Paralysis Saved My Soul :)

Well, I am a paraplegic, by choice actually. I was at a crossroads in my life in 2005 and got to the point that I was aware of my discontent for my life's current circumstances at that time. I was riding my dirt bike and had a conversation with my higher self that I wanted change! I wanted to take charge of my own happiness. I wanted to jump off a jump I had done 100s of times in the years previously, but my higher self said, "Okay, but your life will NEVER be the same again after this!" My response was, "I don't care. As long as I have my two hands and my mind, I can do anything!"

A step backward to a bit about my history, I was a home builder for 11ish years and married for approximately the same time. See for full story. It is only within these past few weeks(Christmas 2011) that I started to feel the freedom to fully share these things without it being met with ridicule and resentment. My life was financially supported by my ability to think and put my thoughts to use through my skills with my hands, so these were the things I was NOT willing to give up.

So I decided to jump off that jump completely giving myself to higher divine will. I broke my back at T4 and was paralyzed at the nipple line. Though+Intent+Action=Divine Will Result! :) This is the Law of Attraction at work in full effect. hehe

I had a rough patch for a few years. My wife left after just a few short months. Then took my daughters 6 hours away a couple years later. This got me down and struggling for a while, but I still got what I asked for; freedom to be ME, without any other external cultural programming sources polluting and corrupting my soul and my ability to be a true incarnation of my higher self.

This, a work in progress, has been a wonderfully blissful journey. -At least the past several months have. I went through a very scary time last spring, 2011 as I was reconnecting to my astral body with many Gray and Reptilian ETs attacking me for a stretch of a few months where I was so afraid to sleep that I pretty much only slept a few micro sleeps at a time for that entire 2+ month period. It took some diligence, but I realized I was the one with the power. I was the one with the physical body on the planet. I was the one in charge of ME! So it took a short time for me to realize I my own power within my light body and soon I was able to stand up to them and kick them out of my energetic space. For good! :) Anybody dealing with sleep paralysis issues, please do feel free to email me for help on regaining your power in your dreams/light body/astral body. :) These guys did NOT want me to turn back on! I simply refused to give up or give in though. Now they scurry away and hide like cockroaches at the thought of coming face to face with me! :) Don't get me wrong here either, I don't condemn an entire race due to a few negative forces working within a comprehension of joy of which they simply do not understand. Joy is coming for ALL, even them! I truly believe this! They will just be forced to go through a retraining process before they can mingle with the rest of us that are ready for evergreaterness!

I always knew I had a divine purpose in life, even at a very young age, but wow! What a struggle to live through the cultural programming of planet earth?! If not for my last ditch effort to stay online in 2005, I would have likely turned away from and lost my connection to my soul as have so so many of the rest of the light workers. So these past several months and ever since I reclaimed my power and right to connect to self last spring, 2011 I have been steadily working on empowering my body through very specific and personal choices I have made in my life to eat raw Nature's/God's foods only, to turn off and give up television and much of my old habits; anything that was a portal to the cultural garbage that is constantly dumped onto ourselves psychologically(the confused programmed people), subliminally(off beat messages constantly and repeatedly on tv and radio adds), magnetically(body resonance from other people), electronically(EMF pollution), etc... I have been making steady progress on healing my paralysis through body activations and meditations designed by my friend and teacher Rama. I have lost nearly 40 pounds in the past few months switching to raw foods only. I have been rebuilding my body as well through these meditations. I have regained quite a bit of mobility in my lower back and abdomen and progressively, more an more all the time has been coming back. The muscles in my legs, quite atrophied at one point are rebuilding as well. :)

None of this would have been possible without my own will to be ME without exception and corruption from any other sources, including many family members and friends whom have given up and turned on me saying I am crazy and especially, specifically and undoubtedly, due to SELF LOVE! As soon as I choose to truly love, honor and worship self, my life began to improve exponentially from that point on. Nobody is going to look after YOU accept for YOU! It is only when you choose to love and honor your self that the angels and the star people will truly be able to have your back. Anything less is a slap in their faces. They can only do so much for someone that is stuck in self pity and self misery.

It has been a constant progression and a relentless and diligent effort and even though only a temporary setback, my paralysis certainly did save my soul. :) I chose to share my story in brevity to this audience for the simple reason that I don't think it would be as well received anywhere else.

*Please forgive me for the following statement, but due to a previous experience on another site, I feel the need to protect the direction of the vibrations within this message and to keep it positive for those that will benefit from it. For those of you that do not comprehend many of the experiences I have shared here, please do not attack me for your lack of understanding. Please do not call me a charlatan simply because your experiences have been different. Just take this as it feels to you as I have coded this message from higher self and with love for all to be inspired. If there is something within this story that does not resonate with you, please look within yourself for the conflict before questioning my integrity. Point being, 2012 is the year of bliss! Let us please stay in the mindset of solution consciousness! :) I do welcome comments!


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  • Thank you for sharing this wonderfully inspirational, tentinyturtles


    • Oh, what a wonderful picture! I love unicorns! One of my most loved friends is one by soul nature. ;) Wish they were still here on planet earth. Well, maybe a few but I'm not sensing them.

      Still overwhelmed by the loving warm welcome here on this forum.. Planet Earth; Onward and upward!!!!!

      PS-I hope you don't mind if I copy and send this image to her. So lovely.. rainbow and unicorn.. totally represents my goddess friend. :)

  • 8107483096?profile=original.......sending healing energies of Light....................I am very happy to read another example of rebuilding properties of raw foods ; like me self , it helped me too recovering from some real serious issues in body and mind.................

    Thank you for sharing and diligence upon your path..............

    • Oh how lovely?! Thank you!

      What a change in pace/vibrations this world has seen... and with only evergreaterness to come! :) Yaaay!

  • Thanks so much for sharing, it is very inspiring!


    2012 is OUR year, cheers to Us all!

    • I have to agree, if not only by my own sense of how the energies changed from my perspective right about at Christmas time, for the very kind and welcoming responses I am getting here on ashtarcommandcrew site. Two months ago, I couldn't say those things without being attacked for it pretty much anywhere other than among my own personal friends and the angels. Thanks for the response. :)

      EDIT: I look at myself a year ago and think, "Who is that guy?!" hehe I've come so far through never giving up! This is what I wanted to inspire in others by sharing. :) Look at me now... soaring to evergreaterness!! Living and following inner joy/wisdom as my guide and feeling more bliss every day! :) Yay me! Yay WE! :)

  • Hugs to You Brother* <3

    • @Ara,Thank you for the image! :) Such wonderful vibes you filled that with. :) However, I would love to hear your thoughts in words! ;) Even if you just email me. I feel like you have lots to say. I would love to discuss! -If only privately. I know I am pretty bold in my statements, but we are ALL learning and growing together. I know this too!

      @Ben Yay! HUGS to you too! I asked and pleaded with family these past months, "I don't want gifts. I am not participating in gift exchanges this year. I just want a hug, a smile and for you to "show up" for the celebration." Out of my expansive family, one of my 5 brothers followed through... AND my Mom buys me a cook book? hehe Kind of a slap in the face when she knows I've been eating raw foods for several months. this response was well received! Thanks! :)

  • Dear Paraleyes,

    it's difficult to comment, so just sending you this,8113990273?profile=original

    as some natives would say you've dreamed well .... and so you have found yourself ....

    Much love and light to you

This reply was deleted.

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