~ *** Pain as an INNER Reflection of emotion ***~

In the deepest fathom of ones mind are deep emotions, whether it be PAIN, HAPPINESS, JOYFULNESS and even RESENTFULNESS.

Consider PAIN;

PAIN once it has gripped your consciousness awareness becomes a lingering thought that just does NOT go away. It is a deepest aspect of ones SELF, when a person thoughts are so deep that PAIN is felt.

An emotional depth has been reached LIKE no other, and the whole body begins to suffer; often we loose appetite, or sleep and for some even have fits of anger; as this release comes out in various angles arising in unusual mixed emotions.

WHY is this??

There are many answers and various emotional answers too; they are all RIGHT; as INNER EMOTIONAL pain is a personal JOURNEY

Perhaps it is an experience that we NEED to UNDERSTAND for the SOUL to experience which on its life plan has not experienced at THIS depth before


It could be the SOUL that is SAYING or GUIDING ourself TOO or AWAY from this suffering; AGAIN there are many possible answers and they could be all correct


You have the answer which is for YOU only, simply **** YOU SHOULD KNOW **** as it pertains to your EMOTIONAL SELF


Are we listening and helping OURSELF to lift and caress our PAIN with the HUMBLENESS and LOVE we so need; or do we simply ignore it; when we ignore we beckon it to RETURN as a lingering thought or even a deeper pain.

MANY people have simply given up on certain difficult emotional pain or circumstances, relationships, heartache, break ups and even divorce

~ **** My DEAREST READERS **** ~

Don't give UP

WE say often, " No one understands "; BUT it is the EMOTIONAL aspect on the conscious SELF, is directing YOU to LISTEN and take note. It is then INNER YOU that is coming of age

IT IS the YOU that needs to COVET and BE LOVED from the YOU of YOU of the SELF within the SELF

A TEAR or even hundreds be shed BUT remember always it is the brave and loved YOU that will wipe away the tears and RISE AGAIN to carry on the NEXT DAY

PAIN can be a REFLECTION of the emotional SELF asking YOU to beckon DEEPER into the INNER SELF that you exist


and SMILE again for you are ALWAYs LOVED until the end of TIME

Take care........Shazi

The Inner Sight of the Soul by Shazi

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