I am pasting this from another posting so I don't need to re-write, so excuse any discrepancy. I did post recently about an orb effecting both myself and my wife about three weeks ago. Since I did not title it well, nor am I famous, the post went over like a fart in a windstorm. A kind reader here suggested I try it again, for what has happened to my dear wife since our encounter is amazing, she has awakened in a wonderful way. I will let the re write as well as the history speak for itself, this is the real deal and I really would like to know of others that I can share the experience with. Plus, I will be happy to answer any questions on any part of my writings.I am posting this here because to some, this will appear more like ghosts than alien, or perhaps just higher beings. Actually I am not asking what this means for I realize no one really has an answer. I will start with two nights ago before I lose your interest and then go back in time and try tying all this together. Please know that both I and my wife know this is happening and we seldom talk about it and never get stressed in any way, it just seems to be a part of our lives. There is so much when taken over the years, but seems to be coming to a head recently. I listen to her prophesies and she to mine, but that is another subject altogether. She allows me to experience stress when I am out of body even though it frightens her, I listen attentively to her experiences, we are a team beyond our present knowing here.Two nights ago, I was brought out of sleep in a sudden manner, I remember moaning and turning over and at the same time seeing a tall pale woman in white, glowing softly standing by the bed looking down at me. For some reason, I just accepted this and went into a relaxed state, one I could move in if I wished, then vibrations started and I went out like a light. This was not sleep paralysis, I am familiar with that, I moved and then went into a meditative state on purpose, it was the right thing to do, it was required. This is something I know, even when it gets sort of painful and leaves marks, I have been out in the astral at the call of others before, I have seen my soul twice.Three weeks or so ago, my wife tells me in the morning of an orb which came out of her forehead, hovered there for a time, then went over and hovered over my head. She watched this with interest but no distress, but then like me, tuned it out, went to the bathroom and when she came back, the white orb was not there. A side note here is needed. The following weeks, I am living with a new woman, one profoundly more aware and awake, a lot of "knowing" that she did not have before. This orb was the size of a golf ball and looked a great deal like one due to the mottled surface as well as it glowing softly.Moving back to last summer, I had two very profound out of body experiences. One dealt with a woman and a message of showing the way and an order to show another. The other with a high and powerful being, way beyond what you can imagine.Another event with my wife and us having lost time at her coming to bed. In this one, she is upset for the tall ones with the short ones want her alone that night. These are the same as a year earlier when they according to her, took us on a little journey to a new world, one which I have seen in several dreams . Also, I determined that being taken was on the astral not the physical through our conversation. She told me she tried to scream for me as she was afraid to go alone, her lungs did not work like in the now and caused her to come back. I reminded her, that in the spiritual or astral, you do not use lungs. Her answer was, "oh, I forgot". We both have had more than this, but you can follow with our wonderment here. This event, the one with the orb and others, leave us always drained with a feeling of being drugged when awakening the next morning. I knew the night of the orb due to my physical feelings even before she told me of this, so it effected both of us.I mention shadow people, which in some way are associated with the orbs, visions at night, messages I have received in other obe's and dreams as well. Also in the last few years starting with my grandson, these orbs and shadow beings are now effecting seven people close to us, or at least seen by these folks, including one cat.What I have come to know is this. There is a connection between the definition of alien, ghost, Angel etc. We are dealing with multiple dimensional beings here and yes, some seem negative, but of late I have been able to avoid that aspect. Well, perhaps not all, for the one time I was out, I got pissy with one and told it to back off, but perhaps I was just being immature.This last I am adding for I posted some time ago about encountering a barrier in the astral plane and a warning not to go beyond the barrier when trying to leave this earth one night. In the last month, I went out again and was above the earth it seemed when this kind voice told me, he was ok with that, but don't leave the earth. I will include another outing just to illustrate that we are not so wise while in the astral, said with a smile. I went out several weeks ago and encountered a large faced monster which scared the crap out of me. I was so agitated, I could not re-enter the body, somewhat like getting into a car with the door not open enough. My body was agitated and my wife this time was trying to get me back for she knew I was out and in trouble and she told me, I was not there and this frightened her a little.. Finally I made it and the next night I explained the large faced monster which was next to my bed. She calmly looked up and pointed to the wall next to my side of the bed, where I have a large Aztec mask hanging, I met my monster, so don't expect wisdom out there, it is earned.All this is tied together, and it seems with my early dream series to point to some kind of ascension or change on a level other than this and it is accelerating. I see a thinning between this level and others, so expect anything and don't be surprised. You may call it spiritual, I just don't know and I wonder how many here are going this way for I cannot believe I am that unique. I have left out a great number of details here, life is now a sci fi novel and I wait for a new paragraph each week. I feel for some, not all, time is short, things are moving along, baggage needs dumping and it is time to seek, to learn as well as dump the ego and earth connections. I feel clumsy writing this, for the subject is so far out there for many, I will only get a smile if that, but then at my age, oh well.

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  • Ok, I understand what you mean now.  The advice and help I receive is not from that level, it is higher.  I have dealt with the between level and had to exorcise or better said, raise my vibrational level above that which they can achieve. 

    A few years ago, I tried confronting a being that was a nuisance to my grandson.  When I projected to his residence, I met some resistance which tore me violently out of body and into the astral level, yet into darkness, a complete darkness.  I manifested light and vision however and was not fearful and in the end was ok. Actually, this was a positive experience for the memory was fully intact.  The one thing that stuck with me was getting out of this building, finding the entrance to the street barred by this heavy glass door, dirty with neglect and making the decision to just fade right through it, very interesting experience.

  • I put aside fear a long time ago and replaced it with love and understanding.  I also go into sleep and meditation with with only an invitation of that which is like myself and rejection of the negative, I am careful.  I also have found that those others ask and show and do not force, they are respectful.  Also the only things that are said are high level, not negative and never, ever with excess words.  There are hints and it is myself that must make up the meaning and come to decisions.

    I don't feel "they are dead" either, they are living like we are, only perhaps more so as we sleep here in  a struggle to waken.  I have heard others tell of some taking from us when we fear, but neither my wife nor I seem to have much fear so those would be going hungry I suppose.  A morning conversation goes something like this. Good morning dear, I was out of body last night the saw my soul, they told me it was a sacred thing.  Notice the brevity and here and the positive aspect.  In answer from my wife, she tells me, oh, that's nice, what would you like for breakfast?

    Another encounter, this from her, shortened.  We were with the tall ones last night, they were big men in very good shape.  They showed us this beautiful world, it was heavenly. She went on to  tell me they wanted her to become more spiritual and to stop some negative earth habits.  And so it goes.

    But then the negative does appear of a future, the sun, less people on earth, a transition to another world, a taking and so forth, but not demons or such.

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