There is a principle that applies as one makes a conscious push towards freedom, and the realization of their dreams. The closer you get to your goal, the greater the pressure applied against you in the achieving of that goal.
With freedom comes power. And power, in the truest sense of the word, necessitates great responsibility. To quote, "Power without control is nothing". The reward that power born of freedom gives you is choice. The ability to choose between multiple courses of action that were always there where previously you only realistically had access to one. Hence the importance of responsibility.
We have evidence of power being used irresponsibly all around us. And it doesn't have to be the obvious things like corporations, governments and so forth. Things a simple as the landlord who holds to ransom the tenants that have no where to go. Corner shops with exorbitant prices because they have a monopoly in the area. Any situation where someone uses fear as the means of gaining an advantage is an example of power being nothing. So how do you go about gaining freedom whilst maintaining your integrity? What do you do to overcome the pressure that keeps knocking you down just when think you've made it?
You pay the price. The price that sends a message to the universe that you are serious. As part of our or incarnation there certain aspects of ourselves that we we have elected to forget to facilitate our learning experience. The mechanism we use to facilitate this forgetfulness is fear. Fear creates an unconscious barrier around certain areas of our mind, hiding from us the information that is contained there. This forces us to design “work around” programmes, or behaviours, to overcome the loss of this information. And it works, to a point. But as time goes by it is natural and correct that we seek to reclaim that which we have lost. To get back to a state of Love, to find God. So we become bolder in our behaviours. We begin to test the boundaries of our mind, compelled to reclaim what we have lost like 2 magnets of opposite polarity attracting each other. We intuitively know we have to do it. And then along comes fear, acting as if a magnet of the same polarity has been placed in your way. Resisting your efforts to breach its boundary.
The influence fear has over us is simultaneously imaginary and real. It manifest as a thought of what is known in conjunction with a feeling of pain that acts against the unknown. And it acts against our intuitive desire to breach its boundary. What's more we often do breach its boundary. Only to shortly thereafter find ourselves fighting against a more intense version of what we thought we had just overcome. This is where discernment is required. Because what you are doing is peeling away layers of fear. Much like peeling layers of an onion. Each layer brings you closer to your core. Each layer gives you access to more of the information that's been locked away. And greater behavioural flexibility.
It is fundamental to this process that you recognise fear as your ally. It is the compass that points you in the direction of your freedom. So become skilled at doing the things that elicit your fears. And become even better at embracing them when they arise.
This then is the price. The will to keep testing our boundaries over and over. Ignoring the alarm bells that tell us to stop. The faith that what we feel in our hearts is real, when there is little other evidence to support this. What this does over time is build humility. And compassion. So that when you finally breach that final boundary that unlocks your core you have earned the prize of freedom that goes with it. Because the process teaches responsibility as a matter of course. And consequently allows you to co-create the life you have always dreamed of.


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  • To fight the process sometimes even tooth and nail is normal. Blocks to achieving anything is all internal, even blocks for moving forward. I think it is intermingled with our karma. I have sat in meditation when it was uncomfortable, done yoga as I was almost in tears, breathwork to clear my energy out. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves that we are going to do it anyway and to be quiet.
  • Good message Peter! "Break on through to the other side" :-)))))

    Jim Morison said, when we face our deepest fear, it loses its power over us forever ..He said his 'fear' was of freedom, fear of freedom!? So when we face our fear of freedom, we are free, forever. How weird is that, that we could fear freedom. But I know that people are scared of their own power, so when facing our fears we might include fear of our own power. Perhaps fear is of others' reactions to our power. .. or how we would use it... or if we abused it... but lately I think that people all over the world are becoming more empowered, so maybe now is a good time to face that one, and forget it! xxx


  • see you in the ethers.


  • of course. you learn to value the little things. you appreciate things that really matter more. you have to rely on people to get by.

    I made a decision when the money ran out that I wouldn't go back into the system. and it scared the lemons out of me. stopped paying for the car, rang the finance company and told therm come get. that was 5 months ago. stilll have it. unlicensed unregistered, uninsured. I now trust implicitly that all is taken care of. had my phone stolen a week and a half ago, dont miss it. I really enjoy living l;ike this. Even if it can be inconvenient sometimes. but i dont have worry in my life anymore. And when i decide to do something I trust all will be catered for in time.

  • the sun has definately risen

  • .I dont  care if they do.

    I AM ascending.

    and its my discussion so they can all go cover themselves in honey.

  • covered in rose water- - check

    honey smeared on face and beard beard damned, check.

    sliced lemon for some zing, check.

    frequency up.../\....

  • rose water and honey, excellent idea..

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