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Why is it that when you are on an astral projection schedule it abruptly end and becomes very spiritic and sparse threw out the following years? 

Whats the best binary beats to heighten ones mind into Astral projection? I really really need help here lol 

Fluffiest white clouds with the most beautiful blue sky, As far as the eyes could see was knee high dark green blade grass that swayed in the gentle breeze, in that grass was a crystal clear large pond and on the far side an old very large willow tree, and foot hills very very far, no mountains at all and I didn't see a sun neither. The spirit guide that greeted me looked like a Roman God about 7ft tall, except he was like a faint blue gray tall being, roman hair style. Larger than our eyes and ice blue almost white eye, he had like dark blue iris muscle separation lining in the lighter eye color. and the pupil was a dark blue not black with almost like a lighter blue reflection from the light. He wore a pastel blue robe with a rope tie, no feet, from the waist down he was like a mist of water which could form and walk like you and I.every time it was time to go he would maneuver to the middle of the pond and dissipate into mist and fall into the ponds water.  I saw him 5 times in a row. I talked with him briefly about that world most of the talk was telepathy but I couldn't hear everything he was saying but he held my hand a lot as we walked around the pond, each time, counter clockwise then clockwise exc..On the 5th encounter I told him how I feel immense love for him. that was the last I went there lol

Another Was where I was above the tree line watching a highway filled with cops and emergency vehicles. it was cool with misty rain and foggy. large pine in a remote newly developed just being built residential neighborhood, probably about 10 houses and a couple framed. As my body lowered to above the houses I was drawn to someone face down in the cold wet frosty grass. as I looked threw the grass I could see and hear officers and the search unit yell and prod the land I could see flashlights, then all of a sudden I heard I found her, and he stuck his club under my left shoulder to life me a but then with his hand and strength he flipped me yelling shes still alive!! as they came running I remember moaning and suddenly I was above looking down at then over her, quickly my body sky rocketed up and threw the clouds backwards, the lightening was shocking me, as I started to wake up in bed I could see my husband looking at me in the bathroom mirror asking me whats wrong and if im ok, meanwhile I got shocked again, I could smell the burn and feel the pain, my whole body was jolting bad. I told him god is jolting me bringing me back to my body from an astral projection.

Not long ago a few months back I had another AP.... I went some where so bright, ankle to knee deep crystal clear water pure white sand, there was a lot of translucent plant life and life in this water very odd looking fish that I thought were dead were actually floating on their backs to shelter their eyes during the day. Didn't seem to be any rocks just sand, I didn't see land any where neither... ,no hill ranges no mountains no islands anyway... there was some earth toned odd plants in that ocean or water. Anyway I hear a voice from be hind me but I never saw the person and I don't know if it was male or female, seems androgynous, telling me to pick up the fish and I said they are dead but it convinced me to pick them up and when I did they flipped and jumped off or flew off kind of it was really odd, huge black eyes. so im guessing at some point the suns go down for days because their eyes are made for night vision being bout 1/3 their body size nd there was so many so they were very abundant there The plants looks like pods and very thorny. but scares and some were very viney and thorny too and some translucent but when you draw your hand threw them you can see what looked like clear straws/tube plants with hints of color threw their stems exc...anyway I was woken abruptly to watch the kids and it took me forever to wake up, I was really disoriented after that, like as if I was really high. so im wondering if there was more to the oxygen level or less oxygen there? Dunno

I have a couple more but I thought this was enough typing for now

What are your takes on these? 

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Why Don't ETs Appear Unambiguously?

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