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Please help?! Southern Indiana needs your thoughts, energy and Love right now.......

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. My name is Rusty and I have been following the ACC on here for quite awhile and am just in awe and inspired by the power and love that is shared on this site, which is another reason for coming to you today with a request for help. I live in a small town in Southern Indiana called Scottsburg, and on Friday March 2 tornadoes ripped through the southern part of Scott County and Clark County just to the south of us. We didnt take much damage here in Scottsburg, but the little town of Henryville was demolished. There were also fatalities and wide spread destruction in Marysville, Nabb, and Chelsea. The clean up efforts by all have been tremendous and heroic to say the least. It is always very hard to understand and accept why such bad things happen to such good people, but to see how people, communities, and even states, have came together for their brothers and sisters has been a joyous sign of hope that the changes we all discuss on here and feel in our hearts are taking place before our eyes. While it has been so awesome to see even great organisations like the Indianapolis Colts, University of Louisville football team and many other large companys as well as the many residents and citizens of the area show up on site to lend their time and efforts, they could still use any help they can get. Whether it be in thoughts, prayers, physical help, donations, or just your Love sent this direction, would be appreciated more than you can imagine. I know I don't have to tell you all what the power of just a few thoughts and prayers can do, so even if you dont want to donate money or goods, just your heart and support will make a tremendous difference. If you are interested in making a physical donation of any type, I believe you can find info on, (local CBS TV station out of Louisville, KY). I dont want to just keep jabbering on, but I would like to just give one example of the strength of these wonderful people...  A 37 year old mother of two young children from Henryville, used herself as a human shield to protect her children, but had beams from the house crash down on her legs and pinned her down. She had to have her legs amputated, but the children were unharmed and came out virtually unscathed. She is recovering in Louisville and is apparently in great spirits and is just happy her children were fine. If that isn't an awesome act of un-conditional love, I don't know what is!!! Thank you for reading this and I hope it touches everyone atleast a fraction of how this has all touched me and my community. NEMASTE

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It's always hard to read about such real life happenings.

I am glad to learn this way what all is going on. Thank you Rusty.

My thoughts are with the people and animals affected by these tornadoes in south carolina.

Blessings, Namaste

Thank you, Drome..Great to know this message is getting out. It's Southern Indiana though that was hit, but I am sure there are people everywhere that could use the prayers and energy.

Also, if you would like to know a way to help spiritually...Just take a moment to yourself and chant, either aloud, under your breath or in thought: Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth 3 times and then send out your prayers and love....Thank you all so much. Nemaste -Rusty

Yeah Aly, I have noticed an increase in them in this area and also had an inner "feeling" about that myself, because the first week of March is definitely not tornado season around here. Kinda strange, huh? I Am really hoping to see a decline in chemtrails soon though. Light and love to you also....  

I'm from Indiana and I saw the devastation there on the news.  My thoughts are with you, and I hope you are able to rebuild all that has been destroyed Rusty~  <3

Thank you Delilah...Luckily I didnt have any damage or loss myself, but hope I can do my part helping those that did. Thanks for your thoughts and kind words <3

Will focus my love and send good vibes and peace to the area and the people effected. That example of the mother is real unconditional love and shows the power of a mothers protection for her children. What a star and the unity the communities show by coming together proves we are all capable of this. A humbling post thank you for sharing <3

 Yes Mayir I am so proud when I see people  and their great goodness raise up. :)


I am aware of the happenings sending as much Love, Light and Hope for you all ...

Sending NOW ..................

But I am surprised that many of the so called great news channels have not shown any of these in last 2 days ... Meaning it is true that the media we see thinking as the most updated ones are manipulated ....

So disgusting ....

Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us all ...................

 Dearest Rusty,

 I was very touched by your letter and I want to help, what can I give that they need most besides my admiration and love? I will go to the website and do whatever I can. Thank you for keeping us abreast of the inspiring human stories of our fellow man. In deepest love and healing light sending to everyone in the affected areas.

Thank you for sharing this! Love and cure to the people in Henryville...

Greetings Rusty...from Indianapolis.  You've been in our prayers and thoughts.  Blessings!  Reane



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