Nibiru being discussed right now on WTAM 1100!

If anyone has iHeart radio a caller just called in to discuss Nibiru on WTAM 1100 cleveland.  This is a major cleveland radio show so if anyone knows anything more definitive than they guy talking they should call in. 

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  • The pictures are on the mike Trivisonno show Facebook page if anyone wants to see them
    • 8115993257?profile=originalHere is the pic from Trivisonno's facebook page with an message on top saying "Apparently we'll be killed for sharing these photos. Nice knowing everyone."  Here's the link -

      Like Seeker of Truth said, there should be plenty of astronomers with information.  Althou a lot have died in succession, which is suspicious in nature, they can't stop all of them.  Maybe their information is being suppressed from the media.  Here is a video about the recent astronomers being killed:

      Nibiru and Dozens of Dead Astronomers:

      It would fit into the cabal plans not to alert the people to give them time to prepare.  And once you finally see it, people would be in a panic and fear mode.  And according to the message I posted about Nibiru, fear is not what they wish us to be in.  It would just make things worse.  I smell a rat and beginning to see a connection.  This is not good if this is true. 

      • or Darryl it was an asteroid the size of the a house that fly very close to Earth on Friday (Oct. 12) based on NASA - now whom to believe?

        • Well, I wouldn't believe NASA.  Like they are going to tell the truth.  :P 

  • He was telling people to put sun glasses over the lens of the camera and take a pic. I am also skeptical and until I see proof it will be a interesting theory for the moment.
    • I just post a message from Meline Lafont.  It said Nibiru was approaching from behind the sun.  Of course, it was a channeled message so take it with a grain of salt.  We'll have to see if that caller puts his pics online.

  • Sure...but I think it might be the first time a daytime main stream talk radio show have ever talked about it for a whole show.
    • Don't get me wrong, I'm not a pessimist and I would LOVE for this to be true, I just don't get it, know what I mean?

    • See, this is what I don't get.  If some people can see it, if Nibiru really exists then how is it not apparent to everybody else?  With the influence of social media in today's society, how is this not just blowing up the internet? There are tens of thousands of amateur astronomers who discover heavenly bodies all the time but nothing about Nibiru.

      If Nibiru is this close that it can be seen with the naked eye in Cleveland, OH, then how is it possible that everybody on the planet is not talking about it?  Has society been dumbed down that much?

  • Someone called in and started talking about it
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