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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
Watch Video @

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Truly risible of Obama to lie continually to the world and his own country.....He feighned ignorance of the NSA surveillance programme against Merkel and other politicians....He lies continually, and like Cameron, is placed within the NSA/GCHQ security briefings knew all about mass and individual surviellance, in spite of the abject denials...


Obama the LIAR....





Drekx:  Drekx, I have a simple question for you:  Why would anyone trust a liar?

Hello friend 1 darkstar.......

I would firstly like to thank you for your tireless attempts to bring some sense to the Obamanoids on ACC...

Secondly I would like to explain to you that my beloved Sirian contacts are telling me not to be too frustrated with those fellow Earth humans who fail to break free from the CIA psyops propaganda, which has been cleverly arranged to strike a cord with a certain mindset.....That mindset seeks freedom and change, but is actually in danger of being totally controlled by the dark....

The Dark Cabal appointed Obama to fool the masses and those who continue to support his lies, do so out of fear of being wrong...They fear that he is actually an agent of the dark and cannot face such a possibility, so continue to support him, in spite of evidence that he does truly seek to delay the process of change..

There is mounting evidence that Obama's programmes have ramped up what Bush started.....YET, his naive supporters are definitely in denial...

The Sirians tell me that I must be patient with such ones..That we must wait until people see through the dark games, as only through freewill, must the changes towards individual sovereignty be brought in...

So those who trust the lies, must be allowed.....They must be challenged, YET allowed, to believe in the glamour of Obama....And until these people wake up, we must suffer a world gone mad...


Until these people grow in intuitive prowess and intellect, the rest of us must continue to remind them, yet accept that their clouds of glamour shroud them in dark fogs, which blot out their clear vision...

Thanks Traxiss, will do.....!! :-)


Although, they probably picked up your thoughts, before I even read your they tend to monitor all participants here, as a rule...

Selamat jalwa, JaTa khan-a......!! Drekx

Drekx:  Thank you for being so kind.  Yes, EVENTUALLY they may see his LIES, etc. but ONLY WHEN THE S*** HITS THE FAN!

I love how when the tenor of these low-grade threads drops even lower, Sheldan Nidle is dragged into the mix to somehow validate the bottom-feeding. Look, make no mistake about it, ole Sheldan is a humble soul with the best of intention... but the notion that he is the 'one genuine official outlet for GFL updates' is deeply misguided. More importantly though, Sheldan doesn't have a tenth of the venom & vitriol in his Consciousness or Messages, that is regularly shown by his most devoted disciples on this site. Check out this 2009 talk with Sheldan... & given his affect & general energy signature, what do you think he would make of the fear-porn posted on this thread? Be honest with yourselves... & for Christ's sake, 'Lighten' up! You guys are so caught in the political sideshow, that you're missing all the fun ;-) InLight555 

*& for anyone that watches this footage & actually believes the GFL have placed all their bets on a planet of seven-billion on just ole Sheldans (& a few others) shoulders... well... you must not think very highly of the GFL's capabilities. Stand Strong Ashatar Massive... more will be revealed!

You judge everything on a superficial basis, Stick....That is why you are easily fooled, as you have been conditioned to only respond to a smile, rather than to utilise a deeper intuitive method for obtaining truth....

It is not simply an "energy signature" you visually perceive in a smiling face, that determines truth....It is the underlying energies that surround a person, which takes a special skill to perceive....

I dare suggest that you are easily taken in by advertising....especially when confronted with happy smiling faces...


As for Sheldan, he has received some tuition and when he first presented himself, he felt awkward and is not a natural....

As for is not my job to present you with a smiling face....My job is to present TRUTH..



??? Seems as if you're talking about yourself here brother... you know the saying:

When you point the finger, there are four pointed back at yourself ;-) 


Well, to suggest that someone may be believed in, purely upon body language and smiling faces, does seem unfair for those of us on the impersonal net.....

To be frank, you know nothing about me.....And I don't have to present a "package" smile for you, as advertisers and politicians do, especially in your country....You are always given packaging, and to judge a book by it's cover, rather than it's content, is shallow...

I can be TRULY honest with you, as I have nothing to prove and do not seek your vote, nor your money...

Ponder that.. :-)


Avatar:  SPECULATE?!!!  Reality seem to ESCAPE YOU.

Traxiss:  I guess I have to agree with you at SOME POINT, but I ENJOY the battle.

You missed my point Drekx... & I would never suggest someone should 'be believed in, purely upon body language and smiling faces' That's absurd! I was simply pointing out that jolly ole Sheldan would never cosign the venom & vitriol that's shown on these Obama threads & undoubtably would not want his name associated with them. ~InLight555 

'Don't show I your teeth... Plastic smile won't work.'



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