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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
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Drex, I've read several of your comments and i find it impossible to believe that you have anything at all to do with an enlightened, spiritual, and benevolent civilization like Sirius is supposed to be.  As I am always inclined to say, I may be in error, nevertheless you sound like nothing less than a slick and well-trained republican troll to me.   Some of us are harder to fool than your handlers think.

I like Shel's vid... 

On the bridge of Sirian ships, all communications are by telepathy, so there is a great silence for non-telepaths..The universal translators are about 2" in diameter and afix to any type of clothing....


He didn't mention the device for walking through solid objects, but these are gravitationally responsive, so must be worn horizontally, at right angles to the gravity pull, on planet or on ship..Small needle-like silver rod, with blunt ends..  :-)

Any Earth human can be offered these technologies, at the right divine time..   ;-)

Stick:  It is NOT fear-porn.  It is REALITY.  (Many people want to live in LaLa Land, but I'm not saying that you're one of them).  No offense, but I think that using the phrase "fear porn" is just a way to obscure the TRUTH.

Duality 101...

~Humanities current enmeshment with the Age of Technology & the endless forums that come with it, has enabled us to instantly 'express' ourselves globally, & has morphed President Obama into a kind of tuning fork for mass Presidential & personal critique never before seen on our planet...ever! Given the current beyond cynical cyber climate, it certainly begs the question why anyone would be interested in getting involved with politics or 'public life' at all. It also goes without saying that there are many esoteric agendas to consider when it comes to even cracking the surface of the 'role' of President. Nonetheless, trying to grasp where any Presidents personal agendas & feelings, loyalties & overall Intent resides is a National pastime. So when it comes to Barack Obama, you could sum up the current temperature with the saying 'expectations are resentments under construction'...  but the deeper disconnect is more complex; we are in a timeline where instant gratification takes too long & there is a ravenous 'energetic calling' for people to effectively exercise their own shadows by taking pride in tearing down anything that may connote 'positive' change. Anyone navigating through the easily accessed mountains of data of the so-called 'New Age' movement can attest to this. For all the 'Love & Light', there is a disproportionate amount of venom & vitriol as well... but so it goes with these arenas. The bottom line is, with the exception of parting the Red Sea, there is next to nothing Obama can do to silence the mind numbing backbeat of core dissatisfaction of the masses. A deep rooted frustration that transcends any 'one' personality. It's not that any of this is 'new', it's just that the avenues for us to vent these low grade emotions have increased a thousandfold... & scapegoating the current global crisis onto the shoulders of one person may be convenient, but it amounts to little more than child's play. What's important to keep in mind with the role of President is, like all heads of State, Obama is a symbol... & quite a powerful one from my perspective, who will be shown to be in sync with the shifting tide of History. The social alchemy & collective positive Intent it took to get him into office should not be whitewashed & diminished as false... because it was not. To anyone who actually believes that the elites wanted Obama in the position of Commander in Chief, you are simply misguided. But I digress... debating Obama as a singular personality who is either 'with us, or against us', is ultimately short sighted...  & not in line with the internal Spiritual work that we are each  b e i n g  called to do. That we agreed to do by descending through the veils of forgetting in the first place. 'Lightworkers' aren't infallible... or somehow unified under the exact same beliefs. Far from it! We are all (Obama included) engaged in the final throes of a multidimensional experiment... not for the faint of Heart... & a radical departure from the limited lens of the 'you're either good, or evil' paradigm. This just isn't about 'sides'. Not anymore! Like the calculated sideshow of 'Left vs.Right', it's all a fading illusion of duality. So forget everything you know, or think you know, about Barack Obama... & ask yourselves what these divisive one dimensional debates do for your own Consciousness? How do they make you feel? Because when all is said & done... YOU matter! We owe it to ourselves to free ourselves from this type of mental bondage. It's not why you are here... in this time... in this 'reality'. As the great Contemporary Shaman, Terence McKenna said: "...if you're worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton [or Barack Obama] or somebody else, then you are disempowered, you're giving it all away to icons, icons which are maintained by an electronic media... This is s***-brained, this kind of thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and your friends and your associations, your highs, your hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told 'no', we're unimportant, we're peripheral... You want to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world.”  -Our return to Unity-Consciousness will not come from one individual... that's not how it works... & that was never Obamas 'soul contract'. In the end, the 'Change' we are collectively yearning for will come from the bottom up... from our fellows... from us! Not the top down. Whether one is ready to fully process it or not, the fact remains, in a very real way, Barack Obama has played a crucial 'role' in Humanities collective purging of energies that no longer serve. So whether he's inspired 'Fear or Love' in your personal 'story' isn't the real issue is it? It's time for us to get out of the proverbial sandbox & go even deeper. ~InLight555

*Here's some more Multidimensional food for thought Ashatar Massive... again ;-)

The Light of Darkness
by Paul Levy

In my previous article "The Sacred Art of Alchemy," I contemplate how the unconscious part of ourselves becomes the raw material, the prima materia,out of which the alchemical gold, the philosophers' stone, which is none other than the enlightened mind, is refined and revealed. The art of alchemy has nothing to do with turning base metals into gold, and everything to do with transmuting our lower, primitive, instinctual selves into a more purified state. The goal of the spiritual art of alchemy is to unite the opposites -- to integrate the conscious and the unconscious, to unlock the light encoded and imprisoned within the darkness. The light within the darkness itself is known as the lumen naturae,the inner living light of primordial, ever-present, non-dual awareness itself, which is the light of nature that literally lights-up the whole of creation in this and every moment. To see the light that is hidden in the darkness is to become conscious, which, alchemically speaking, frees the spirit that is hidden and trapped inside the materialized world.

The art of alchemy itself is an expression that hidden in the darkness is light. The alchemists, Jung says, "discover that in the very darkness of nature a light is hidden, a little spark without which the darkness would not be darkness...the lumen naturae is the light of the darkness itself, which illuminates its own darkness, and this light the darkness comprehends" In contrast to a light that, as the Bible says, "shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended itnot," the lumen naturae, the light of lights, is a light that the darkness intimately recognizes as its own nature. The lumen naturae is the luminosity within the darkness recognizing itself as it illumines its own darkness. This archetypal experience of the luminescence of the divine being found in the translucent darkness is referred to in various mystical traditions by names such as the luminous darkness and the black sun.

A light that doesn't go out, the lumen naturae pervades, infuses and animates the physical world. Everything that arises in the materialized world is inseparable from and a modification of the lumen naturae. At the same time, being the light of non-dual awareness prior to consciousness, the lumen naturae inspires, e-lucid-ates, il-lumin-ates, and en-light-ens consciousness itself. Being non-dual, the lumen naturae non-locally and synchronistically con-figures co-arising events, bothin the physical world and reciprocally within the landscape of our minds, as a way of revealing itself.

The lumen naturae inspires our unconscious and animates our dreams. Alchemical texts say, "He ‘learns' the lumen naturae through dreams," and "As the light of nature cannot speak, it buildeth shapes in sleep from the power of the word (of God)." The Logos, the creative word of God, is also equivalent to the lumen naturae. Not limited to giving shape solely to our night dreams, the lumen naturae also interpenetrates and materializes itself into and shapes our shared waking dream, literally orchestrating the situations we find ourselves in during the course of our life. Because it is not bound to the laws of linear time and third-dimensional space, the lumen naturae is always extending and expressing itself everywhere.

The lumen naturae is not the light that we see, it is the invisible light by which we see, in that it is the non-dual light of sentient awareness itself. It is a light which inspires the world and yet it has no objects separate from itself. The lumen naturae is not a light separate from the darkness. For the alchemists, darkness wasn't merely an absence of light, but a quality that was an expression of the indwelling light of being that has no opposite. Shadows themselves are nothing other than an expression of light; light itself contains and generates shadows. Where there are no shadows, there is no light. Establishing ourselves in the viewpoint that can join the opposites, uniting the shadow and the light is to not only possess, but to create, genuine wealth within the core of our being. As Jung says,"one who can join the shadow to the light is the possessor of the greater riches." Among its many names, the philosophers' stone iscalled "The Pearl of Great Price," to signify its pricelessness, its preciousness, and its immeasurable value in all realms, both visible and invisible, outer and inner.

"Human consciousness," Jung explains, " the only seeing eye of the deity...God has made man so that he might see in the darkness." We are the instruments through which the lumen naturae illumines and realizes its own darkness, which is to simultaneously realize its light. The lumen naturae reveals itself in, as, and through the darkness. Just like light, the darkness itself is the unmediated crystallization and revelation of the non-dual light of the lumen naturae. We can unnecessarily limit ourselves by mistakenly thinking that illumination only means to "see the light." Seeing our own darkness, our own shadow, however, is initiatory and thereby is another form of illumination. Jung makes this point by saying, "not only darkness is known through light, but that, conversely, light is known through darkness." In becoming illuminated, the darkness illuminates us. In being seen, the darkness helps us to increase consciousness. In being made conscious, the darkness introduces us to the light of non-dual awareness, for without the darkness we wouldn't have realized the light. This is similar to how reflections in a mirror seemingly obscure the silvered face of the mirror while simultaneously revealing it. At the quantum level, it becomes impossible to distinguish where light ends and darkness begins, as they reveal themselves to be indissolubly united, a true conjunction of opposites.

The opposites, though seemingly polarized and adversarial toward each other, are intimately co-related, as they contain each other and help to bring the other into awareness and into manifestation. Using the image of the soil of the earth to symbolize matter, Jung makes this very point when he writes that the "soil is just matter, the absolute opposite of the spirit, yet it contains the spirit. Without encountering the soil one would never realize the spirit; it needs that resistance of matter in order to reveal itself." The opposites antagonistically co-operate with each other as a way to reveal their inseparable oneness.

All possible opposites are encoded in the lumen naturae in a state of open-ended potentiality. The natural spirit of the lumen naturae is a quantum form of light in that it manifests either in its wave or particle-like aspect depending upon how it is seen. Because of its divine origin and nature, the lumen naturae deserves our highest veneration and respect. Jung warns, however, "For those who are unmindful of this light, the lumen naturae turns into a ignis fatuus [something that misleads or deludes, an illusion], and the psychopomp [guide of the soul] into a diabolical seducer. Lucifer, who could have brought light, becomes the father of lies whose voice in our time, supported by press and radio, revels in orgies of propaganda and leads untold millions to ruin." When we don't honor a part of ourselves that belongsto our wholeness, this denied aspect constellates negatively, both within ourselves and nonlocally throughout the field. In our current age, this process of contracting against our own power and light is being collectively dreamed up and played out "in orgies of propaganda"on the world stage, with very real potential to lead "untold millions to ruin."... 

read entire essay @

& for 'Good' measure... let's take a moment to project 'Love & Light' toward the President!!!

Navigating forward from the center point of the Annunaki/Archonic hive is a truly difficult 'role' to 'play'...

so whether you feel Obama is a pawn of the Illuminati... or a Lightworker... it makes no difference...


Humanity stands on the cusp of a Spiritual tipping point! Remember?

That's why each & every'one' of you agreed to be here, at this time, behind the fading veils of duality.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in 888 



Stick:  That "savior picture" of Obama really gets to me.

Traxiss:  HOW MANY Social Security numbers does he have?  (I think it's something like  65, but I forget).  How many FALSE NAMES does he have?  HOW MANY TIMES HAS HE LIED?  Too many to count.  (Would you even HIRE this guy???!!!)

Traxiss:  According to different sources he either has 16, 27 or 39 different Social Security numbers.  His different names are the following:  Barack Obama II, Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah.  IN A WAY, I feel sorry for him.  (I know what abuse is).  But, DAMN IT!  I HATE LIARS and I'm ANGRY at being LIED to! (Oh, and by the way, some even WEIDER stuff:  his "nanny" was either a transvestite or transsexual). 

Traxiss:  Michelle a.k.a Marie Atoinette (sp) has SIZE 14 FEET!  What WOMAN  has SIZE 14 FEET!!! And her HANDS!  They're MASSIVE!  (In pictures of her, they replace her hands with someone elses)  Since I believe that Obama is gay, I believe he needs someone like Michelle.  In some pictures of her in a dress, she appears to have a PENIS - maybe she is BOTH male AND female - who knows? . 

So the GFL... a Spiritually evolved Fellowship comprised of beings with radically varying appearances... has a self proclaimed 'Commander' that is 'pleased' to tear down a mother of two for not being to 'his' liking? What a joke Omego... once again, your forked tongue reveals a mentality that simply has nothing to do with the GFL mission. 

It's always mind blowing the lengths you are willing to go to effectively discredit yourself Drekx. What do your 'Sirian contacts' have to say about the appearance of your savior Sheldan? Why don't you take a moment to evaluate his wife? Is she to your liking? Truly pathetic Omego... grow up!  


You are right, Stick.  How can a contactee of the enlightened Sirians like "Omega" sound like this?  Any self-respecting Sirian would feel the need for a shower after being in contact with this.

I have removed that post with two facial photos of Michelle Obama, so as not to offend those of a nervous, sensitive and/or humourless disposition....


As for the Sirians, they do possess a lively sense of humour and frankly have more important concerns than political correctness on earth...

As for the Obamas.....It goes with the jobs of President and First Lady...EXPECT PEOPLE TO PLACE OPINIONS FREELY....DISLIKES AS WELL AS LIKES...


As for the members from California; Phylos and Stick.....You will be challenged over Obama, so get used to the idea....and also, expect HONESTY, rather than pretend piety, as you are probably used to receiving from those false channels who praise Obama...




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