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Hello everyone! This is my first time writing and posting in here, but I need your help, if someone could take of his/her time to read this, and help me to decipher it, I will be thankful. So thank you in advance.

Ok today when I was trying to meditate, I had my eyes closed and after some minutes, I saw a wall in front of me, the entryway was in a shape of an arch, the wall was whitish, there were stairs and part of the stairs the top was coverd by the arch, there in the middle of the stairs was a black handrail, dividing the stairs into two, left and right; then I saw water going from the ground to up the stairs, but only on the right side of the stairs... What does that mean???

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  • Hello Nora. I am so glad you shared this dream. It is very interesting. I could see what you saw, just from your description. As our awakening continues to expand, we realize that pictures such as the one you described, become lasting lesson which we can learn from and share what we come to understand. Stairs are always a way "up" to a higher level. Stairs are graduated into " one-step-at-a-time" increments, even though each step may/may not be the same height. It takes more time to climb a stair case because of the steps involved. A faster way, with the case of the water, is to " go with the flow, the current." We spend so much of our time from day to day trying to work hard, to get ahead, but in reality we are paddling our boat upstream, against the current. Everything we wish to accomplish, we can find downstream. If we just let the current take us the proper direction, we have the opportunity to enjoy our journey with less work and worry. The current of the water is there for us to use, to experience, and it saves us valuable time and effort. The arch in the wall becomes your narrowed focus to go to the stairway. You can leave a lot of the noise and busy life behind, the not so important parts, when you begin to focus on the desires which are important to you in accomplishing the goals you set forth to accomplish when you came here to Earth School. I am excited for the journey you are upon. Your guides are so loving and seek to help you no matter if you take the stairs, one step at a time, or if you decide to jump into the stream and be emersed in all that awaits you there. Thank you for your time. Davy
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    • Very interesting, thank you very much!
  • My guess: It shows there are two paths you can follow. Which one feels right for you? How do you feel about following the watery path?

    Try to imagine that you follow each path. You will notice which path suits you better ūüôā
    • Thank you! I'm feeling more comfortable with the water path, definitely. Thank you again! ūüėä
  • Try The Dreamers Dictionary by Lady Stearn Robinson
    • Thank you very much!! I will!
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