The combination of a fiberglass resin, containing a lattice, metal chips, powders and slivers provides a matrix which has the capacity to attract and capture orgone (also commonly known as chi or prana) energy as Wilhelm Reich's research demonstrated and proved during 1930's and 40's. A crystal added will intensify the process. The affects increase with certain geometric layouts, and the crystal to be programmed towards a specific task or goal. Combining fiberglass resin with metal particles produces the Orgone attractive-repulsive effect described by Wilhelm Reich and which was later to be termed as “Orgonite”.

Orgonite transmutes dead energy from cell phones, TV’s, computers, electronics, radio transceivers and numerous other electric devices that are not compatible to the electromagnetic fields that encompass a human being. These energies are spun to a higher degree, allowing it to transform to a high state and fully integrating into the environment without any harmful side effects.

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  • 8114746270?profile=original8114745870?profile=original8114745895?profile=originalThis is my fiance's most recent creation ~ Do you see the mirror surface? That is grounded up bismuth that created that effect. Pretty neat! :)

  • Hello Presense,

    Wow! I was amazed to get this info. Only last week my reiki teacher had gone to Chille for a visit and to teach Reiki at centres and university. And had the honour of meeting an amazing spiritual person who is making these orgone  generators in the form of necklaces,  penchants. She bought one for me ,i am wearing mineas i speak. I had no idea what it was except  it protects the person from electrical negative energies such as tv , mobiles etc.  and even negative energies send via malevolent aliens. I was delighted to receive this crystal matrix but did not know it was orgone -based -generators.Gosh! to  get your article now just  when i got as  a gift. What a coincidence!!!!  Or should i say there is no 'coincidences' that i was met to recieve this info.  Big Thankyou!!! Very enlightening!!!!  L&L  nikki 

    • You are right, there are no coincidences. Synchronicities are the Universe's way to telling you, "Yes! You are on the right track!" I am so happy you like your necklace :) Since my fiance makes orgone pyramids, we have them all over the house, when people come over to visit, they don't want to leave. They say it feels comfy and welcoming. We even have a pyramid in the refrigerator and in the shower. If you have a plant that isn't doing too well, you can put a small piece of orgonite in the pot and watch what happens. You will notice new grow appear in places it never has.

      Thank you so much for sharing, Nikki! Love and Light to you too!! Namaste!!!

  • Thanks, Gailene! I'll take a look! :) Hugs right back at ya! :)

  • unfortunately I dont have this kind on energy piramid around my house however I do have quartz crystals laying in 4 corners of my every place I live. I do travel alot around US and mostly live in other peoples land/cabins/barns/my tents or my teepee in Arkansas, , I always have crystals around. Also , if I am using electronic devices , crystals are set up on and around electric outlets , wires . It saves electricity and absorb their negative energy ( reason being for me , is to eliminate their cancer producing electric waves )....................................

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Very beautiful, Renan! It really is art with a purpose :)

    • 8116022886?profile=originalHere is one that my fiance is currently working on, so far it contains unakite, amethyst, 5 quartz crystal points, selenite, kyanite, bismuth, 2 copper coils, rose quartz, and hematite.

      Here is the bottom of another one he made recently.


  • 8114749693?profile=original

  • That is great that it works for your brother's cluster headaches! You are right, blocked energy is the cause of most disease. Blocked chakras coincide with certain psychological issues that have not been dealt with. For example, a blocked 3rd chakra physically can manifest as stomach issues, such as indigestion, heartburn, ect. but before it manifests physically it stems from something the person has dealt with psychologically. In the case of the 3rd chakra, the person may have had emotional issues dealing with a lack of confidence, a feeling of having no power over their situation, or lack of self esteem, these are just examples. The orgonite definitely transmutes the energies that are blocked in the body and the environment and turns it into positive energy.

    Here is a site that gives more info on blockages in the body,

  • I couldn't agree with you more! If you immerse them in water and place it in the fridge, the water freezes in the direction of the energy flow. You can actually see it!

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