Are your gloves made out of DOG skin? Barbaric slaughterhouses in China use the hide of pets slaughtered for food to make leather goods - and they are already in UK high street stores, campaignersWARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENTFootage shows the grim conditions in which dogs are killed and skinnedRestaurants that serve dog sell the animal's skin to processing plantsThe skin is turned into leather products - and could be in your wardrobeAn investigator saw workers peel the skin off dogs who were still aliveHorrifyingly, the products may be on the way to Western shopsLeather gloves, shoes and other goods being sold in British shops and online may be made out of dogs slaughtered in horrific factories in China, it has been claimed.Dog skin produced in the slaughterhouses are used in products, labelled real leather, destined for export to the West, according to an animal rights group.Footage taken by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows workers stood by a door at a slaughterhouse in the northern province of Hebei. As dogs are led through the door, the men kill them with a heavy stick. Sometimes it takes several blows to finish off the unwitting animals.Meathooks sway grimly in the foreground of the upsetting footage. PETA Asia's investigator saw workers peel the skin off dogs who were still alive.PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk said: 'PETA is sure that Britain, Australia and the U.S. are not exempt from the dog leather trade.'Many British high-street retailers are importing cheap leather from China, so products made from dog skin are almost certainly on the shelves and in people's wardrobes.Read More Plus See Photos And Video @ Planet is going through ascension and awakening to become a better Planet but when things like this happen on this Planet it's going nowhere but just more shame.Countries should ban all goods trades that come from China to protest the ban of animals being treated badly.

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  • The day beings on these planet learn to respect animals they can class themselves as humans ...of course this does not apply to the few who have great respect for animals therefore are worthy to be called humans.
    A human being is a god conscious being so respects all of gods creations
  • The evolution of a planet is judged by the way animals are treated ...on planet earth let alone the animals for even the so called humans harm each other ...Planet Earth and it's inhabitants are well below standard for ascension
    In The Bhagavad-Gita it is clearly stated that there are countless universes in the material kingdom and Planet Earth is situated in the smallest universe ...and you are just a tiny spark of the whole ...this is your constitutional position on Planet Earth. Your evolution/ascension is judged by your spiritual progress as you are not this body but spirit soul
  • Leather..fur..any products made of animal skin are out of order would you feel punks if products were made from your skin ...not very nice ...well animals also have feelings punks
  • In some Asian country (I can't remember which one) they kill dogs by SLOWLY STRANGELING THEM.  (They say the meat tastes better that way).

    • Yup it's those people that keep me loving animals and kids. They are just self gratifying dicks that couldn't give a dam about who they hurt as long as it 'tastes better' the sooner this planet is healed the better. Just hope it comes sooner rather than later as this evil crap really has to have its day by now!
  • Hi sky it's been a while... :) there's no excuse for the mass suffering and barbaric actions of humans. To be fair this is why my main associates in life's journey are pets and children lol. Except for the like minded adults that get it.
    • ...Hiya Lou....Noticed You Lack Of Presence  :).....Good  To See You....Hugs   <3....

  • ...Me Too...Krish....Quite Frankly....I Dont Give A Two Penny Shite....Of The Attack.... From The Animal Eaters Need To ....Wise Up.....I Wouldnt  Wear Animal Skins....For Those Who Do....So Be It......This Is Just My View..........I Have No Problem With Anyone.........................Hug Krish..<3        

  • Personally I don't wear any leather but it makes me cringe when I see the killing of animals, selling animal skin and people wearing animal skin... Makes them closer to animals then humans
    • Mabey you can give also some atention to the many barbaric people that keep pets in 

      captivity and feeds them meat. 

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