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   An Earth that's new arises,

   A world of new horizons! 

   Mankind opens its heart

   To the Universe where beauty starts;

   Mankind opens its mind

   To psychic powers and all kinds

   Of other-worldly phenomena.

   Only beauty there will be

   In a world that's kind and free,

   In a cosmic garden of union

   Where galactic flower communion

   Saturates space with fragrance sweet

   And food of love's a delicious treat.

   New the people who walk the Path

   To Silence, Bliss and Living Math:

   Sacred geometry's the light

   Of Love's Fibonacci flight

   Of Solar Knights.

   [John Mark Nicholls, 5th June 2020]

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This is a total pleasure to read, feel and expand within! Wonderful and intentional, bravo, John Mark!



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