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Latest news says Obama is no longer President and CEO of United States!!!. He was "just a smart lawyer needed to weed out the rats"..

Country is to return to Organic Constitution..

Nesara and other prosperity programs to be released immediately following announcements..

Stock markets to close possibly ..

Voting for new interim government w/in 120 days of Monday Jan 21st 2013..

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I doubt a re-election would be announced in any other place than in news that most people actually read.

It's kinda treason for a president to just leave and not telling the people about it in the most public means available.

I mean, if the entire govt-structure and system is about to change within 120 days with no elections or newspapers announcements in between, about 200 million americans are gonna go to civil war the day it happens. If someone tries to bribe a redneck into accepting this unelectged transition of power with some funds from "nesara" he's gonna answer it by shooting that person twice in the head  ;)

Something is definitely going on..

only 71 members in congress...??? (any member of the B.A.R cannot be a member of congress)

Boehener gives "acceptance" speech..???


I see, another 120 days to wait ................please~!~

@Assiya..thats just for the new Gov..

I keep my mind open for anything so I guess we will see..........................

Well put Peekay!

Yes, well said. It is nothing but another HOAX, nothing but one. It is so easy to manipulate people. That is sad, but true. Green Light....perfect example along with the others. These stories are probably fabricated so as to make us believe that something is happening, to keep us from "Actually" doing something constructive to bring about a real change. Keep the the bugs circling the light and not watching their six's.

Standing ovation for you Peekay direct from me.....I totally concur with your assessment....more idle promises to bouy up the put them into a crevass when this does not come to pass.....fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice, shame on me....not sure if that is how the saying that's the drift. I do not fall for idle predictions and promises any more.....been there done that....not susceptible any more....Can smell b******* a mile away, PU! 

Peekay, I think this also applies to the 'Event'.  They won't tell you what it is.  They won't tell you when it is.  But every so often a 'channeled message' will slip it in the message.  It's a disinformation carrot to keep people dangling after the 'Ascension' non event.  Now people aren't waiting for 'Ascension' for obvious reasons but they are waiting for the 'Event'.  It seems to have taken 'Ascensions' place.

@LoneSpark..He did..Drake has done a 180 seems like.

thanks for sharing i think????????.

the golden carrot trick, only works if used once in a while, before every body can see this is not a FACT. JUST LIKE THE PROMISSES OF LAST YEAR. the results of these accouncements did just only to pissed people off, SO maybe the intent was just that for some reason i.m.h.o..

i will wait and see, NEUTRAL in emotions, and wide awake on what actions are taken NOW NOW NOW.

blessings to all of us for we are all one



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