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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
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Stick:  Are you speaking about Obama?  GET OVER IT!

No darkstar... that quote from Haile Selassie isn't about Obama. It's about ALL of Humanity.

& in Life, we don't learn the most from our greatest victories, but rather from our willingness to walk through our greatest challenges. 'Getting over it' & pretending they don't exist, is the equivalent of rearanging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Wasted energy! That's not my path darkstar... 'the world is a stage'... & as I've said countless times, we ALL incarnated here to fulfill specific 'roles'. Some are here to cling to the old means & ways of a paradigm that is set on keeping the masses in mental bondage... & some are here to shatter it! ~TemetNosce247



There are far more worse politicians in my country who stage all kinds of dramas to get the public attention in their favour. Tell you what I aint dumb to fall for that and I haven't voted until now, nor I'll vote anytime in the future for any of these idiots and if they make voting compulsory in my country I'll cast a blank vote. Why vote for these criminals and later sit and complain that they aren't good?

First Lady Michelle Obama: Stop wearing mammoth ivory jewellery. Petition: ►
Since mammoth ivory is more valuable than elephant ivory, poachers are likely to disguise elephant tusks as mammoth tusks to meet the demand for ivory.

Once a tusk is processed into jewelry or a carving, even top experts and advanced wildlife forensics labs have a hard time telling where it came from.

Because of this, India has banned mammoth ivory.

I call it killing a bird with two stones. :)

Searching for a conspiracy when there is none? 

All I see is a lady fainting -- she was nervous. There are a bunch of nervous people in the world. 

Ten years from now, the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT will be like Medicare.  Everyone will love it. 

Irony is a funny thing.

I think Obama would of loved to keep all of his campaign promises, but when his election win took the cabal by suprise, they had to resort to their plan B:  Threaten his family with torture and death.  Why is that so hard to consider for Obama bashers?  Take a look at David Wilcock's contribution to Fulford's latest

Thanks for sharing this Phylos. Humanity is at the crossroads of a Spiritual War that echoes back to the Luciferian Rebellion... the esoteric/symbolic significance of Barack Obama in the 'role' of 'Commander in Chief' at this specific point in the timeline has implications that simply haven't fully come into Light... yet! More will be revealed. It is true that Obama & his family have been under extreme physical threat since his 'election'. Nonetheless... they are protected! He has already lasted far longer as 'President' than any of the inner core of the Cabal had wanted. The Works that stand ready to be fulfilled as this Spiritual Domino Effect continues to build pace, will humble even the most hardened/cynical Souls. Through our collective Intent, the prison walls of duality are crumbling. Each & everyone of us has a significant role to play... otherwise, we simply wouldn't be here. Period! Being present to witness the shadows of duality fade into memory is a rare privilege. We were born to do this... & yes, that includes Barack Obama & his family. ~ApotheosisNow!!!


Stick....Drex, in my opinion, is a charlatan.  Unfortunately, many are seduced by the claim of extraterrestial contact.  Wes, on the other hand is for real.  One can tell by his maturity, wisdom, humility, and loving demeanor.  He avoids argument and phonies know better than to engage such a high soul.  They are simply outclassed entirely.  These trolls eventually tip their hand if one is vigilant and aware. 


Your opinions of me have no real impact, as I am not in receipt of pay, nor do I require your vote....I'm free to be truthful and express my opinions......

This is a website in which we can express personal tastes & opinions, as well as messages and higher causes..


There are examples of genuine contactees being HUMAN in their tastes (Billy Meier) and the phonies are the ones who claim to not have personal opinions and merely place a false fascia of piety.......Such as Suzy Ward, or Mike Quinsey.


I'm a starseed, living in an incarnated body on earth....I don't pretend to be an ascended being, beyond all this, floating about on a cloud, playing a harp....and singing praise to politicians and their families...

You may seek us all to fall down in supine submission to CIA psyops and believe in the Obama lie, but we won't and there is no spiritual law that compels us to like everybody.....We still have personal opinions and preferences....I prefer to expose the Obama fraud....If you want to believe in it, then feel free, but please expect to be challenged...

As for my views on Michelle Obama, they were in response to 1 darkstar's comments and were honest and truthful....Unlike politicians I do not PRETEND...I speak the truth and do possess likes and dislikes....Of course, we should not project hate, YET we may like or dislike and have freewill to express ourselves....

Ponder that....



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