Nice to be here

greetings everyone.

i am really looking forward to settling in here.  i am looking for a new online home where members prefer to walk in the Light rather than the shadows.  i'm not really sure what would interest you about me, but i will give it a shot.  no one ever accuses me of being shy.

i am not a religious person, but consider myself very spiritual.  i believe there are as many paths to the Source as there are people to walk them and i judge no man (or woman) for their path.  i believe that we are all one, much as the cells of the body are all different, but part of the same organism.  i am probably more american indian than european, although i look like i just stepped off the ship from europe.  my family is from the southeastern u.s. and so my grandmother's generation had to live in the shadow of the "jim crow laws."  as a result, many of her generation tried to hide their bloodline because here, if you were indian, you sat in the back of the bus with the other people of color.  so unfortunately, what i know of my heritage is the knowledge i seem to have been born with and that i acquired later by talking to my elders of their memories and reading ravenously.

i am a tom boy with 2 natural sons of my own (21 and 15).  over the last few years i have rescued many animals (raccoons, snakes, birds, etc) as well as trying to help a few other kids.  i now have 2 other young adults living in my house who are struggling to get their lives on track.  i would be very surpised if at least one of them doesn't follow me here.

i seem to have a special place in my heart for bats, wolves, owls and humpback whales.  i have learned much from them, although i have never personally met a humpback.  in fact, a family of great horned owls that lived in my back yard a few years ago are the ones who gifted me with the name, "nighteyes."  i have been studying shamanism, in fits and spurts for several years and seem to be more connected to the earth mother and her creatures than i am to the world of man. 

i have come here to learn and be inspired with others with like minds.  and, in the mean time, if i can share an experience or a bit of knowledge that others may find helpful, it would be "icing on the cake" for me.

in lak'ech.

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  • there are very few "pure-blood" indians here on the east coast. . . including those on reservations.  we've been mixing it up with europeans since at least the vikings explored the shores.  so really, we're all pretty much some degree of heinz 57.  but at least we taste good.  lol

    nice to meet you my sister!

  • nice to meet you aly.  my mother's side of the family are pee dee (from the border of NC & SC) and my father's people are meherrin (from the border of NC & VA).  is your family from our neck of the woods or the OK band?

  • Hi nighteyes, and welcome. My family is from the SE as well (VA). My wife is an American Indian and a past life regression tells me I was one in a past life too, does that count? LOL.
    Namaste, CmdrDen
    • thanks lauralee and comdrden.  in my opinion, that definitely counts.  it's more in the heart than in the blood.

  • Welcome Nighteyes :)  happy to have you here!  I love animals and have native Indian background too.

    • wow!  so many kindred souls already!  i think i will fit right in here.

  • Welcome to ACC nighteyes.

    Love and Light

    • thanks dude.

  • Welcome, Nighteyes :)  What a beautiful resonance you have, I adore animals as well :)  I have native blood too, my people are called Tse'Kani, from northern BC, Canada, not a full blood, lol, my mom is blond and blue eyed, but close enough I suppose :) 

    If you have any questions or need anything please feel free, this is a big site, there are many wonderful spiritual groups here... some lovely souls incarnated, and the archives are full of some really great blogs. 

    Take care, Namaste


    • thanks for the welcome kelly.  as a small child, i always gravitated toward "indian" ways, even before i knew that they were "indian."  as i got a little older, i realized that i "thought and felt" like an indian and could never explain it.  one day, in high school, i found a picture of my great grand mother - she looked just like she walked off a reservation, but was wearing the clothes of a meager farm wife back in the 1920s or 30s.  that's when my grandmother confessed the family secret.  then as i dug, indians started falling out of my family tree like apples, on both my mom and dad's side. - so, sometimes, you don't need too look or even be told you're an indian. . . you just know.

      in lak'ech.

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