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Nottingham Hill Carnival London ...should be held in a jungle instead of city centre...and renamed Jungle Carnival

Alcohol, smoking, drugs, meat eating and rap music NEEDS TO BE PHASED OUT FROM PLANET EARTH not encouraged as these carnivals do.

Your birth on planet earth is to evolve spiritually not degraded yourself and others with third class vibes.

Most people at the carnival behave like animals so jungle is a more suitable place for such carnivals.

Heavy drinking, smoking, drugs and crime is the normal at such carnivals and the mess they leave in the streets even the animals would be shocked.

Residents have complained and travellers have complained but they being closer to animals don't give a damn. I complained to the police that such carnivals should not be held in city centres buy they replyed  that it's the organisers and not them to blame.

The effect such carnivals can have on young children and teenagers is beyond shocking.

Rap music is third class rubbish music and disturbing your natural soul quality and disturbing nature. These sort of carnivals should be banned from planet earth.

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