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No more Ancient Aliens Vs The Almighty they are one and the same.

Alot of people are pushing a view of one or another.

Religion vs ETS telling Moses this, ETS telling jesus this. Even on radios stations Transpermia etc etc.


You do not need any answer of the Almighty with another story as they are one and the same. People forget or do not know the missing link of the highest races which serve the Almighty are the ones which seeded the Universe. They are the carriers of the Pure form of DNA. They are the ones which seeded the Andromedians, Pleides, Sirians etc etc including the Draconians etc. Yes other races have tweaked and modifed DNA on Earth and in other areas. Races like the Greys have gone down this path, in saying that some of the Draconians did that to them along time ago.


Look at it from this way, we are all Divine Souls from the Almighty first and foremost. We are all at different stages of Development and some of us oldest souls do not even originate in this Grand Universe.

Scientist then say the universe is 13.4 billion years old from the big bang. HOW DO THEY KNOW THIS WHERE THEY THERE. Also assuming Time and Space has always been the same. This is incorrect. Time and Space is different in different Dmensions as well as the Physical Holographic matter universe which they are talking about assuming it stays constant which again does not for two reasons. Solar Systems moved in Cycles, Galaxies move in Cycles and Universes even move in cycles. To throw another spanner in the wood works the universe does a sort of breathing action so how do they keep pushing this notion they just dont know.

One thing remains the Universe is much much older than they believe and this is a young one in the overal scheme of things.


So how do they claim this gets rid of the Almighty or Source which guides this Universal process with his will and creative force and YES the higher beings serve him as we are one with him. Offcourse they guide and develop worlds and then they goveren other worlds. The universe is one large school for the soul. Remember to be as him is the goal but how many trillions of years will that take to be a left hand of the lord in a way of speaking.


So let me give you an example.

Races like the Ashand seed Andromeda. Andromedian races grow up and seed other worlds etc.

Races like the Paa-Tal seed Acturus, then they evolve and races like Acturuians seed other worlds and guide younger races.

When Earth Humans (keyword there) EARTH as Humans are everywhere through the Cosmos will grow and develop again and help develop and guide younger planets when we are back in the many federations which are out there in the cosmos.


Yes some races go against this will and decide to rebel and change DNA of a race to suit their agenda which was the case of Earth between Atlantis times and Mesoptamia times that is why we have the missing links in our history.


For the others which say did they modify monkey man this is also not true. They just lived side by side but we were a higher dimensional being when we first came to earth and have continued to drop in vibration and we are on the way back up now in the last few thousands years.


Which is also why the Ancient Worlds seem advanced thats because they were. It does not mean the Source does not exist or Religion Vs this notion more of the case that there is an order to how the Father wants creation to flow and from one of his children to develop and teach the truth from one race to another which is more children of the father. Lets not forget that Soul is connected to him always regarding which DNA suit you may be wearing regardless of which planet.


I wrote this with no prep time and straight from my heart as I type without stopping as the father guides my world.


Love Matthew

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Hatonn mentions there that he views it as serious that his and The Hosts name are used in vain he says. He wrote it there because they wanted everybody to know. well how do you explain that.



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