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No More Traffic Jams: Inventor Builds His Own Flying Drone Car...MUST SEE ..SURE MAKE YOUR DAY

Traffic can be horrendous with nothing worse than being stuck in an endless lane of none moving vehicles. One man was so fed up with traffic jams that he decided to come up with a solution, a real-life flying drone car.

Mendoza Designed the Ultralight Aircraft
Kyxz Mendoza lives in the Philippines, and he began work on a rendering of a hover car. He believed this was the way to avoid traffic jams. The balance of the hover vehicle is shaky at the moment with the device being heavy; however, Mendoza called his hover vehicle the "Ultralight Aircraft." He does manage to pilot the hover vehicle with great coordination when he tested the vehicle out himself.

While the hover vehicle is far from being ready to be used by the general public, Mendoza has got his sights set on putting the vehicle into mass production in the years to come. He plans on adding two seats to the construction and wants to get the vehicle onto the market as soon as he can do so. At the moment the vehicle is nothing more than a very large drone capable of being able to carry a person on top. The vehicle has a carbon fiber outer shell which is over a metal frame.

The Hover Board Vehicle is said to be Commercially Viable

The vehicle is capable of flying for around 15 minutes, but the downside is that at the moment the battery takes around two and a half hours to charge.

Mendoza said:

"We’ve been having bad weather so it took us a while after our deadline before we can finally show it to our followers. But after two months of tuning, here it is. I hope everyone will give this vehicle a positive reaction. This was only a dream for us five years ago."
Mendoza is the Philippines Version of Elon Musk
Mendoza does seem to be the Philippines version of Elon Musk. He has taken to promoting the work he does through social media, and the hover vehicle is proving to be gaining a great deal of interest. It was only last year when Mendoza managed to undertake the first successful flight outside. He said his design of the hover vehicle has evolved and a flying drone car is on the horizon.

Mendoza said:

"It’s a flying car type of vehicle that uses drone technology or multi-copter technology to fly. It’s like a drone car. I wanted it to be a sports car, a flying Lamborghini, maybe. The design was a trial and error process. Some materials burned up on use. Other materials didn’t quite work. One of the main features is the battery redundancy system so even if one battery runs out, the aircraft can still maintain its flight."
Investors Are Needed to Take the Vehicle Commercial
To be able to take the vehicle further to ensure it gets into commercial distribution Mendoza needs investors and bidders. Mendoza believes that advancement in technology does seem to have stagnated slightly. He is not satisfied to just sit back and be happy with what he has right now. He said the technology that is being developed at present could go a long way; however, practical boundaries hold things in place stopping them from being prevalent. He also believes the government may be suppressing technology.

Grassland Car Vegetation

While the hovercar may be one way of avoiding traffic jams on the ground, isn’t the same thing going to occur if hover vehicles become the in-thing and people take to the skies in them. There would then be hover jams instead of traffic jams.

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