I'm not trying to prove a point so don't even bother trying to argue with me, just leave that **** in the 3rd dimension, will you? :)

BUT I still find this place to be my "go to" higher vibrational social circle, for better or worse, and I am excited to share a LITTLE and humble discovery with someone who might RESONATE with it.

I am a full time musician. I have clocked over and into a 5 digit number of hours using my frequency manipulation skills in everything from bar bands to sacred ceremonies. it is what I do. I have also been an astral traveler for as long as I can remember, as of now a Reiki Level II, and a starseed from an unknown location. I come from at least a place comfortable with 5th dimensional energies. My veil is still a little thick to see through. I don't pretend to know more than I am certain of. I have seen and heard more things that I can explain. In rooms with a party of 1 (myself) and in rooms with 5 people on stage and 5000 in the crowd.

Today I write regarding my recent findings in frequency manipulation. Like I said, something small and cool.

i have been trying to find the holy of holy frequencies for while. it's safe to say, that you won't find them turning on a radio in the U.S. In The States, we use a standardized system of tuning that defined our "middle A" as 440 hertz. Not everywhere in the world would middle A be defined as 440 hertz, although the US and UK have accepted this as standard. I certainly wouldn't consider this a "holy" tuning.

The frequencies we choose or unknowingly vibe with most certainly have power on us. for better or worse.

Many searchers have pinpointed that the Sun's main emitting frequency is 528 hertz. look it up. Nanometrically (sp?) speaking, the specific color of green that is produced throughout the world in plant life is manifested through this frequency.

I shall digress. If you are unknowledgable but interested in this subject, then please dig with me. I am happy to share whatever I know. What brings me to write this post, is my recent experimentation with frequency generators. Here is the one I have been playing with.


Binaural beats is a whole other thing, where you can do some pretty crazy things feeding different frequencies into different ears using headphones. For my discussion, headphones are not necessary.

I say all of these things, so I may at this point speak simply.

Synchronicity is one of my favorite things.I love it when I see it. I use it, when I see it , to remind me I am on the right path; the right place at the right time. It reminds me of the order in the world.

I have been using this signal generator to see if certain frequencies do in fact have different effects onmy own experiences. Many will say that 528 hertz is a healing frequency that has the potential to put the human body (at the very least) in a right state of being.

So I have been playing. In my own times of stillness, and in my recent Reiki sessions...

And In my playtime, I found something interesting.

The binaural generator gives you the ability to generate 2 frequencies at the same time, one in the left computer speaker or headphone and one in the other.. For most of the time and to keep things simple, I have been pumping 528 hertz through both.

BUT... I like harmony. I  have been playing with finding complementary frequencies to go along with 528 hertz.

Finally I think I can get to what made me want to post in the first place.

Interestingly enough, I have found many numerically synchronistic numbers to play very complimentarily with 528 hertz. ie 444 hertz. 666 hertz. 777 hertz. Actually I realized I couldn't find one that doesn't work harmoniously with 528. which is... weird :)

111, 222, 333, 444, 528, 666, 777, 999, they actually run along a scale with each other, 528 hertz being the root, or home base, or DO (doe) if you have seen The Sound of Music:P

I honestly, have been playing with this for a couple days, and was tickled that I had to share.

This is not dissertation. It is quite preliminary, but I  just wanted to see if anyone else has noticed this.

I am familiar with Gregorian chants, and Solfeggio frequencies, but I have never seen anyone make the correlation to these numerically synchronistic frequencies.

At the very least... cool, right? :)

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  • I am curious as to what 33hz gotta do with 528hz in that 33x16=528=33x2x2x2x2x2x2x2x2, that is to say 33hz is harmonic to 528hz.
    • 33 hertz definitely is harmonic, as in the same root note, just in a different root octave. So is 66, 132, and 264. I woke up and played with the frequency generator that I linked in my post. Pretty fun. 33 hertz is low low low. definitely felt more than heard, and not able to be reproduced on smaller speakers.

This reply was deleted.

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