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Latest news says Obama is no longer President and CEO of United States!!!. He was "just a smart lawyer needed to weed out the rats"..

Country is to return to Organic Constitution..

Nesara and other prosperity programs to be released immediately following announcements..

Stock markets to close possibly ..

Voting for new interim government w/in 120 days of Monday Jan 21st 2013..

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  lets not "hope" this will happen, lets MAKE this happen!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman...with all due respect, there is no way that this country that I live in can continue, This country that I live in has turned into a corporation, (without anyones knowledge) Obama is the CEO. America is a country not a business. Two, according to law, no person that is a lawyer can be a member of congress or the president to say the least, so therefore Obama has to go!

You ones that practice "wishful thinking" are just one leg, you also need "practical thinking"  as well, this post is about the practical events that need to take know in the 3d realm. YOu cant use magic on everything guys..sometimes good ole elbow grease is the remedy. NOt hocus pocus!

If anyone of Yous who know anything about the constitution and the virginia company then you would know that what Drake says in this post is true. Again for you ones that do not even live in America nor know anything about its construction and constitution and the 14th admendment etc etc.. I ask you, how can you say anything is true or not true? If you have any shred of understanding of the dept of corruption in United States (polictically) then you would know that Obama is not the one to fix it. HE CANT..he's a lawyer!!

For starters for all you ones who are not even in the country america, nor know anything more than what is shown on tv, I tell you this...America is still a British colony and never declared independece from Britian ..taxes in America are paid to the Queen. Social Security is a tribute to the Queen.

Folks, is Obama gonna tell you that?  HELL NO!!  there are many other secrets that if Obama was a true president would tell JFK was going to tell the people what they needed to know.


@Andronover..yeah i read that..LOL..this is comming from a lady who claimed 3dd was happening 3monts ago..then.continually says she knows the sun is dimmer..LOL..

Im not feeling nothing she talks about..ok now Obama has a computer in his head??  He probably does..but I cant hear anything she says anymore until she explains her position on her so-called 3dd happening now!..

I´ve posted evidence about his scars for a long time ago , and Candace havn´t "claimed" anything.

We were told that the 3DD was SENSED to manifest back then , and it were planned.

We gave you all the alert , and we did it in the desire will to do good unto others.

You guys have to seek the truth from your inner compass.

Obama is a programmed spokesperson for the TPTW (the power that were), and they are totally powerless,  as Christ Michael have claimed HIS right to his seed planet

@A..scars and having a computer in his head are 2 DIFFERENT THINGS! but in this world when you say things that do not happen they call that crying wolf..then the ability to say you were wrong is called integrity..Candice?

this post is hilarious-but I like 'bama is out'

I found a comment that one anonymous person left on a blog site concerning this information..

"I cannot verify this post 100% but I did witness Congress reading
lines of the Constitution one by one on Tuesday am this week on
CNN. Just this fact alone is very unusual and I knew it was
significant. Did not count the congressmen but I could see it
was not nearly a full house."

these detail are important to the relevancy of this post and its predictions.

and Boehner is not a lawyer..he is a ex used car salesman which would legally qualify him for office. According to the "organic" constitution

Wow Mr. Ed!  Thanks for the great info!

Stop spreading all the NESARA bull shite. We´re mostly adult people here and adult people´d like to be treated as adults. With respect , thanks........

@Darth..ok lets not get caught up in labels..lets just call it "now the little guy gets a piece of the pie" that so bad?..isn't there enough space and riches here for everyone ???

"Stop spreading all the NESARA bull shite"

In retrospect, it's probably not that bad afterall, because when people get f***** constantly, the likelyhood of them allowing themselves to be f***** again, decreases exponentially.

I wonder, if we could actually ACCELLERATE evolution by simply propelling this nesara-deal and make it sound VERY probable to people?
I'd have no problems whatsoever accomplishing this since I'm a skilled lobbyist and knows how to decieve thousands of people in one blow even when I KNOW I'm technically wrong..
But, first we need to decide one thing: Are we gonna accellerate human evolution by simply f****** humans so hard they will be FORCED to evolve, or are we gonna stick with letting evolution run free without interferrance from us? ;)

I haven't been able to form a conclusive decision on that choice yet. It FEELS wrong, but .. is it REALLY?

Perhaps we should simply help the "antichrist" to fulfil his plan so that he can fall in our lifetime?
I rather have that than to live another 50 years in a world I know to be flawed just because it felt wrong to do what could have been done to produce the TRUE change I wanted to experience in my lifetime in the first place. ;)

I'm still thinking about simply BECOMING The AntiChrist. If that horrifying scenario wouldn't accellerate human evolution into TRUE self determination, I don't know what would. :)

If I decide to support the nesara-propaganda, I could piss off millions of people every year, and if that doesn't provoke a change, then humanity won't be worth putting any more energy into anyway :)


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