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I was just wondering what people have been noticing latly in 3d form. What has stood out latly that things are extremely different. Hear is a quick list of things. I have noticed.
1. Was packaging seed packages, when the cat looked at me and meowed than he staired at the door way. The doorbell rang. LOL their are no batteries in the doorbell.
2. When I am still I feel a constant rocking as if some one is rocking me like a baby.
3. Last night while meditating i kept hearing this wierd noise. I opened my eyes and my lighter was shaking violently, On my Computer desk. I could hear ever single car drive by and I kept hearing light switch's turning on and off.
I wish I could talk to family but they already think I am nuts. But most of my blood family except for the little ones are always around me in a none 3d form. LOL well best wish's and thoughts. Namaste.

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Hello fellow brother(sister) that is pretty weird you lighter was shaking? Somebody is probablly trying to get your there a loved one that has passed on recentlly? maybe there messin with you. I don't know but peace be with you. Namaste.
I believe they are all symptoms of spiritual awakening.I too feel the rocking motion when laying down in bed or sitting in a chair.Bugged me alot at first but now im used to it. I myself have noticed an increase in seeing orbs. Went to eye doctor and they even suggested i might be seeing energy :)



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