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Larnach Castle Masquerade Ball ~ September 2011




Otago Museum ~ October 2011




Partial Solar Eclipse ~ Nov 25, 2011



My garden ~ March 2012


Orbs in the night sky ~ March 2012



My family and Grandma saying hello! : ) ~ March 2012






These photos were taken by my brother, mother and I on three different digital cameras. The first two were taken my brother at Larnach Castle on the Otago Peninsula. The others were photographed by me at the Otago Museum and on my property in Dunedin, New Zealand except for the last two photos taken by my mum in March 2012 in Nelson, NZ with her camera. I'm quite sure that the orbs in my mother's shots are my lovely grandma, since the photos were taken at my aunties house and my cousins wedding party and she appeared right above my grandad and cousin : )

I've had my digital camera for about 6 years now, but hadn't photographed anything orb-like before last year so I was quite interested in these. I don't think there's anything wrong with our cameras because we've all taken heaps of other 'normal' photos since then. My brother suggested that the orbs in his photos are due to moisture in the air since it was raining lightly that night, but that doesn't explain why they appeared inside the castle ballroom next to the fire and it wasn't moist in the museum or at my grandparents house.

Larnach Castle is apparently haunted by William Larnach who shot himself in parliament and other members of his family who died at the castle. The ballroom was built for William's daughter Kate as a gift for her 21st birthday and she died of typhoid 5 years later. William's first 2 wives also died there and William commited suicide after discovering that his much younger third wife was having an affair with his son Donald, who later also shot himself at a Dunedin Hotel.

Despite all the tragedy at Larnach Castle I didn't sense any negative energy there so perhaps the entities are happy during social occasions? Maybe that's why we say when we're happy our spirits are high! I'd like to know if anyone else has taken photos of orbs/spirits at Larnach castle. I started a Larnach Castle Ball group on Facebook so people can post their own photos.

Thanks for reading, please comment and add more orb photos you'd like to share.

Peace, Love & Light,

Kelly : )




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Hi Andy,

The girls in the museum photo are my little angels of light Amika and Emily.

I've never seen any photos with orbs around me before so I think these orbs were connected to the castle.

I feel like I've got a very strong connection to Larnach Castle and have always been drawn to it. I've fully researched the Larnach family History and even have a painting of the castle above my fireplace. In fact I'd probably live there if I could!

Thanks for asking : )  


You're absolutely right Andy, but how did you know?!

My mother saw a women's ghostly figure sitting in the sewing room at Larnach Castle many years ago. She believes it was William's first wife Constance and my partner also felt a presence in Constance's bedroom, so I guess the spirits there are well-aquainted with my family. My mother has only been there a few times but she's actually a 'host of Larnach Castle', which means that when she takes people to visit the castle she gets in for half-price.

Speaking of history, I've always been fascinated with Egypt and there's an awesome Egyptian mummy at the top of the stairs in the first photo which was entombed in Egypt for 2300 years and has since been at the Otago Museum for over 116 years. My partner Greg and I love to visit her so we had just been looking at the mummy before we walked down the stairs and I took the photo. She was exactly the same height as me and about my age when she died and experts have reconstructed her face to see how she looked, (although the model of her face was hardly flattering!).

I once had a very vivid and powerful dream that I was a beautiful Egyptian queen who was haughty and cruel, I can quite clearly remember being adorned with gorgeous jewels and walking among my subjects while looking down on them like they were petty and worthless. It hope I wasn't like that, but it could be a reason why I'm now very humble and prefer not to be in a position where I have power over others (although I still love my precious gems!)

Thanks for the input and many blessings to you too : )






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