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Orgone/Life-Force Energy: One Of Humanity’s Greatest Discoveries & The Underlying element for Manifestation (Part 6)


          I thought I do a forum on Orgone/Life-force/Chi/Vital energy, so as to better help lightworkers or anybody out there positively wanting to gain an in-depth insight, on what is, its functions/properties & useful purposes. What many ancients, craft practitioners, psychics, & modern-day scientist term as psychic/Bio energy is, as a matter of fact, a cosmic ever-flowing life sustaining & promoting energy, which literally occupies every existence in this universe- as well as transcendence of space/time continuum. Below is a research excerpt taken from several articles including a prominent leading Orgone Astrophysicist by the name of Karl Hans Welz.


Karl Hans Welz- the bringer of the 21st Century Orgone Generator & Magic of the future


Although he introduced new scientific concepts to explain life force, or orgone energy, as he called it, Wilhelm Reich had no idea that orgone energy can be generated.  In fact, in his publication "cosmic orgone engineering" (CORE) Wilhelm Reich claimed that UFO's came to this planet to "steal" orgone energy. This is similar to the claim of some conspiracy-aficionados of the past that UFO'S visited this planet to steal gold.  A closer look at the many claims of those conspiracidiots change over time, fitting nicely the whims and fashions of pop-science of the time when such works are written, mostly to make gains of all kinds from spreading misinformation.  Those good folks did not know that this mineral (gold) is abundant on meteorites, planetoids, etc., where it is much easier to harvest, as little as Reich had any idea that orgone can be generated.

Statements of this kind and others throughout his writings give us the impression that Wilhelm Reich did not even think of the possibility to actually generate Orgone energy.

For my invention of the orgone generator®, I have to give credit to three persons: Franz Anton Mesmer, Baron Karl von Reichenbach and Wilhelm Reich, of course.  When examining Franz Anton Mesmer's "magnetizing" methods, I realized that this method does not transfer "animal magnetism" from the magnetiseur.  The "magnetiseur" is the person practicing the Mesmer passés, i.e., moving the hands along the body, about one inch distant.  In fact, with this practice new orgone energy is generated.  I was also aware that since ancient times some shamans, magicians or spiritual workers generated orgone energy by rotating their hands relative to each other.  For the first time I saw this method, of which I was already familiar, practiced in a small Baptist church, where the preacher taught several practices of "spiritual work."  Karl von Reichenbach's work in which he examined the connections between magnetism and life energy (Od or orgone) was a crucial help as was the structure of the Reichian orgone accumulator, which was more evolved than Mesmer's barrels that were filled with iron filings.

This gave me the idea of building a device that accumulates orgone energy and shifts it:  This was a simple Orgone wand around which I wound a coil of copper wire.  Sending DC through that coil made it into a magnet and polarized the orgone field. Turning the current off shifted the Orgone field back to "normal."

The next step was to build two coils of this type around two wands, one inside the other, and the coils were connected in such a way that they always had opposite polarity. Sending a slow electric pulse through the coil shifted the magnetic fields back and forth, with this the Orgone fileds shifted, and new orgone was generated. I finally had a device that was independent from the amount of Orgone energy in the surrounding atmospehre and which, in fact, generated new Orgone energy. This was the first Orgone generator® on our planet (left). In fact, this was a quite powerful device!

Then I built two types of Orgone generators®: one of them worked on mechanical principles, while the other one was based on shifting magnetic fields, as described above. I used the structure of Wilhelm Reich's orgone accumuator, i.e., alternating layers of organic anc metallic materials, to attract an initial charge of life force and to build up strong fields of it.  The stronger the supplying orgone accumulators are, the stronger is the output of the orgone generator, of which they are part. The magnetic generator proved to be much more effective than the purely mechanical one. The first orgone generator on the market (in 1992) was a cylinder, about 4 inches diameter and 12 inches long, with a pipe going through it, and the orgone accumulators were made with layers of organic and metallic materials, fiber glass and steel wool, similar to the orgone accumulators of Wilhelm Reich.

 Less than one year after I invented the Orgone generator, in 1992, I invented a much more effective orgone accumulating material, which I gave the name "Orgonite®." Its basis is a mixture of an organic material with metal dust, which basically compares to an orgone accumulator with hundreds of layers. The finer the dust, the more layers there are. Wilhelm Reich pointed out that the amount of layers determines the power of an orgone accumulator. As an organic material I used polyester at first, then epoxy. Any organic material will do, of course, and personally I really like bees wax. With time, I added more materials to this basic mixture, making Orgonite® increasingly effective, which eventually evolved into today's Super-Orgonite®. The formulas of these mixtures remain proprietary and I certainly enjoyed giving false information to people who, faking an attitude of "being nice," made every attempt to pry this secret from me.

From the word go I decided not to patent my inventions, for fear that, being a controversial technology, I may be forced to sell it to some folks unknown and then nobody can build the devices commercially any more. I was well aware that the devices will be copied sooner or later, and I sincerely hoped that among those copy cats are folks who are creative on their own.  I like the contact with other inventors and creative people in the field. In fact, a couple of them who contacted me have shown some remarkable creativity on their own. That's the way science can progress, and I am expecting great innovations from inventors to continue with this work.  Of course, as is the case with any innovation, there are others whose only skill consists in stealing other peoples' ideas. Some of them are so stupid that they did not even come up with their own designs.

Neo-Reichian epigones still staunchly deny that Orgone can be generated. In fact, right from the beginning there was never much love lost between me and those folks, since I dared to invent a device that actually generates Orgone energy.  In addition to that "insult," I also promoted the first devices almost exclusively for magical purposes, not for "healing," which, considering the controversy of the technology, was a wise step for me to take, as I found well confirmed later. One mention on one of their sites of how much cheaper the obsolete Orgone accumulators, Orgone blankets and Orgone "shooters" actually are, gave me truly a very healthy laugh. As far as cheap, go on the net and compare prices.  And then, when someone travels say, from New York to Los Angeles, he or she can either get an airplane ticket, use a car, or purchase a "good ole pair of shoes," which certainly is cheaper, a lot cheaper!

Before I invented the Orgone generator®, I was aware of the transfer of life force, or orgone energy, at any distance. This insight was a natural consequence of my dual background, mathematics and physics as well as practice of so-called "meta-physical" disciplines, where action at a distance has been an integral part for millennia. Soon I recognized that such action is not "meta" at all, and that it, in fact, is purely physical and scientific. Life force and electromagnetic frequencies can be viewed as being integral parts of a continuum that encompassed both.  With either energy, we can define distance as a result of structural differences. While EMF based energies follow the principle of entropy, Orgone energy based energies follow the principle of reversed entropy.  From that difference, the other characteristics of these two polarities of energies follow naturally.

For orgone energy / life force, structural links are either near-identical or equivalent.  

This knowledge of structural links, besides being of use in work at a distance, led to another "first."  This was the signal transmission machine to machine, using life energy (orgone energy) instead of electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic energy).  I succeeded in such transmission a few weeks after I invented the orgone generator®.  The receiving equipment is relatively simple, and for very obvious reasons I am refraining from describing it.  In all, this transmission, later, at Christmas 1997, across the Atlantic, where I needed no amplifiers at all, was proof for me for the validity of what I called "structural links."  Structural link is another term that ripoff artists are using liberally without giving me credit for it.

Although discovering what he called DOR (deadly Orgone), Wilhelm Reich was unaware that it constantly is transformed back into healthy Orgone as a result of the pulsation of the planetary Orgone fields. If this was not the case, all life on this planet would have choked in deadly Orgone long ago. In fact, in his work to remove DOR from the atmosphere (Reich made some real path-breaking observations concerning the presence and absence of DOR in the atmosphere), he grounded it into water, and there ...

Serious DOR problems arise whenever the planetary pulse of orgone energy cannot keep up with the generation of new DOR, as was the case in Wilhelm Reich's famous oranur experiment.  These problems occur in locations with massive "electrosmog," or electromagnetic pollution and wherever there is a massive amount of radioactivity present.


                                                                                            To be Continued...


P.S. For anyone who is well versed & consider themselves experienced with Orgone devices/Orgone metaphysical tools, then I invite you to explore where I offer the more advance technologies of Orgone/Chi generators, additionally added is free customer phone/email support, Namaste!.

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Please tell you link for your stuff, I want to have a look.


don't know if you've seen this. Just thought it may be of interest.

An interesting & factual video, Indigo Child. Despite these stone applications, you will find out with todays scientific breakthroughs in Orgonomics, these applications are now considered unnecessary to achieve the optimal desired effect. Namaste!

yeah cool, just thought if anyone was interested in starting small to satisfy curiosities(???) Didn't think it would be for you, but maybe someone else will be  interested.

All good.


A great suggestion indeed, Indigo Child, many who maybe interested in how this process comes together will know because of this added video you provided. Abundance, Peace & Light, Manifest.



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