Greetings this is Lord Ashtar communicating to you from the New Jerusalem Flagship.
Today is the 11th Anniversary of the events of 9/11/01. All of you are in the forefront of our minds today.
Members of the Galactic Federation including Lord Sananda and St. Germain have been communicating with you this way all summer.

We come to you today to ask your help in a big way. As you may have heard St. Germain personally visited all of the mega rich on Earth and asked them to give all their money away to charity. When he saw them he explained that when the Changeover comes they will lose all their money and their next Mission will be decided based on their decision.

Many of the Bill and Melinda Gates of this World were invited to do so. Absolutely no one agreed- not one. This is good news, in a way, because it was the last hurdle to cross which gave us more license to intervene on many more levels. We are doing so and call on you to help.

We have contacted, through those working in the Ground Crew, Celebrities with Wealth to join the Disclosure Movement by bringing Media Attention inviting Earthʻs Citizens to ask their governments to share their confidential files and Self-disclose contact with Extraterrestrials for decades.

Hold a Vision for money to be gifted to the Disclosure Movement to encourage Media to make it an Issue.
Besides St. Germain I have held meetings with significant World Leaders, Peace Prize recipients and Military Leaders asking them to join together to restore integrity and faith to this World by telling the Truth.

My gift to you on this 11th Anniversary to thank you for all of your hard work is October Surprise. October Surprise is a noetic science experiment meant to link the hearts of many around the World in raising the Collective Consciousness to bring about Full Galactic Disclosure. How this will be accomplished is by Occupying The Media.

We would like to raise certain points to be implemented as a matter of urgency in the interest of the United States effective government and progress. As a major reform, independence should be introduced to the Media, so they are no longer under the control of a Gag Order on the issue of the Secret Space Program. This would enable freedom from political influence or physical threats for telling the Truth.

Since the beginning of the We The People White House Petition website there have been at least six petitions asking for an official Disclosure of our governmentʻs contact with Extraterrestrials. In an earlier response to the Disclosure Petition the White House Office of Science Technology Policy (OSTP) commented: “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.”

President Obama has said he is very interested in exploring Space, but it cannot be done the old way. In this manner a higher standard of integrity will be possible, unaffected by any political sway. Members of the Ground Crew can effect the Media by saturating the internet with requests for Full Galactic Disclosure. The Media have a Gag Order in place but you do not.

You are free to talk about Disclosure in your Forums, in your Blogs, on the Comments pages of Major Newspapers, on the Radio and with your neighbors and study groups. You also have Social Media networks which are extensive. If you focus together for One Cause and skip over the other things for a few focused weeks you could force the Media to comment on the ET phenomena and the Disclosure Movement.

They cannot directly write reports of Truth, but they can comment on what you are writing, youtubing and talking about. There is another White House Petition and you will make an impact by gathering 25,000 signatures this time. The White House website is a high traffic website and honestly, is there anything more important which has the ability to bring so many wonderful changes as an effect?

The Ground Crew can, when pulling together, bring this miracle now. We are helping from above in every capacity possible. There is nothing left in the Prime Directive to stop it. Full Galactic Disclosure can happen at any time now.

We are coming near an end to President Obamaʻs 44th Presidency. He is the Disclosure President. There are no guarantees he will be elected again. No one man can bring the changes alone. He needs your help. It seems there are a large number of profiteers blocking an official Disclosure Announcement.

A small few members of the United States CIA, NSA, DOD, NASA, Joint Chiefs and Supreme Court Judges and many Private Contractors refuse to reveal the deception to citizens of the United States. There is a lot of money to be made in Secret Space Exploration. NASAʻs budget is spent in the hundreds of millions to private contractors flying to the International Space Station.

The one and only thing keeping the Ground Crew from realizing Disclosure is pressure from The People. I invite you now to Occupy the Media. The October Surprise is President Obama making an official Announcement of Full Galactic Disclosure to the World. This surprise will be to all the politicians, monarchs and government officials who benefit from hiding their contact with Extraterrestrials that its Game Over.

The October Surprise postpones the next election. The October Surprise brings a Planet of Peace. Now go out there and show us what you can accomplish in a few weeks time. This is Ashtar ~ Salut! Through Elizabeth Trutwin © All Rights Reserved.


http://www.garuda.co/2012/09/13/ashtars-message-the-october-surprise/ by beth http://www.garuda.co/?author=1

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  • could also be Tru-Twin

  • one-grain-of-salt.jpg

  • I signed. Still less than 1000 sigs on each.

  • @Contact2012

    "It makes me sad when all people do is complain here."

    I can assure you that the ratio of my overall good:bad-activity is about 80:20 at the moment and I aim aiming for 92:8 before this year is out. :)
    Only You can make You sad btw, don't try to load that off on me. Your sadness is not Mine. :)

    "This is supposed to be a loving website."

    And it also is.
    Then again, if you only focus on the bad then of course the site will feel bad for you, but.. It's easily remedied. Don't focus on and reinforce the bad, just counteract it.

    "So you dont believe in the channel."

    Well, I don't know yet. That's why I added questions, so that this little channel can come in here and answer those questions. All Ascended Masters knows who I am so.. It's all very easily verifyable.

    "Does that mean that you cant sign the petitions hoping for some good to come out of it."

    To me that'd be like voting.
    I don't even dignify nor recognise the existence of ANY governments anymore.
    If there's something I wanna know, I usually hack the conscious grid and TAKE what I want to know.
    Sizzling around with petitions, requests and "pleeeeease i beg of you my master"-words aren't gonna give humanity their power back.

    Contact the aliens yourself for crying out loud.

    I did and since then I've had a Plaedian commenter in my head that analyze and comment on my every thought (it's amazing, you should try it. you can evolve decades in weeks) and some of those comments have been of what you call, negative critizism... But, they have always been right so far. They have never said anything that did not already resonate with me on my basic levels of existence.

    But.. I'm drifting OT here. I don't respect our govts enough to recognise them with a petition. They're liars, and I shall NEVER trust such structures again.

    "The petitions are good petitions."

    Well, the petitions are useless since they won't deliver you from the master/slave-reality even if they were to be heeded.

    But, the idea as a whole is of course Intentious, Noble, Lovely and TRUE.
    However, reality needs 5 pieces to work. We only have 4 here. You lack Resolve, and you can never get it because you still don't know exactly WHAT it is you wanna know, and up until you do know that, you won't be getting the truth.

    "And why would we not want disclosure?"

    That's not the issue. The Issue is that Ascended Masters claim that 3D-humans under hostile occupation should bow to their masters and ASK for truth instead of just TAKING it as they have the rights to do.

    "Disclosure would help many people wake up."

    No, they'd only go from one dream to another.
    I doubt media would ever report on the 144 thousand member species of GF for instance.. They'll tell you about the greys, the annunaki, perhaps the reptilians historical and actually rightful (yes, the horror) claim to earth and some of the hostile races and so on..

    Don't you see. With this petition you're only paving the way for the govt to pull another one of their stupid screenplays for you.. Nothing more.

    "Do you not relize how many people dont even believe in UFO'S at all."

    Is it our responsibility to plant that belief into them? And also through a govts directions where we KNOW that that govt is corrupt?
    You're setting the "sheeple" (I HATE that word, but I don't have a better one atm) up for a quick slaughter here.

    The only way we're ever gonna get full disclosure, is if someone hacks into every database on earth that could contain infromation, and then dumping it all straight up on a botnet so that NOONE can erease it all and so that everyone can access it at once.
    Media can't be trusted until you have armed militia stationed at every TV-station ENSURING the safety of the journalists when they disclose.

    I think this message from our dear Lord (of what?) Ashtar is just another distraction to keep good lightworkers focused on something that will allow the dark to direct and pull the strings on Humanitys way to realization of her true heritage.

    • You as a lightworker are here to help humanity evolve.  I disagree with much you have said.  We will have to agree to disagree as I refuse to debate back and forth and back and forth etc....What does that do?   You seem pretty head strong about this....

      • "You as a lightworker are here to help humanity evolve."

        I'm not a Lightworker.

        I'm a Descended Master (i.e 5D"time"-traveller).

        I am here to Evolve (find my way back), and also, to help others with problems I may already have experience of and therefore can help others avoid on the path to ascension. Those Humans that have not chosen the path to ascension are not important to me.

  • Ain't it rather pointless to ask for disclosure at this time?

    I mean, noone I know believe in the media anymore, and if something comes from the mouth of an american president, as a rule, it's most certainly a lie.

    Even if disclosure WERE to happen within a few months, only the "sheeple" would believe it.. And that to me, adds up to a MAJOR false-flag risk when it comes to "disclosure".

    If disclosure is to happen, the information will have to come from someone else than the same govts that has been lying to the people since the death of Abe Lincoln.

    And my dear Ashtar:

    WHY THE HELL!!!! are you not talking about spiritual enlightenment and growth at this time?
    What's wrong with you?

    All this 3D-focus you're into, all this deception, all this "finally THEY shall be made to tell us the truth" .. Who the hell are "they" anyway and why should we trust them?
    Trust is earned, not given.

    Somethinng smells fishy about the way you talk, Ashtar.

    • It makes me sad when all people do is complain here.  This is supposed to be a loving website.  Half of these posts are people bashing on eachother.  So you dont believe in the channel.  So be it.  Does that mean that you cant sign the petitions hoping for some good to come out of it.  The petitions are good petitions.  Complain, complain, complin.  Doesnt it get tiring.  And why would we not want disclosure?  Disclosure would help many people wake up.  Do you not relize how many people dont even believe in UFO'S at all.  Think about what you just said.  Think hard.  With much respect



      • so true my friend, i also get sad inside my heart.......


        when it is something that is positive, doesnt matter if its true or not, why use so much hard words...





  • I hear what she is saying and continue to send Love and Light to the disclosure and election process .... regardless of our individual opinions the light WILL always WIN and so be it. 

This reply was deleted.

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