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George Soros has given over $30 million to unleash chaos on the U.S. as a means to racially divide and socially divide the citizens of the U.S. I hope he calls the cops to remove the protesters; the media will be forced to cover this and expose this scumbag for what he is.

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I wish you luck on that venture.

But, is a PUBLIC invitation the right way to go here?

HOW will you make sure that no implanted dissidents makes things difficult for you, in this march? Are You prepared to witness against those who may turn violent in this protest?

If NO, You personally will be seen as a terrorist from thereon.

HEY ACUTE: how is calling for a peaceful protest make me a terrorist??

Malcom-did the protest happen? can't find any articles

It didn't happen. Obviously it was just too much effort for people to bother traveling to his house in upstate New York. The thing is, the Rothschilds are the real hard core criminals, Soros is just their lackey. I can't understand why people haven't protested outside Rothschild homes, because enough people know about them for years and their reign of terror. I find it exasperating how people gather in these occupy movements (like occupy Wall St for example) but they don't go after the root of the problem, which is the Rothschild dynasty and subsequently, the Rockefellers in the USA. Here is a picture of one of Lord Jacob Rothschilds small houses in England, maybe a few people could gather outside with protest signs?!?

Soros is a Rothschild agent, and Soros funds Hillary Clinton, Wahhabist young male immigrants in Europe, and Black Lives Matter. One of my relatives alerted me about this Soros protest (along with the address); I am sad that it didn't happen. I am also a little p!ssed off that it didn't happen.

there lefty morons -many who didn't vote-have the right to assemble-so do everyone else(you know this game anyway ac you bs-er)

  • Quiz: How Well Do You Know America's Founding Fathers

here -the balkanizer himself-Beelzebub


George Soros to invest $500 million in help for refugees

Jewish billionaire George Soros is behind the recent push for election vote recount in the US in a bid to get Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton into the White House, an American analyst argues.

Mark Dankof, a former US Senate candidate based in San Antonio, made the remarks in regard to an official petition by Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein to do a recount in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes went to US President-elect Donald Trump, who managed to beat Clinton by a small margin of over 27,000 votes.

Stein, on the other hand, finished fourth behind the Libertarian Party's Gray Johnson, by receiving only 30,000 votes in the state and over 1 million votes nationwide. Nonetheless, the state announced on Friday that it was preparing to begin the recounting process.

A fundraiser launched by the Stein campaign to finance the costs of the recount bid had returned over $5 million as of Friday, higher than the money Stein took in terms of donations during the campaign run.

“The fact of the matter is this entire thing smells,” Dankof said. “It is very clear that when Jill Stein can suddenly raise this kind of money, then there is someone other than her Green Party grassroots supporters that is behind this effort.”

Stein has reportedly set aside $2.5 million of the money for the recounts, which may cost around $1 million in Wisconsin alone. Stein’s move came days after a group of academics and election lawyers called on Clinton to challenge the results of the November 8 vote in some counties of the same Rust Belt states.

“It is quite clear that Jill Stein, in my view, is a player, a major player, for a hidden cabal that continues to manipulate results that it cannot deal with in terms of the way that the election actually went,” Dankof argued.

“This is also an attempt on the part of the Soros and company in my judgment to provide a further legitimization of a mainstream media” that are trying their best “to get Hillary Clinton elected [as] the president of the United States,” the analyst argued.

Soros has been accused by Trump supporters of using his money to organize widespread protests against the Republican president-elect ever since his election victory on November 8.


This proves beyond a doubt that Jill was a plant all along, a "pinch hitter" that lied about everything, including her "support for Trump" and "hatred for Hillary". Her campaign might not have even been sincere, I now think she ran only to provide Hillary with a way to call a recount that did not have her name on it.

The margin in Michigan is 5X as high as the largest margin ever overcome by a recount, and the other states are about 25X and 40X larger. If this gets flipped it will be monumentally obvious fraud.


Too late for a recount in Pennsylvania

This is, as far as I know accurate. The only thing Jill can do in Pennsylvania is claim it was rigged. The deadline really did pass.

Rumors about Jill Stein running with the money might be legit. The recount deadline in Pennsylvania has passed. There is a way she can still cause problems, but I am not going to spread it. Remember, we have filthy filthy people involved in this, Emperor of Star Wars type filthy, and quite literally the exact same government filth the Emperor was in charge of. I never heard "child molester" on the Emperors list of filth so what we have is probably worse.

It is official, Jill Stein filed for a recount in Wisconsin at 4:31 PM. THE STEAL IS ON.

Source: Jim Stone



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