Because nobody's perfect. I don't expect anyone on this Earth, to be a true lightworker. In terms of, not having any darkness at all in them. Who among us is like that, nobody. Who among us has no issues, nobody. Who among us acts all loving and enlightened, all the time, nobody. Does that disqualify them from being a lightworker, no it doesn't.

It's like Ravinder, better known here as Krishna Kalki...saying, if you eat meat, you're not a lightworker. Just totally wrong, that's too rigid, it's too simple. Or saying, because someone sometimes says things they shouldn't say, or is rude sometimes, or too firm and direct...that somehow disqualifies them from being a lightworker. How does that work, where's the line that says, this is what makes you a lightworker and this is what doesn't.

Or, for the people who have some fears, or concerns about things like the GF, or who don't believe in the channels or that there'll be any changes. That doesn't disqualify them from being a lightworker either, because you don't know what's in peoples hearts.

Just because someone has an issue...or doesn't believe in doesn't mean they don't have love in their heart, or have a desire to see and do good things. It doesn't mean they're not intelligent, with an advanced consciousness and depth of being. You don't know peoples souls, or what they're thinking and feeling when they're alone. You don't know the light that's really in them, only God does really. There's so many degrees of enlightenment and "lightwork", how can you make a guideline for what makes you "of the light' and "a lightworker" and what doesn't.

I mean it's all baloney, you guys need to get over this. None of us here are in a position to make that determination, of who is a lightworker and who isn't, or what even makes a lightworker. The term itself is too broad a term, it shouldn't even be used really....if you get down to it, everyone is a lightworker, in one way or another. And nobody is a true lightworker. You can't, in all honestly, say you can say who is a true lightworker and who isn't. Or that, I'm a better lightworker than you, I mean what is this. It's time to get over this already.

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  • Unlike you Avatar I don't go trawling through all the comments looking for someone to attack, this is something I just don't do. You on the other hand are one of those trolls who has nothing bettert to do than spend your days on here looking for your next target, this time it was me, next time, and there will always be a next time for you, it will be someone else because thats the kind of nasty person you are, but hey ho, you're a 'lightworker' right, LOL. Oh, the irony here is just too much.  You are soooooooooo angry you want someone to fight with.  Bring it on, I can take it.  But look you've run away!!  What exactly is it that you think I am dishing out?!  I am merely responding to your ever increasing abusive comments!  And this may be a public forum but it doesn't take Einstein to realise that when there an argument going on, as there often is on here, and most likely with you, LOL that it's best to steer clear and not stick your sticky beak in, as you like to do.  You can pretend to be laughing all you like but we both know the truth that someone as angry and nasty as you rarely laughs and you are not laughing now as is obvious by your bitchy comments.  What are you going on about?!!  'Unable to concieve of what a light worker is!'  Clearly you are clutching at straws here.  Is that really your best shot?!! LOL, LOL, LOL.  And look at all your comments here!  You don't even have a life outside of ACC, HA, HA, HA.  You don't even have life, no wonder you are sooooooo nasty, LOL  So now you've had enough!  You start a fight and then run away, LOL.  That's so funny.  Clearly it is you who can't take it.  You like to dish it out don't you Avatar but then don't like the consequences of your own actions.  Go on then run away, but I can keep this up if you wanna play. XX

  • HI, John, nice topic. 

    If we really look at the core of our existence, witch humans have sterilized to the point of living in a fantasy bubble of detachment from reality.

    Except for people who are homesteaders, farmers or mountain people, and don’t forget third world people live much closer to the reality of what life and our part in it is all about.

    Did God give us a mouth to eat other beings on this planet, ------ or to talk about things of the light and dark of it all. ??

    Show me one thing that go’s into your mouth that keep you alive, that doesn’t have a place or a life on this planet.

    This all knowing God put us on a planet where everything has to eat another (Be - ing ) to stay alive.

    And for the most part in a civilized country’s that sell possessed foods this has been totally forgotten, how crewel this planet is.  

    When was the last time you gave thanks for the living being you chewed and swallowed and shit out your butt the next day and ran our mouths about how righteous we are in our suit and tie, smelly good, head held high, smiley faced ignorance.    Our thinking is a trained, controlled environment were none of the core or root reality is even considered relevant to our way of life anymore.  Politically correct, light worker correct, Christian correct, GFL correct, ACC correct, critical thinking correct, Me thinking correct on and on and on, We Kill, to live. Or pay someone else in the food chain to do it for us, witch make us a contract killers. Just to stay alive, and run our mind game on each other.     When was the last time you went with out a meal and had to go out and kill it yourself to stay alive. 

    Instead we run to the refrigerator or cub bored for something to eat that at one time had a life of its own.

    If your tummy is full you don’t think about this stuff as a light worker or slave to this matrix we are in.  if your stomach is empty what are your light worker thoughts about.  You can not eat, Religions, beliefs, feelings, or love. Or can you stay alive eating light, or your well thought out arguments on this topic.  

    So at this point I would say 99. Of this planet including light workers are still very sound asleep. And worm and cozy in there safe bubble of elusion to reality. And what this planet is and runs.      John xxx    

    • John,

      You may not eat meat.

      But you carry a lot of anger.

      And as a result, any thanks you give are angry thanks.

      Which is dishonest.

      Time to look inside and find the love that's  just out of reach.

      Take care.


      • LOL, kettle calling the pot black,, lol wow Peter I thought you had a level head.   When you talk of root or core reality its just raw facts --- how vibrations coexist in the real world.   Man comes along and with his much thinking changes that to something he can live with in his own head and voices his opinion, someone hears it and go’s along with it.

        Right or wrong its not real, but if spoken enough it become fact and real to those who believe in fiction and fantasy.  Internal love has nothing to do with reality, and how things work,  I eat meat, and vegetables, and take supplements to replace what I cant get out of the sterile ground men have stripped it of.   Just stating facts, I would check you negative Geiger counter as its set way to high.

        All I was saying is , I’m just as guilty as the rest of the 99 of people keeping this system we hate going.  When we are still hooked to the grid that provides goods and services that keeps it going. Unless your off the grid, a mountain man living on his own resources.    

        If we are not part of the cure (off the grid) the we are part of the problem.   Your lap top is part of the grid, your smart phone, this web site, Wal-Mart, 7-11’s, your car drinks grid gas, Who among us can walk away from the comfort of the grid that we complain about that’s controlling every move we make.

          If I have to add roses and sugar coating to  this so you can hear the love in my heart, then that’s more fiction for your negative out look on what is real,

        Anyone can speak the words, that doesn’t make them real, ask any woman how many times she’s been told levee dovee lies of love to get at what a man wants.  You think the grid or matrix is any different --- that dose keep this lie going?  And I thought ( I ) was a grumpy old man.  Sheeesh.


  • Thx. :)

  • this discussion is a perfect illustration of how far we've come in one year.. 

    posts like this were par for the 12 months ago when anarchy reigned supreme.

    The light has won.

    it has been a productive year.

  • Thanks Avatar.

    its been a hard, grinding, humbling, momentum generating, wild ride.

    time step out of the closet and have some hard, grinding, wild fun..

    And do amazing things.

    it's a new day.

  • I understand what you say.

    and you are of course correct.

    This is ll that is required of us.

    To just be light.

    to hold the light in dark places so that all who are there may see.

    and anchor the light into Gaia's grids.

    Our potential goes far beyond that though

    we have the ability to wield magnetic, multi dimensional light through our consciousness.

    Which is why I've always preferred the term Workers of the Light.

    Because that is what we can do.

    we work it.

    we build it up.

    Send it around theplanet for healing purposes.

    Co create.

    time line travel.

    Alter the consciousness level of a civilization.

    and so on.

    we have what I consider to be the most honoured profession in the universe.

    we ascend planets and drive up the consciousness level of the universe.

    Over and over and over again.

    We rule. (benevolently of course. :).

    And we are now starting to remember that we do....

  • just face your inner fears.

    That is the Master karmic programme rewrite.

    Works like magic. 

    And without wanting to speak to soon I feel like I hit the master reset button a few days ago. 

    And life's purpose has started to fall out of the Akash.

    It is so doable.

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