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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
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& ponder this Ashtar Massive... This is the comment from darkstar that a "starseed, living in an incarnated body on earth" & claiming to be a 'Commander of the GFL' took the time to respond to, in a supposed "honest & truthful" way:

"Michelle a.k.a Marie Atoinette (sp) has SIZE 14 FEET!  What WOMAN  has SIZE 14 FEET!!! And her HANDS!  They're MASSIVE!  (In pictures of her, they replace her hands with someone elses)  Since I believe that Obama is gay, I believe he needs someone like Michelle.  In some pictures of her in a dress, she appears to have a PENIS - maybe she is BOTH male AND female - who knows?"  

Truly enlightened stuff right? So Drekx... someone who just claimed 'I speak the truth..." effectively cosigns this utter b******* by writing that Michelle Obama walks like a man & is undoubtably a transexual.... & he is repulsed by her appearance, writing 'she's definitely not to his liking' etc. He then posts some unflattering pics of her to drive his infantile point home. Yet above he writes: "of course, we should not project hate..."??? Just doesn't add up does it? In the end, rather than just own up to his hypocritical behavior, he does some quick backflips, deletes his post & throws it into the "As for the Sirians, they do possess a lively sense of humour and frankly have more important concerns than political correctness on earth..." escape pod. The 'excuses are like a*******, everybody has one' analogy comes to mind... but I digress. When asked to throw some of his side spitting barbs at his Savior, Sheldon Nidle... or his wife... Dreks had nothing to add. Hmmmmm.... I wonder why? Apparently the Sirians love telling jokes at the expense of their fellows. Come on Omego... give it a go mate... ole Sheldan will know you're just having fun ;-) 

So what's the real 'truth' Drekx? Hate=HatePeriod!

Nuff said.

~The 'micro & the macro' are always in effect... so while I real'eyes' I have been playing a calculated role on these low-grade anti Obama threads that has added fuel to fire... from where I stand, it is not in vain. As contradictory as it may seem... it is in the hopes to ultimately help purge these energies from our Consciousness (yes, mine included). As a biracial man, much of the bigoted ideas being spewed on these posts simply can't be whitewashed as 'just having a laugh'... the shadows go much deeper than that... & of course they transcend Obama. They transcend All of us sharing our 'stories' on ACC.  Humanity is in the Divine-Process of shedding the Illusion of difference... of duality... this type of turbulence is actually part of reclaiming our Birthright, Unity- Consciousness.
It's always darkest before the dawn.  ~InLight555 


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”... “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

~Martin Luther King Jr.

That's funny Feather... I actually envy your ability to articulate these things so beautifully. Perhaps that's the deeper paradox... as Humanity moves further away from the intellectual aspects of our Consciousness, the limitations of language grow more pronounced. Ultimately that's what makes entering this purely 'experiential' phase of our Spiritual growth so exciting. We're like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis... when Humanity finally stands in the full glory of our True-Selves, ALL of these petty conflicts will be rightsized as mere folly. ~InLight555



Let Go, Let God Ashtar Massive...

( ( ( Love, Light & Respect ) ) ) 



There is a stark difference between serving a cause and taking time off, to express a personal opinion....

Being honest and truthful in our observations is not "hate." If I were making fun of a white president you would say nothing about it...You have a fixation on him being black, not me. And you foolishly call all dissent "hate."


I simply agreed with 1 darkstar about Michelle's appearance.....A fact that she possesses size 14 feet, which is A FACT....and thus, received comments.

Should we PRETEND that we find the "first lady" attractive...?? Should we be dishonest in our comments and state how "attractive" we find her...?? I prefer honesty with the obamas...something they do not reciprocate to the people.

As for hate.....WHAT OF DRONE STRIKES...?? I'm not responsible for those, Obama is....

WHAT OF NSA SURVEILLANCE...?? You must agree, the world demands answers from Obama, as he is in the hot seat and does require to provide them...

Recently an innocent family of Pakistanis went to DC, to describe their fears and pains, about a drone strike that killed their grandmother.....Why does Obama remain silent...?? I thought you said he was a lightworker...?? So where is his compassion when the limbs and heads of innocent people get blown off...?? He's a fake, like you, Stick...


Drone strikes encourage hatred in response and Obama presides over them willingly....

You speak of hatred in those who criticise Obama...?? You're a fool, Stick....

Who is the real hate monger here...?? OBAMA IS.....and he will be exposed.

"He's a fake, like you, Stick..." "You're a fool, Stick..." Get it out Drekx... hopefully purging these type of self-righteous comments from your Consciousness is helping you to feel 'better'? For a 'Starseed/Commander of the GFL'... perhaps you've spent so much time behind the veils of duality, that you've lost sight of your 'true' mission. I've worked closely with Drunvalo Melchizedek, who is a 'walk in'... & while he certainly has a sense of humor... he just isn't burdened by the 'conceit & vitriol' you regularly show those who have the audacity to call you on your hypocrisy. Perhaps your character defects (or inability at times to show even basic levels of respect) are remaining shadows of the personality you inhabited? Whatever the case may be... they are a great hinderance to the data you present that has depth & weight being taken seriously. So who's the 'fool' Omego? You know what's really foolish?... That you actually believe these one dimensional tirades of yours have anything to do with Obama. Simply not the 'truth' brother. As I always say... When you point the finger, there are four pointed back at yourself. You can do better than this Drekx... the role of 'petty tyrant' is a dark cul-de-sac of the rabbit-h***.
Let it go... it no longer serves. ~In Lak'ech Ala K'in 555 

FW....Maybe you should try giving respect to those who see through the Obama charade...?? And not just those who stick to politically correct thoughtforms...?


BUT I notice it's all one-sided with you, always....You are very polarised in that way and have your own likes and dislikes, as anyone else does...So don't try to pretend that you're more pious than those who disagree with you....

You have your own agenda and preferences, BUT unlike me, you lack courage to be honest with members here and simply throw out spiritual quotes, as if you actually practice them yourself...

A joke really, aren't you, FW...? You don't fool me....

I also note how much volume of posting you contibute to ACC....You are here virtually every day, adding posts....Maybe you should take time out, in the offline world, sometimes and get some sense back in that pie-in-the sky head of yours...?? LOL You live in a fantasy, it seems...



Yes, you are right to suggest that normal people don't go around destroying other human beings.....But then, President Obama is C&C, so not a normal person, but a psycopath with his finger on the trigger.




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