People who can't just stop on judging

Ok, how should I react on people who keeps on judging ME or should I say, the people who back stabs me every time I'm behind them?..Ugh,..I just can't understand why people has to be having this Crab mentality inside their Devil's mind and throat., oh's awful and disgusting...This attitudes should be changed....Even if I let them be with their backstabbing hobbies, they would still be coming and coming and coming again........

I'm just sharing of what I'm feeling right now..LOL!
Take care now

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  • Thank you for all the people who shared their views and sharing some advice as well regarding this matter...LOVE YOU ALL! Glad to have people like you here! Which I can connect more...
  • react with pure love. love them, as you love yourself!
  • I read a book called " Your Immortal Reality" by Gary Renard, based on a Course in Miracles that helped to change my perspective on judging others and vise versa. When we judge we have pronounced that the other has attacked us, but when you realize that you can not be attacked because of who you are then you know that by falling into the trap of judgment/condemnation, then we are only playing into the illusory games of the ego. The ego or spirit, fear or always our free will choice....Hugz all round!! ;-)
  • Well, in my situation I defend myself by fighting back with my negativity as i'm trying to change that , Thanks Nat!
  • Thank you guys for sharing your views about this, ...Hmmm..So it is within me who should change?...When they judge or backstab me, i will send them love instead. Oh my, I did realize Judging them back right think I've absorb some of their negativity....Apologies for that...Anyway..Yeah I should focus on with the activities in which makes me happy...Thank you so much for the advice people....:D Love lots!!!!!!!!!!
    • theres an old saying must change your self before you can change the village........
      I like what Phill wrote.
      make your self as perfect example as you can be and folks will see that, even if they still dont understand it
  • LOL! You do realise you just judged them back dont you?

    Those who criticize another in the vein of negativity only reveal the flaw of one person.....and that is themselves.

    You cant change others attitudes,only your own. Just see greater being in them,see them as shiny masters like yourself.

    Try not to react to these things. The more negativity you put out....the more negativity there is. If you are focused on the lower aspects you are missing out on the good stuff in any given moment.

    Watch your own thoughts and feelings....not neccessarily others. And be the radiant being that you are. You have the ability to overcome these things. Surround it all in Love,fill your entire world with appreciation and gratitude....all of it.
    Changing your own output will change what you see.

    The world is your mirror.

    Just Shine......and all you will see is Light.
    • It's okay, thanks for that...I will try to look for that book ....:)
    • Hi Phill, thanks for the guides...Thanks for the link you gave me...:)
    • I did Realize judging them back Cpt plushy...oh my...O_O
      Tnx for the advice Cpt! :)
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