was passed off as the last ‘election’ to understand the danger of populism, including the twisted, evil menatality that is embodied in the cartoon character Trumplethinskin… the latest Illuminati pawn specifically inserted to quell the limited, carefully designed thirst of masses of dumbed down sheeple. The whole charade would be funny, if it wasn’t so mind numbingly sad in it’s beyond overt, Orwellian strategy. Never in human history will you find a time where so many humanbeings happily lined up like lambs to the slaughter… & make no mistake about it, Religion has played a huge role in their docile mindset: “What’s that, you’re gonna bind me in mental shackles to a shitstem completely sustained by lying liars & parasitic forces who drain me of Lifeforce & Vitality? No worries, mate… I don’t have the energy to try & discern reality for myself, have at it.Pathetic!!!

Let me throw this last thought into the multidimensional mix. First & foremost... the quest for the Divine & a deeper understanding of who we are is the most natural instinct in the world. Just remember, the Bible is a heavily manipulated text… but for those intent on uncovering truth, it does contain valuable clues for decoding the veils of duality. Authentically seek… & you will find. I’ll exit this thread with this, the 'Second Coming' isn’t about the return of ‘the Messiah’ to judge his flock, separating the good kids from the bad one’s… No! That’s fairytale bullshite meant to keep you enslaved to the endless shadows of the Savior complex. It’s not about Jesus Christ, who was actually one of countless Christed Yogis who have Graced the Gaian Matrix with the Living message of Unity-Consciousness. The Second Coming is about the return of 'Christ- Consciousness' to us ALL… as it actually reflects our natural state of b e i n g before our enslavement to the Timeloop. Guess what? It's time to wake up!... It's ALL happening right Now!!! ~InLight555

AsAbove... SoBelow

AsWithin... SoWithout

Excelent response, Stick.. thank you for sharing yet another accurate, intelegent and deeply profound insight, although I think it's too deep for the religious nuts in ACC to grasp. Anytime I try to get through to people with so much religious and / or political conditioning embedded into their psyche, I often think I'm talking to a brick wall. One thing is for certain though, they sure give us the opportunity to tell them the truth as their own blatent ignorance seems to demand it, even if it goes in one ear and out the other, and that always makes me giggle, so it's worth the time and effort just for that aspect of it alone. Unfortunately there are loads of religious morons out there, there are loads in the conspiracy theory communities on Youtube which start their videos off with some stupid born again one liner like "In the name of our lord and saviour, the one and only true son of God, the lord Jesus Christ, AMEN!" .. just some deuded arseh@le who believes Jesus will return in a chariot in the clouds come judgement day... the day of "our lord" .. and other such drivel.

If you havent seen it, the film "Red State" is a definite must see, it always reminds me of certain ACC Trump devotees, those who are still stuck in the crazy God fearing "Westboro Baptist Church" kind of bollocks...


You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do is to bring back a new idea, because our world is endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of Consciousness.”... “You are a Divine Being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable Power and Light, and you will return to those realms.” ~Terence McKenna

how wil we return to those realms without a method, a spiritual discipline?

"how wil we return to those realms without a method, a spiritual discipline?"

Well, you could try meditating and find the truth by looking within, a spiritual discipline which is a guaranteed method to return you to those realms, instead of depending on an deceptive illusion that you've been mentally conditioned to believe from the outside, a religious habit which was drilled into your psyche and is designed to keep you from knowing the truth about who you are....the thing is, that’s pretty much the message we’ve been trying to tell you all along but as always, it gets ignored because it appears you’re swamped in social conditioning (both religious and political) and until you are ready to let it go, you will remain that way. The fact that you asked an important question in regards to finding a deeper understanding shows that you are at least seeking a way of raising your vibration, whether you are aware of it of not. You need to drop all your illusions and get centered.

Image result for multidimensional gif

Once again, we have nothing to do with any "left wing" political gibberish (like we keep telling to you), that's another illusion you are under due to the fact that you're swamped in poitical conditioning. Neither are we control freaks, nor do we "hate" religion and prayer, we're simply awake and aware of a much deeper understanding of life. You will also be awake and more aware of your true multidimensional nature as soon as you drop your illusions and begin to deepen your perspective, that's all there is to it. Meanwhile, those of us who have already realized these things, we're just hanging around waiting for you lot to catch up as we continue to reach out by offering you the keys to unlocking your full potential. !!

It works like this, think of a ladder with people on different rungs of it. Everyone on the ladder is in the process of climbing upwards. Some are on higer levels of the ladder, some are somewhere in the middle and some are on the lower rungs. Those on higher rungs are reaching down to the ones in the middle and pulling them up. In turn, the those on the middle rungs and reaching down and pulling up the ones on the lower rungs of the ladder, and so on, adinfinitum. It's a constant process of spiiritual upliftment, and that's what it means to raise your conciousness. It's about being helped up the ladder, and helping others to reach the level you are on as you continue climbing up. The ladder goes on forever. Those at the very bottom of the ladder are deeply clogged with mental conditioning, ego and are basically asleep, unaware of the vast, multidimensional vista that awaits them. As they progress upwards, their conciousness begins to clear and they begin to get glimpses of a wider vista. They are begining to wake up. Those who are somewhere in the middle have a relatively good view of reality, they are keen to get to the next rung because their view is becomming more spectacular but they still haven't reached the Panarama bar. Those who have climbed to the highest rungs are otherwise known as Ascended Masters, Seers, Sages, and Soothsayers, and their view of reality is a cosmic mind bender! Their view of reality is yours because you are ALL that is. If you want to get the the Panarama bar, all you need to do is wipe the sleep from your eyes and have the courage to take the first step up the ladder, drop all of your illusions and bring a pair of binoculars! Once you reach the Panarama bar, you realize it's always been within your reach because it's always been within yourself.

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